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While you can stream con­tent from You­Tube and other popu­lar free video sites, you can also crea­te play­lists or upload your own vide­os. Howe­ver, the video uploads requi­re you to upload files to myCloud ins­tead of acces­sing Drop­box or Goog­le Dri­ve. The sup­por­ted plat­forms inclu­de You­Tube, Vimeo, Drop­box, Viki, Goog­le Dri­ve, and Reddit.

Rabb.it was just one of many apps and web-based ser­vices that allow simul­ta­ne­ous group video and text chat with video strea­ming. Here are 17 alter­na­ti­ves to Rab­bit for watching video and movies in groups. Addi­tio­nal­ly, API enab­les bet­ter con­nec­ti­vi­ty with other devices, quick sync across mul­ti­ple plat­forms and devices that work well with strea­ming ser­vices. Kast is a com­pre­hen­si­ve chat and sharing app sup­por­ting video, voice, text etc but also can be used to host movie and TV par­ties with more than 100 friends. You can even play games and share the video gaming expe­ri­ence in real-time with friends.

Let’s not for­get that many view­ers are child­ren. And not every type of con­tent is appro­pria­te for the youn­ger audi­ence. Glo­bal con­tent is gai­ning popu­la­ri­ty among view­ers. Peop­le like to dis­co­ver new cul­tures, learn lan­guages, and expe­ri­ence dif­fe­rent cus­toms, tra­di­ti­ons, and points of view. So to make a play­er that is avail­ab­le for ever­yo­ne, ensu­re it’s built in the right environment .

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You can watch vide­os tog­e­ther, lis­ten to music, set up group video chats, or send messages. As with other apps, it only works with sup­por­ted plat­forms. You can watch syn­ced https://globalcloudteam.com/ video from You­Tube or lis­ten to music from Spo­ti­fy. The­se apps allow you to watch movies, lis­ten to music, play games, read books, and even col­la­bo­ra­te on work projects.

Rabb.it used to pro­vi­de a way to watch online video with your friends and fami­ly without sit­ting in the same room. You could watch TV and movies while chat­ting in real time. Read below to see what hap­pen­ed to Rabb.it and which are the best alter­na­ti­ves. A user-friend­ly inter­face should be the cru­cial fea­ture of every strea­ming plat­form. It’s worth enga­ging UX and UI spe­cia­lists who will hand­le all the visu­al aspects and run tests to ensu­re your design is as user-friend­ly as possible.

You can share strea­ming con­tent or con­tent from your Drop­box or Goog­le Dri­ve accounts. The site inclu­des a varie­ty of other fea­tures to help it stand out, inclu­ding the abi­li­ty to con­fi­gu­re the set­tings in your chat room. You can chan­ge the name of the room or even restrict other users from voting on vide­os. It’ll enab­le users to cast con­tent from other devices, sync it across all plat­forms, and easi­ly access it from any­whe­re. And you can give them full fle­xi­bi­li­ty, you need to fit into their needs.

  • And not every type of con­tent is appro­pria­te for the youn­ger audience.
  • The­re were no legal issu­es or anything simi­lar that for­ced Rabb.it to shut down.
  • Let’s not for­get that many view­ers are children.
  • It is a gre­at way to meet new peop­le or share con­tent with your friends and family.
  • Kos­mi allows for crea­ting vir­tu­al han­gouts with your friends.
  • You can share strea­ming con­tent or con­tent from your Drop­box or Goog­le Dri­ve accounts.

Users are deman­ding when it comes to watching their favo­ri­te con­tent. The days when the view­ers would sit down in front of the TV at a spe­ci­fic time and day are long over. Now, with the fast-paced world, chan­ging work envi­ron­ment, and mobi­le life­style, view­ers want to have con­trol over how they watch con­tent. So Explo­rii app has done a major update recent­ly. It is now allowing strea­ming from any web­site inclu­ding web brow­sers and dif­fe­rent media play­ers capabilities.

Crea­te a uni­que expe­ri­ence and gives them more con­trol over the plat­form. Video con­tent manage­ment sys­tem will allow peop­le to crea­te a per­so­na­li­zed libra­ry, dis­co­ver new con­tent, and quick­ly access their favo­ri­tes. P.S. The screen­shots and stuff you have up here for Explo­rii app are not what it is today, plea­se see apps­to­re to see new screenshots.

Customization Features

Rave works with almost every device and even has mobi­le apps avail­ab­le for iOS and Android smart­pho­nes and tablets. An aggre­ga­ti­on of con­tent and ser­vices that is suc­cess­ful will result in a more enga­ging cus­to­mer expe­ri­ence and ad reve­nue. With this fea­ture, par­ents can con­trol con­tent that’s avail­ab­le to child­ren and ensu­re the safe­ty of the litt­le ones. API lets users per­so­na­li­ze their expe­ri­ence even more. They can con­nect other tools and pro­grams they like to use to cus­to­mi­ze their settings.

You can share the vide­os and music that you are watching or lis­tening to with your friends and fami­ly. The site also allows you to share from mobi­le devices. how to crea­te a video strea­ming web­site like net­flix With And­Chill, you can instant­ly crea­te your own pri­va­te or public chat room and start watching vide­os simul­ta­ne­ous­ly with anyo­ne around the world.

Some ser­vices are per­fect Rab­bit Alter­na­ti­ve becau­se of some ser­vices are ama­zing. It’s the first app whe­re I am not stuck to some web­site, I can actual­ly open­ly explo­re anything and stream with my friends and fami­ly. As men­tio­ned at the begin­ning of this arti­cle, Kast is the new suc­ces­sor of Rab­bit app. Its main­ly a desk­top com­pu­ter based soft­ware run­ning on Win­dows and Mac machi­nes and also from a Web Brow­ser. You can then enter the URL of a You­Tube video to begin syn­cing. It’s con­ve­ni­ent becau­se peop­le don’t have to worry about watching their con­tent even from the far­t­hest place on earth.

Kos­mi allows for crea­ting vir­tu­al han­gouts with your friends. Peop­le do it to save money on buy­ing yet ano­t­her data packa­ge, others to boost the per­for­mance of their devices. 13% tell 15 more peop­le about their bad expe­ri­ence. Cur­r­ent­ly, it loo­ks like the update they did is on iPho­ne, but I emai­led them and they said they will be releasing same update on android in the com­ing days. Falak and Blog Admin the­se all are busi­ness men. When they see that, they have gathe­red a lar­ge num­ber of peop­le on their app and collect all their infor­ma­ti­on about them, then they sell their app.

how to create a video streaming website like netflix

It’ll ensu­re your ser­vice is pro­fes­sio­nal, user-ori­en­ted, and show that you care about cus­to­mer expe­ri­ence. Tog­e­thr TV offers syn­chro­ni­zed play­back of video files via a web-based inter­face. It is one of the few Rab­bit alter­na­ti­ves that also allows you to stream con­tent from Net­flix, Hulu, and other paid strea­ming ser­vices. After adding the exten­si­on, you sim­ply log in to your Net­flix account and select a video. You can then use the exten­si­on to crea­te your Net­flix Par­ty and start invi­t­ing friends.

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Guys, honest­ly try Explo­rii – Watch Tog­e­ther, if you see­king alter­na­ti­ve to Rab­bit. None of the­se stu­pid ser­vices in brow­sers can think to inclu­de a web brow­ser like rabb.it ins­tead of locking you into the same web pages. The apps are all ent­i­re­ly web-based, which means that you do not need to down­load anything.

Also, take care of encryp­ti­on stan­dards, cer­ti­fi­ca­tes, secu­ri­ty pro­to­cols. It’s necessa­ry so users’ data is safe­ly stored and not com­pro­mi­sed. Nowa­days, access to visu­al and audio con­tent is easy and unli­mi­ted. 70% of cus­to­mers aban­don purcha­ses becau­se of bad user experience.

Explorii App

The ser­vice is free to use but you need to crea­te an account first. Regis­tra­ti­on only takes seconds, allowing you to set up your Simul­chat room in just minu­tes. I used the Watch2gether Web­site to watch you­tube vide­os with my friends tog­e­ther. I lik­ed it becau­se the web­site has no adver­ti­se­ment and no bugs. May­be you can imple­ment this page as ano­t­her tip on your web­site. Some of the­se alter­na­ti­ves don’t pro­vi­de the same expe­ri­ence as Rab­bit but still, it is ama­zing list.

how to create a video streaming website like netflix

The pro­gram is avail­ab­le for Win­dows, MacOS, and Linux com­pu­ters. Howe­ver, it is free to use and sup­ports almost all video formats.

Ott Apps Aggregation: A New Opportunity For Pay Tv And Telco Operators?

When you first visit the site, you can brow­se a list of cur­r­ent­ly open public chat rooms. You can see what peop­le are watching and how many peop­le are in the room befo­re joi­ning. It is a gre­at way to meet new peop­le or share con­tent with your friends and family.

What Features Users Are Looking For In Streaming Platforms?

Unli­ke Rab­bit, all users in the chat room can search for vide­os and start play­ing them. You do not log into third-par­ty accounts, which also means that you can­not access Net­flix or Hulu. Howe­ver, you still have access to a lar­ge libra­ry of free vide­os on the sup­por­ted plat­forms. Whe­ther you’re buil­ding a strea­ming plat­form for busi­ness pur­po­ses or for enter­tain­ment, offe­ring your users the right fea­tures is a must.

This allows you to play music or video files from your com­pu­ter while remai­ning in sync with your friends and fami­ly acces­sing the same files. This exten­si­on does not work with other strea­ming plat­forms or local con­tent. Howe­ver, it is one of limi­ted opti­ons that allow you to watch syn­ced Net­flix shows. With Tog­e­therTu­be, you can eit­her crea­te public or pri­va­te chat rooms. All users in the chat room can add vide­os from the sup­por­ted plat­forms to a playlist.

When the COVID-19 pan­de­mic has for­ced socie­ty to chan­ge its habits and stay home, many peop­le found com­fort in the vir­tu­al world of the strea­ming plat­forms. When cine­mas and thea­tres clo­sed, this world took over the reins. The web-based inter­face shares a remo­te desk­top screen from your web brow­ser. Ano­t­her opti­on is to allow the site to play a ran­dom video. You also have the opti­on of strea­ming video or music files direct­ly from your computer.

It is a com­ple­te remo­te desk­top for sharing all types of con­tent. Syn­ap­top is ano­t­her web-based chat ser­vice that lets you watch a syn­ced video with friends or fami­ly through a remo­te con­nec­tion. As with the other opti­ons, it is also free to use but you need to crea­te an account. With ShareTu­be, you can quick­ly crea­te your own chat room and start invi­t­ing friends or fami­ly. You can also watch syn­ced You­Tube vide­os or crea­te playlists.

It is rated #1 in most coun­tries inclu­ding United Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca on apps­to­re now. I real­ly mis­sed rabb.it soft­ware becau­se in our orga­niz­a­ti­on all video strea­ming is blo­cked. In July 2019, Rabb.it was acqui­red by Kast (kast.gg) which got the rights of the soft­ware stack, several patents and intel­lec­tu­al pro­per­ty of the app. The ser­vice actual­ly stop­ped working few mon­th befo­re that .

Syn­c­play is a down­load­a­ble pro­gram for your desk­top or lap­top com­pu­ter. Your friends and fami­ly must also install the soft­ware on their own com­pu­ters. Air­ti­me is a mobi­le app that is avail­ab­le for iOS and Android devices. It is desi­gned to let you share ever­ything on your mobi­le device with your friends, no mat­ter whe­re they are loca­ted. If you have a micro­pho­ne, you can use audio chat with your friends and fami­ly. Using the Social Share fea­ture, you can invi­te your friends or fami­ly via social media, sen­ding a link through Twit­ter or Facebook.

Users can chat in real time as the syn­ced video plays. Watch2gether allows you to watch vide­os and other con­tent in sync with your friends. You can crea­te your own chat room for free without signing up. After crea­ting the chat room, you invi­te other users to join the chat.