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So, ins­tead of loo­king for a nati­ve app­li­ca­ti­on on Chro­me OS, you can use their web ver­si­on. Befo­re we begin, let me cla­ri­fy some key points about web apps. Web apps are basi­cal­ly web­sites on the inter­net, but more essen­ti­al­ly, they fol­low the PWA stan­dard. In case you have no idea about PWA,it’s a fle­xi­ble and modu­lar web stan­dard that allows web­sites to behave like a nati­ve app. You can crea­te a sepa­ra­te win­dow of the web­site, pin it on your shelf, and also use it while being offline.

  • Unsigh­ted takes place in the post-apo­ca­lyp­se, around a group of robot sur­vi­vors who are loo­king to rebuild.
  • Unli­ke Mine­craft, Roblox actual­ly works pret­ty well on Chromebooks.
  • Anyo­ne who knows me knows that I’m all about che­cking in to dif­fe­rent pla­ces on my phone.
  • But without a touch­screen I can gua­ran­tee you run­ning some Andro­ids apps is going to be down­right annoying.
  • It has the basics you need when using Red­dit like voting a topic up or down, com­men­ting on a shared topic, sharing the topic, and many more.

Over the years, Visionaire Engi­ne which was used for most of Daedalic’s adven­ture games has taken a few con­si­derable steps for­ward. For examp­le, when deve­lo­ping our first Visionaire pro­ject, the PC ver­si­on of »The Whis­pe­red World«, it wasn’t pos­si­ble to work on the game with more than one scrip­ter at a time. Por­ting games to other plat­forms was some­thing we basi­cal­ly never took into con­si­de­ra­ti­on. But over time, all pro­blems were sol­ved and more and more plat­forms were added.

This is still the best update sche­du­le you’ll find, but we were hoping for more. Ano­t­her rea­son to con­si­der an upgrade is if your cur­rent pho­ne no lon­ger recei­ves soft­ware updates. All soft­ware has bugs that lead to secu­ri­ty vul­nera­bi­li­ties, and if your pho­ne isn’t get­ting updates, it isn’t get­ting fixes eit­her. Plus, without updates, the pho­ne won’t be able to take advan­ta­ge of apps that requi­re fea­tures pre­sent only in the latest OS. I’ve been tes­ting Android pho­nes for Wire­cut­ter sin­ce 2015. I’ve also writ­ten more than a mil­li­on words about Android pho­nes, tablets, and soft­ware on web­sites such as Android Poli­ce, Extre­me­Tech, and Tes­ted over the past decade.


Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, that logic does not extend to the Spin 311, who­se tiny 3‑cell bat­te­ry ran out hours befo­re the other Chrome­books here. You can expect a lon­ger run­ti­me under more nor­mal usa­ge sce­n­a­ri­os than con­ti­nu­al­ly play­ing a video, but it’s not com­pe­ti­ti­ve with simi­lar­ly sized Chrome­books. Unli­ke an Apple lap­top, though, the Acer isn’t made of brushed alu­mi­num but basic plastic. Some flex on the lid and bot­tom panel is evi­dent, but not to the degree of beco­m­ing worri­so­me, lar­ge­ly becau­se the unit’s trim dimen­si­ons don’t allow for lar­ge expan­ses of plastic. Also unli­ke Mac­Books and other modern lap­tops that fea­ture wafer-thin screen bezels, the bor­ders around the Spin 311’s screen are super-thick. The effect of such beefy bezels makes the over­all design look clun­ky, while also making the small dis­play appe­ar to be even smal­ler than it is.

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Sam­sung pro­vi­ded review­ers with pre-pro­duc­tion units; the final, finis­hed pro­duct won’t ship until the end of April. With a few mon­ths to go, I wan­ted to give Sam­sung and Goog­le some advice on what they can impro­ve bet­ween now and launch time. When the Chrome­book Pro even­tual­ly hits the mar­ket, we’ll revi­sit it in Hap­py­Mod – Down­load Hap­py­Mod for Android OS the form of a scored review.