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Abby lived next door to James. That’s how they’d become­friends. Other­wi­se they 浪小辉老师享受直男技师的深度按摩和狂插-前列腺液流不停 would have never known eacho­ther. They came from dif­fe­rent worlds. Abby was 36,from the south, an accom­plis­hed woman who’d been­through a bad divor­ce. She’d been in poli­ti­cal life­be­fo­re the divor­ce had depres­sed her enough to make herquit.Now she worked at a Bar­nes and Noble books­to­re. But itwas just tem­pora­ry, and ever­yo­ne knew. Abby was one oft­he smar­test, most capa­ble peop­le James had ever known.She’d be back in the poli­ti­cal life even­tual­ly. Shemight even beco­me the first woman president.James, on the other hand, had always just bare­ly mad­eit in life. He was only 22, fresh from the university.He’d 【77】蓝水小主作品之狗奴的晚餐 chi­ne­se slave 7 dfgay got­ten through col­le­ge on scho­l­ar­s­hip, which hevery near­ly lost several times after bouts with poor­gra­des. James hated school but he knew he nee­ded ade­gree if he ever wan­ted to get any­whe­re in life.After col­le­ge, he left as quick­ly as he could for the­big city. He got hims­elf an apart­ment and a job at the­lo­cal mall. At night he would work on stories.Eventually he had enough to make a novel. But hewor­ried that they were not good, cer­tain­ly not up tothe stan­dards that a sophisti­ca­ted rea­der like Abby­would have.He was sho­cked when she cal­led him and told him she was­co­m­ing over to talk about the novel after only havin­g­it in her pos­ses­si­on for two days. He fea­red the worst,that she’d Melayu read only two pages and then deci­ded totrash the who­le thing.She was over in a flash, let­ting herself in as usual.He hadn’t even had time to strai­gh­ten up. He’d bare­ly­had time COGEN porn to put pants on. He was still shirtless.“James, your novel is won­der­ful!” she said immediately,hugging James and then col­lap­sing with him onto the­couch. “The cha­rac­ters were so vibrant. I stay­ed uphalf the night rea­ding your book. Where’d a young guy­li­ke you learn to wri­te stuff like that?”“Um…” said James.Truth is, he didn’t know what to say. He was­s­peech­less. Pro­bab­ly becau­se ever­ything was hap­pe­ningso quick­ly, and becau­se he hadn’t been expec­ting Abby­to say such nice things. Pro­bab­ly also becau­se of hows­tun­ning Abby loo­ked. He’d always thought she was­be­au­ti­ful, but First time today she loo­ked espe­cial­ly sexy.She wore a black, form fit­ting shirt and a long, green,cotton skirt with a slit run­ning up the left side. Her­brown, wavy hair was up. She’d slip­ped her feet out ofher black pumps when she’d fold­ed her legs under­herself to sit down. Her lips were full and glis­ten­ing­from the chap-stick she’d just app­lied. She was such aknock-out. He couldn’t belie­ve any man had ever wan­ted­to lea­ve her.“James?” Abby said. “Are you still with me, honey?”There was just the fain­test hint of her old Vir­gi­nia­ac­cent when she said the word “honey.” It made James­feel warm and tin­g­ly all over.“Yes, sor­ry,” said James. “I was just dis­trac­ted for ase­cond. But I’m lis­tening to you. I’m real­ly sur­pri­se­dy­ou lik­ed the book so much.”“I do,” said Hin­di Indian Web Seri­es Abby smi­ling. “I think that you’d have nopro­blem publi­shing it. There’s only one minor detail­that I think you need to spend some time correcting.”Here it comes, thought James. Here’s whe­re she saysthat I’m all was­hed up.“It’s the sex sce­nes, James,” she said. “You’ve got todo some­thing about the sex scenes.”James was sho­cked again. His mouth went dry. “What doy­ou mean?” he said.Abby took his hand. Her fin­gers were warm against his­cold and clam­my skin.“You haven’t had much expe­ri­ence, have you?” she said.James loo­ked down, embarr­as­sed. “Is it real­ly that­ob­vious?” he said.“Afraid so,” she said. “The main MMF porn cha­rac­ter seems like­such a take char­ge kind of guy. But when he gets in the­be­droom, ever­ything Indo­ne­sia is bland. He doesn’t show the same­fire he’s got insi­de him the rest of the time.”“I just wri­te so much from my expe­ri­ence,” James said.“I didn’t know how to wri­te about stuff I’ve neverdone.”“You mean you’ve never had sex?” she said.He nod­ded. “I’ve foo­led around with girls, but…”Abby threw her hands up in the air. “Well, that’s jus­t­u­n­ac­cep­ta­ble!” she said.James sank lower into his seat. He’d fai­led her. Heknew it.“If you’re going to be a gre­at aut­hor like I know youcan be,” she said, “you’re going to have to learn toget into the minds of your cha­rac­ters.” As she said ither hand slid up James’s thigh until it lan­ded on the­bul­ge in his pants.James was start­led. “Oh shit!” he said.“It’s ok, hon,” she said. “Just relax. Today I’m 網路瘋傳的極品E奶淫蕩少婦戶外露出 與小鮮肉深喉口爆拳交顏射 going­to teach you a few things about taking char­ge in the­be­droom and being creative.”“But…” James star­ted to protest.It was too late though. Abby had slid down onto her­kne­es. She unzip­ped his pants, pul­led out his warm,firm cock and began to suck on it, let­ting her sali­va­run down over his balls as she took the full lengt­hin­to her mouth. Instant­ly he went from being slight­ly­tur­ned on to being hard as a rock.“You like that?” she said bet­ween mouth­fuls of dick.James nodded.“Then tell me what you want to do,” she said.“I don’t know… I…”“Don’t do that,” she said, taking her mouth away ands­ta­ring up at him. “Don’t be the nice guy. Be the guy­from your book. Be the hero. You don’t have to be mean.Just direct. If he were you, what would he say?”James pau­sed for a second, thin­king about it. He loo­ked­down at his throb­bing cock, aching to be touched some­mo­re. Then he loo­ked at Abby, cuter then ever as she­sat the­re on her kne­es. He wan­ted to fuck her so bad hecould bare­ly think straight.“I want to take you dog­gie-style, right now, with yours­kirt still on,” James said. He could hard­ly belie­ve itwhen the words left his mouth. He Big ass flin­ched a bit, half­ex­pec­ting her to yell at him and tell him how offen­deds­he was.Instead a huge grin came across her face. “Now you’regetting the pic­tu­re,” she said. “But don’t just say it.Act on it.”She stood up and held her arms out, wai­t­ing for James­to make the next move. He was reluc­tant still, but­star­ting to relax. He lik­ed this new role that Abby was­in­vi­t­ing him to take on. He stood, tur­ned her around,guided her so that she was bent over the couch, andhik­ed up her skirt to reve­al her gor­ge­ous, pantilessass.James wasn’t exact­ly sure what to do at first, having­ne­ver had sex befo­re. He’d seen ple­nty of porn, but the­me­cha­nics of the real thing see­med a bit har­der then heex­pec­ted. It took him a minu­te to figu­re out how to get­po­si­tio­ned just right. But “轻点 你真变态”骗大奶美女蒙眼,拍艹她,超淫荡对白多 once he had his cock ins­i­de­of her tight, wet pus­sy, it was hea­ven. He began toth­rust in and out, smacking her ass occa­sio­nal­ly as LADYBOY porn hewent.Abby moaned loud­ly as James fucked her from behind. Her­mo­ans made him fuck her har­der, fas­ter. You could’veheard the sound of his hips cra­shing into her if you’dbeen in the next room.“Come on, James,” she said. “This isn’t it. This isn’tyour fantasy.”“You’re right,” he said, almost out of breath but still­pum­ping away insi­de of her. “It’s not.”“Let it out, James,” she said. “Do what you real­ly want­to do.”James was embol­den­ed now. Half an hour ago he never­would have drea­med of doing this in real life, thist­hing he’d been fan­ta­sizing about ever sin­ce he first­met Abby six mon­ths ago. It would ruin her. It would bethe sil­ver bul­let on her care­er in poli­tics. But nowt­hat this was hap­pe­ning, now that she was prac­ti­cal­ly­be­gging him to do some­thing wild, he couldn’t help but­want to obli­ge, no mat­ter the costs.“Are you sure?” James said, giving her one last chan­ce­to back out.“Yes,” Abby said. “Do what you real­ly want to do, whatyou’ve always thought about doing.”That was all the moti­va­ti­on James nee­ded. He pul­led Awek melayu outof her, hel­ped her to her feet, then gui­ded her out the­front door with him, his cock still dang­ling out of hispants.Abby got a con­fu­sed look on her face. “I wasn’texpecting a field trip,” she said. “Whe­re are wegoing?”“You’ll see,” James said smirking.They took the ele­va­tor down to the first floor, then­hea­ded out into the well lit courty­ard in the midd­le oft­he apart­ment buildings.“Strip,” said James.Abby was now the one who loo­ked reluc­tant. “James, I’mnot so sure that’s such a good idea…”“Strip!” he said lou­der. It was not a threa­ten­ing­ges­tu­re. She could still say no. But it was clear that­this was what he wan­ted, and that to say no now would­be for her to step away from James for good. She didn’twant that. She’d been wai­t­ing too long to be with him­for this.“Alright,” she said. “What the hell.”She pul­led her clothes off and stood befo­re him naked,the light shi­ning down upon her exqui­si­te body. Abby­could have been 19 from the way her body loo­ked. If youdidn’t look very clo­se­ly at her face to see the small­li­nes under her eyes you’d never know she was a wom­anal­most twice that old.“Now what?” she said, half figu­ring he’d be satis­fied­just with this and they’d both go back upstairs.James WIFE porn pul­led down his pants so that he was as naked ass­he was. He lay down on his back and deman­ded that Abby­get on top of him and ride him. Her ner­vous­ness was­ri­sing, but so was her sen­se of exci­te­ment. Wit­ha­ban­don she stradd­led him, her legs fold­ed down on the­si­des of him, his cock once again fil­ling her.She rode him hard, so that she was pan­ting. But she bither lip, try­ing to muf­fle any noi­ses she might make. Itwas late. If she didn’t make a sound perhaps no one­would be loo­king out their win­dows and no one would see­what was hap­pe­ning in the YOUNG CHICK_URINATING courtyard.But James wouldn’t let her get away so easi­ly. “Moan­for me, baby,” he kept say­ing. “Moan nice and loud likey­ou did insi­de. Don’t be afraid. Let ever­yo­ne know wha­ta good girl you are. Moan for me.”She tried to hold back, but it felt so good, having him­in­si­de of her, boun­cing on top of him, and the way hewas tal­king to her, tel­ling her what to do, clea­ring­her mind of her own thoughts and fil­ling her head with­not­hing but ani­ma­listic desi­re ins­tead. She moaned,just a litt­le at first. Then lou­der. Then at a roaring­pitch that was sure to wake up the neighborhood.Lights star­ted to come on in apart­ment buildings.People were loo­king out the win­dow or com­ing out ontot­heir decks. Men in robes star­ted to fil­ter out onto­the walk­way bes­i­de the courty­ards, sta­ring at the sex­go­ing on just a few feet from them.Abby found herself sur­pri­sin­gly and over­whel­min­gly­tur­ned on by all the atten­ti­on. “Yes!” she screamed.“Yes, fuck me!”But James wasn’t finis­hed yet. This wasn’t his fullfantasy.“If any of you guys want to join in,” he shou­t­ed to the­collec­tion of men on the side­walk, “Feel free.”The words was­hed slow­ly over Abby, who was so into the­s­ex now that very litt­le was pha­sing her. She didn’tentirely com­pre­hend what James had INTERRACIAL porn done, until she­loo­ked up and saw one of the men in front of her naked,his cock clo­se to her face.“Suck ME CHAMARAM PRA UMA FESTINHA NA ASA NORTE E ACABEI LEVANDO ROLA DO MEU AMIGO on it, baby,” said James. “You know that you wantto.”Abby wan­ted to say no. She knew this had got­ten too­far. Things had got­ten out of con­trol, out of her­hands. But it was too late to chan­ge that now. And she­was too wild­ly tur­ned on to say no to even thes­ligh­test of requests from James. She ope­ned her mout­ho­be­dient­ly and allo­wed the man to sli­de his cock in.It didn’t take long for other men to come for­ward, men­of various ages, fathers and bro­thers and husbands,single men and mar­ried, working class men and tradesmen.She was start­led when the first cock ent­e­red her ass,her pus­sy still tight­ly grip­ping James’s cock as she­con­ti­nued to ride him. It wasn’t her first time having­anal sex, but it was cer­tain­ly her first time bein­gpe­ne­tra­ted in both holes at once. It made her cum­quick­ly, much to her surprise.As one man would cum insi­de her ass, ano­t­her would beright behind him to take his place. After a while her­ass was so full of cum that the men star­ted to pull outand cum across her back. Around the other end, men REALITY porn were­co­m­ing for­ward with equal regu­la­ri­ty and allowing her­to suck them off.Occasionally she’d take more than one cock into her­mouth at once. They came in her mouth, on her face, inher hair, across her chest, even some­ti­mes in her hand.The who­le time James remai­ned under­ne­ath her, his cock­hard as ever insi­de of her as she grin­ded her hips into­him in rhythm with whoever was in her ass at the time.The sur­roun­dings were beco­m­ing a blur. Some wives had­co­me down and bera­ted their hus­bands. Others stood withtheir hus­bands, watching from the side­walk. The events­had been going on for may­be 45 minu­tes when two poli­ce­of­fi­cers final­ly show­ed up.“Break it up!” said the youn­ger cop. “Not­hing more tosee here.”The older cop stood behind him, one hand on his gun­hols­ter, sta­ring unasha­med­ly at what was going on.When no one see­med to be com­ply­ing with the young cop’srequest he came for­ward. “Didn’t you hear me, folks? Isaid cea­se and desist!”“Actually you said ‘break it up,’” said James. “But youdon’t want us to do that either.”“Oh no?” said the cop. “Tell me then, tough guy, what­do I want?”“You want to take off your pants and start fuck­ing this­girl in the ass, just like your part­ner is doing.”“Huh?” said the bewil­de­red young cop. Then he loo­ked tohis right, whe­re his older part­ner was just begin­ning­to pene­tra­te Abby’s cum soa­ked, swol­len asshole.“Shit, what are you doing?” the young offi­cer cried.“Protecting and REALITY porn ser­ving,” said the older man as hebe­gan to make long, slow thrusts. “Pro­tec­ting andserving.”The young offi­cer tur­ned away for a second, dis­gus­tedand frigh­te­ned. He was a by-the-book kind of guy, buthe also reli­ed on his older part­ner for gui­d­ance. Nowhe wasn’t sure what he should do.“Why don’t you come over here, offi­cer,” Abby said in avoice that was hoar­se from moa­ning, “So I can suck yourdick.”The offi­cer loo­ked around for a minu­te. He ope­ned his­mouth as if to object. Then he just tur­ned and wal­ke­doff, past the squad car in the par­king lot and down the­si­de of the high­way. James, Abby, and the older offi­cer­had a good laugh. After the older offi­cer came, hepul­led out, tip­ped his hat to Abby, and left in thes­quad car.The pas­sio­na­te fuck­ing con­ti­nued until final­ly Jamessaid “Alright, guys, last call. Get your last minu­te­fun in befo­re I finish her off.”It was ano­t­her fif­teen minu­tes befo­re the last of the­guys had cum. Abby was dizzy and her kne­es were locked.She couldn’t even begin to count how many guys had­fu­cked her, though James said later he’d lost count ata­bout for­ty. They both figu­red it was some­whe­re in then­eigh­bor­hood of 65 or 70, most las­ting less then ami­nu­te but some las­ting upwards of ten.When Abby final­ly got up off of the ground and off ofJa­mes, she MI_EX REGRESA CANSADA DE ESTUDIAR PERO LE OBLIGO A could bare­ly stand. James howe­ver see­med fitas a fidd­le, des­pi­te having had her full weight on him­for almost three hours. He picked her up off of hershaky kne­es, then car­ri­ed her cum dren­ched body up thes­tairs, into the ele­va­tor, and then back into hisa­part­ment whe­re he pla­ced her, face down flat on thebed.James spread her legs ten­der­ly, then moved hims­elf ontop of her, tight against her body. He pushed his cock­back into her pus­sy and moved in and out slow­ly. Abby­was too tired to moan, but she let out a soft coo,especially when James grab­bed her ass cheeks and pushedthem tog­e­ther as he thrust.When he final­ly came, it was a long release. She shot­for over 30 seconds. He was the only man that night tocum insi­de her pus­sy. When he finis­hed, he col­lap­sed­next to her on the bed.“Hell of a first time,” he said.“Yeah,” said Abby, too tired and stun­ned to move. “Fory­ou and me both.”