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My wife and I came to St Croix in the U.S. Vir­gi­nIs­lands for our twen­tieth 속 수사반장 7화 wed­ding anni­ver­s­a­ry anden­joy­ed it so much, we deci­ded to stay. I found alu­cra­ti­ve job sel­ling con­dos on the Island while mywi­fe took her money from her reti­re­ment pro­gram to open­up a jewel­ry store sel­ling local­ly-made Caribbeanitems.My wife’s youn­ger sis­ter, Miri­am, and her husband,Maurice, tal­ked about com­ing to visit us but we didn’tthink they were very serious about doing so.I had just drop­ped my wife off at the air­port for avi­sit back to the Sta­tes when I got a call on my cellphone.“Island Con­dos,” I answered.“Hey, Dick,” I reco­gni­zed her sweet fema­le voice. “It’sMiriam here. Mau­rice and I were plan­ning on visi­t­in­gy­ou in St Croix over my spring break.”Miriam was a high school Eng­lish tea­cher back inMoun­tain Brook, Alabama.“We alrea­dy bought our tickets for this week untilMau­rice had to can­cel due to a golf outing with one ofhis most important cli­ents. This is my HINATA Y SUS AMIGAS SE ENCUENTRAN A MYA-NEE FOLLANDO EN SU CUARTO spring break andI wan­ted to chill out and relax with or without myhusband.”“Fantastic!” I replied. “When are you coming?”“I’m at the air­port now. Can you be a dear to come byand pick me up?“Now?” I asked. “Your sis­ter just left on the return­jet flight back to Miami. Your paths might have­cros­sed. She was pro­bab­ly in Cus­toms while you werear­ri­ving. Let me jump back into my car and I’ll be backat the MAICOL MEJIA SUPER HOT COLOMBIAN COMPILATION air­port in about ten minu­tes. See you then.”I cer­tain­ly wasn’t disap­poin­ted that my wife’s sis­ter­ca­me to visit St Croix by herself. You see, Miri­am is avery attrac­ti­ve blon­de who recent­ly tur­ned thirty,which is about ten years youn­ger than my wife and me.I met her at bag­ga­ge claim. She loo­ked fabu­lous! Miria­mis a natu­ral beau­ty so she didn’t need any make-up tolook gre­at. She was wea­ring a short flowe­ry print skirt­which show­ed off her shape­ly bare legs. She had FUTA PORN VIDEOS on asheer white blou­se which did won­ders for her alrea­dy­m­a­gni­ficent bre­asts. I could easi­ly make out her littlepink nipp­les through her lacy, white bra.Miriam wore a pair of tho­se cute litt­le san­dals that­drew atten­ti­on to her red-pain­ted toes. My dick gothard as she kis­sed me on the cheek. I love the­fra­gran­ce of her won­der­ful-smel­ling perfume.An elder­ly Negro por­ter took Miriam’s bag as we hea­ded­to my car. Her beau­ti­ful shoul­der-length, gol­den blon­de­was pul­led into a cute litt­le pony tail tied back witha red rib­bon that sway­ed back and forth as she VENEZOLANA PORN VIDEOS walked.I couldn’t help but watch her cute litt­le butt as the­por­ter and I fol­lo­wed behind her.The black por­ter put her bags in the trunk and I tip­ped­him ten dol­lars. He held the door open for the lovely­blon­de as she slip­ped into the passenger’s seat. I sawhim loo­king at her smooth, trim white legs as she sat­down and swung her legs into to car. The Negro pro­bab­ly­caught a quick glim­pse of her tiny litt­le white pan­tie­sand was get­ting a big black boner right now. He knewt­hat the­re was no way in the world that he would ever­co­me clo­se to having anything like her.I dro­ve the short distance to the other side of theIs­land whe­re I have one of the few two-bedroom con­do­sat the Caram­bo­la Beach Club as a perk for having­sur­pas­sed over one mil­li­on dol­lars in con­do sales.We stop­ped by the recep­ti­on desk so I could check for­a­ny messages I might have mis­sed while I as out of theoffice.“Hey, Ike,” I said to the tall black fel­low behind the­front desk. Ike Tur­ner is the front desk manager.“How’s Tina?” I joked. We have a stan­ding joke about­him and Tina Turner.“She be good, Mon,” Ike replied in his Caribbeanaccent.“Ike, I’d like you to meet Miri­am. Miri­am, this isIke.”Ike took Miriam’s hand in his big black paw. I wasn’tsure if he held her hand a litt­le too long or if it was­Mi­ri­am doing the hol­ding but their hands were tog­e­ther­mo­re than what a friend­ly hand­shake should be.“I’m very plea­sed to meet you, Mis­sy.” Ike cal­led all­pret­ty women, “Missy.”“Any friend of Dick’s is a friend of mine, espe­cial­lyo­ne as beau­ti­ful as you.”I couldn’t belie­ve it but Miri­am was actual­ly blushing.“It is very nice to meet you, too, Ike,” Miri­am said inher swee­test Sou­thern ANTONELLA ROCCUZZO DESNUDA Bel­le voice.If I didn’t know bet­ter, Miri­am was try­ing to put the­mo­ves on the black front desk mana­ger. She hadn’t beena­way from her hus­band for more than eight hours. Is itpos­si­ble that she was alrea­dy on the prowl?I show­ed Miri­am her room which was next to the one tha­tI nor­mal­ly share with my wife. Miri­am said that she­wan­ted to take a short nap and fres­hen up beforedinner.Friday night is the Carambola’s Carib­be­an Pira­te­sea­food buf­fet. It was some of the best food on theIs­land. It was as good as usu­al tonight. We ate, wedrank and then the Mocko Jum­bies came on as the­en­ter­tain­ment. The­se are some of the local Islan­ders­dres­sed up in Carib­be­an cos­tu­mes on stilts to make them­look like giant spi­rits. Unbe­knownst to me, the­bar­ten­der nor­mal­ly spik­ed the drink of the new­at­trac­ti­ve women with a mild aphro­di­siac. Tonight was­no excep­ti­on with Miriam’s Pina Colada.While she dan­ced with me, Miri­am see­med to be rub­bing­much clo­ser to me than I have ever noti­ced that shee­ver did befo­re. May­be it was becau­se my wife wasn’tthere or that her own hus­band wasn’t. May­be she jus­t­wan­ted to have fun tonight.We both had several drinks and clo­se to mid­ni­ght so wewal­ked back over to my con­do. I had bare­ly got­ten into­my bed when I felt someo­ne slip into the bed with me. Itur­ned to greet my wife’s naked sister.I had drea­med of some­thing like this but never befor­edid I ever dream that it might come true. I alrea­dy­k­new that she was a true blon­de becau­se one time I went­to the bathroom at her house. She CROWJOB IN SPACE E621 hadn’t locked the­bathroom door and I wal­ked in on her while she was onthe toi­let peeing.At first she tried to hide her pri­va­te parts but she­had to pee so bad­ly that she couldn’t hold it. I was­mes­me­ri­zed as she spread her legs and began to uri­na­te­right the­re in front of me. Me eyes went right to her­pus­sy as I couldn’t help watching. I saw the stream ofu­ri­ne com­ing out of her pus­sy and the litt­le tufts ofcur­ly, blon­de pus­sy hair that for­med a vee poin­ting­to­wards her vagi­na. When she was finis­hed she loo­ked upat me and smi­led. I thought that I was gon­na cum in mypants right the­re and then.I knew it was wrong to cheat on my wife like this but Icouldn’t help mys­elf. Miri­am loo­ked so invi­t­ing. Her­kiss was warm and urgent. My hand went down to her­pus­sy to find it hot and moist. Her cli­to­ris was­s­wol­len and stood up like a litt­le penis. Her hand­pu­shed down my shorts as she mas­sa­ged my gro­wing dick.Damn, she wan­ted cock and she wan­ted it now!She whis­pe­red sexi­ly in my ear, “I want to be your­Ti­na. I want you to be my Ike. Start off nice and slow­but finish rough. I hadn’t known that Miri­am lik­ed tobe fucked rough­ly but I did my best “Ike” impres­sio­nand gave “Tina” All that I had. She was a real wild­ca­tin bed. Why her hus­band didn’t keep her bare­foot andp­regnant was bey­ond me. I would have had my dick inthis prime pus­sy every chan­ce I had. Hell, I’d fuck her­tight pus­sy twice each night and three times on Sunday!We fucked several times that night. I was in seven­thhea­ven. I just about came again when she whis­pe­red inmy ear, “Dick, I’m not on any birth con­trol. I’d likey­ou to go down on me and SLUT JERKS OFF_HER FRIEND UNTIL HE CUMS lick your cum out of my pussy.I did as she asked. I’ve eaten a woman’s pus­sy on man­yoc­ca­si­ons befo­re but never to eat someone’s cum, eve­nif MARCOS PALMEIRAS PELADO it was my own. Miri­am reached ano­t­her orgasm as mytongue lap­ped at her drip­ping pussy.We slept tog­e­ther the rest of the night. I had the wets­pot. For­tu­n­a­te­ly, I pla­ced a towel down on the bed sothat I didn’t have to sleep in our own love juices allnight.The next morning, Miri­am fixed us bre­ak­fast while Iwent out to run my dai­ly five mile rou­te. After­b­re­ak­fast we swam in the oce­an and sun­ned our­sel­ves. Itwas dif­fi­cult for me to keep my eyes off of my wife’slovely sis­ter as she wore her skim­py bat­hing suit sowell. It was also qui­te hard for me to hide my ownerec­tion but I did the best that I could under thecircumstances.After lunch, we took a quick nap. Actual­ly it wasn’t soquick and it cer­tain­ly wasn’t a nap. We fucked againthat after­noon and Miri­am just about wore me out.After a real nap, we wat­ched a spec­ta­cu­lar sun­set onthe san­dy beach while we drank beer from my ice chest.It was now Satur­day night and Miri­am and I dres­sed more­for­mal­ly than we nor­mal­ly do in just shorts and flip-flops. Miri­am wore a cute short, black num­ber that­loo­ked sim­ply stun­ning on her. It show­ed off her­fa­bu­lous legs and reve­a­led much of her lovely twinorbs.I could tell that she wasn’t wea­ring a bra as her taut­nipp­les poked through the thin mate­ri­al as her bre­ast­s­we­re strai­ning to get out. She wore a pair of Guc­cib­lack lea­ther, high-hee­led, back­less pumps that real­ly­tur­ned me on. Not only did she look good enough to eat­s­he also smel­led divine!After a deli­cious sea­food din­ner at Carambola’sMahogany Grill, we had some after-din­ner drinks as wedan­ced to the music of the Temptations.I had to go pee so I excu­sed mys­elf. I unzip­ped mypants and began peeing when this black fel­low steps upto the stall next to mine. I casual­ly loo­ked over athim as I have always been curious after hea­ring BOKEP INDO TERLARIS all ther­umors about black men. This fel­low was hung like the­pro­ver­bi­al bull. His cock was big and jet black. He wasas black as the Ace of Spa­des. I’ve never seen anyo­ne­with such a big man­hood before.He loo­ked over at me and smiled.“You like what you see, Mon?” he asked me in his nati­ve­Ca­rib­be­an accent.“Ahhh, no,” I stut­te­red. “I’m not that kind. I didn’tmean to look. It just came natu­ral­ly. Real­ly, I’msorry.”“Don’t be sor­ry, Mon. If you white guys don’t look, youwon’t know what your white women crave.”I didn’t have a reply to that so I just kept quiet.“That pret­ty blon­de woman your wife, Mon?”“Uhh, yes.” I replied. I didn’t want to have to exp­lain­mys­elf to this com­ple­te stran­ger that the woman I was­with wasn’t my wife but actual­ly my PIZZA DELIVERY GUY_PENETRATED A MARRIED BUT LONELY MILF. BLOWJOB AS A BONUS wife’s sister.We finis­hed peeing and he put his big black mons­ter­back into its cage while I put mine back into myunderwear.While I was washing my hands, he asked, “Do you mind ifI dance with your wife, Mon?”“Sure, I don’t mind,” I lied. “Why don’t you go ahea­dand ask her?“I cer­tain­ly will, Mon. Not­hing ven­tu­red, nothinggained.”I real­ly didn’t think that Miri­am would dance with ablack guy as she’s from Ala­ba­ma. White women being seen­with black men is still taboo the­re. Many years ago,several black men were cas­tra­ted and han­ged for jus­t­loo­king at a white woman. The­re is still a lot ofra­cial ten­si­on in Ala­ba­ma but it’s bet­ter than before.Now it was a much more com­mon occur­rence to see white­wo­men with black men as the women of today have much­mo­re free­dom than befo­re which is much like what the­Ne­groes have today. Of cour­se, if you are a wealt­hyAf­ri­can-Ame­ri­can like most of the pro­fes­sio­nal­bas­ket­ball play­ers, you can just about have any white­wo­man you want.I went back to my table and sat next to Miriam.It was almost too much for me to bear as I wat­ched the­b­lack man from the bathroom com­ing toward our table.Maybe he had a chan­ce after all.“My name is Mal­colm, pret­ty lady. Your hus­band said JESSY DUBAI DAFTSEX Icould dance with you.”Miriam loo­ked over at me with a puz­zled smi­le befo­re­tur­ning back to the black man.“Why, yes,” Miri­am said to the Negro. “I’d love todance with you.”I was kind of sur­pri­sed that Miri­am dan­ced with a total­stran­ger, espe­cial­ly one who was black.“Well,” I thought to mys­elf, “Miriam’s free, white andt­wen­ty-one. She can dance with anyo­ne she wants. What­would her dad­dy think?”The band was play­ing The Tempt­ati­ons’ “My Girl” asMal­colm took Miri­am into his strong black arms. He was­dan­cing very clo­se to her. It had occur­red to me jus­t­then that “My Girl” was a popu­lar song at my own high­school prom. Many girls were made into a woman that­night after dan­cing to “My Girl.” My own dick twit­ch­e­din my pants as I wat­ched Miri­am dance clo­se to the­b­lack man. May­be she would be made into a real womantonight?They dan­ced several more tunes befo­re they came back tothe table. Miri­am excu­sed herself to go to the powderroom.When she retur­ned, she drank some more of the potent­Pi­na Cola­da that Mal­colm had orde­red for her. The black­man took Miriam’s hand and led the pret­ty blon­de wife­back out onto the dance floor. It struck me as exci­ting­when I saw his big black hand take her litt­le white­hand in his. The glis­tening of her dia­mond enga­ge­ment­ring and her wed­ding band on her white fin­ger insi­de oft­he palm of his black hand made by dick get evenharder.“What if Miri­am slept with this black man?” I pondered.My dick got even har­der. I was pret­ty drunk myself.The cou­p­le came back to the table once again. Miriam­took a long drink from her mel­ting Pina Cola­da. Sheex­cu­sed herself once again as she left to go to theLa­dies Room.“I think she likes me, Mon,” Mal­colm said to me. “Ias­ked her for her pan­ties befo­re she went to pee the­first time. She gave them to me just a moment ago.”He ope­ned up his black hand to show me. I reco­gni­zed­her tiny black pan­ties he had in the palm of his hand.I knew them as I had sear­ched through Miriam’s suit­ca­se­while she was out of the room ear­lier today and went­through her sexy lingerie.Malcom held the tiny fab­ric up to his broad black noseand took a good whiff.“Mon, your wife sure do DOWN FOR_BBC – 6 PRETTY GIRLS AND 1 GOOD-SIZED DARK-HUED COCK ROB PIPER smell sweet.” Then he put her­u­seless pan­ties in his back pocket as a souvenir.I knew that she did, too. While I was rum­ma­ging through­her lug­ga­ge this morning, I had also smel­led her­fra­grant litt­le pan­ties that she had worn yes­ter­day. Iwas plan­ning on using the lame excu­se of loo­king for­so­me aspi­rin if she retur­ned ear­ly and wal­ked in on mewhile I was going through her baggage.I didn’t know it was pos­si­ble but my dick expan­ded even­fur­ther thin­king about Miri­am with the black stranger.Miriam came back and prompt­ly said, “Dick, I think it’stime we go back to your condo.”Then she ama­zed me even fur­ther as she tur­ned to the­b­lack man, “Mal­colm, will you join us for a night­cap inour condo?”“Sure, sure. Anything that the pret­ty litt­le lady­wants.” Mal­colm loo­ked over at me and winked.Miriam and Mal­colm strol­led arm and arm back to mycon­do. I never ima­gi­ned in my dar­kest dreams that mywife’s sis­ter would ever be with a Negro. Now here she­was hea­ding back to my place for a night­cap with this­black man. She was the one who was going to get­night­cap­ped. I bare­ly had my con­do unlo­cked when­Mal­colm pushed Miri­am up against the wall.I quick­ly clo­sed the door behind us as the black­stran­ger tor­rid­ly began kis­sing the lovely blon­de­Eng­lish tea­cher and wife.All I could do was to back up down the hall and watch.Fortunately, I had my video­ca­me­ra han­dy so I could film­this hot inter­ra­cial action. I quick­ly got it and began­filming. Her hus­band would never belie­ve that hislo­ving litt­le wife would ever do some­thing like this,especially with a black man. My own dick was about toburst.The black man’s hands went to the thin straps on her­dress. Befo­re, he had been mas­sa­ging her bre­aststhrough the thin mate­ri­al. Mal­colm slip­ped the straps­down her smooth, white shoul­ders reve­aling her­ma­gni­ficent bre­asts. Her litt­le pink 在飯店我也想被他幹 nipp­les were­cer­tain­ly arou­sed as they stood up at atten­ti­on becau­se­of his oral minis­tra­ti­ons. His thick lips encir­cled onepink bud then the next. Their lips locked tog­e­ther in adeep soul-kiss.Malcolm pushed the hem of her dress up her smooth white­legs. I could see through the lens of the video­ca­me­rat­hat she wasn’t wea­ring any panties.The black man quick­ly unzip­ped his own pants as hewhis­pe­red into Miriam’s ear loud enough for me and the­vo­deo­ca­me­ra to hear.“Put it in for me, Missy.”Miriam reached bet­ween the black man’s legs and gui­dedhis gigan­tic black mis­si­le towards its inten­ded target.That huge black cock of his surely was about to do much­da­ma­ge and destruction.Miriam gas­ped as the huge black cock thrust into her­tight vagi­na for the very first time. Her arms wen­t­around his broad black back. Mal­colm didn’t was­te­any­ti­me going deep. For­tu­n­a­te­ly for Miri­am, she was­moist enough to lub­ri­ca­te her embatt­led pus­sy. The­ex­tra dose of Aphro­di­siac that Mal­colm paid the­bar­ten­der twen­ty dol­lars for to put into the pret­ty­blon­de wife’s drink cer­tain­ly paid off in spa­des. Hewas gon­na fuck this litt­le white bitch until she passedout!It see­med as if Miri­am couldn’t get enough of Malcolm’sbig I_SELL MY GFCUCKOLD COMPILATION #404 NIKA CHARMING, AKIRA DRAGO, KARRY SLOT, LINA MONTANA, HANNA REY black dick. She had an itch bet­ween her legs likes­he had never had befo­re. The pret­ty blon­de wife had­her first of many orgasms as the black man rough­ly­fu­cked the exci­ted blon­de wife.The black man bel­lo­wed out as his first load of dark,hot seed ham­me­red into her abu­sed pussy.I couldn’t belie­ve that Miri­am was just fucked by the­big black bull and she wan­ted more – much more! She led­her new black lover to her bedroom as they begans­hed­ding the rema­in­der of their clothes. They began­go­ing at it again in ear­nest while I con­ti­nued to film­t­he two of them.I went through two two-hour video tapes befo­re I was soti­red that I had to say my good-nights. I hated tolea­ve Miri­am with the black stran­ger but at least she­was right next door to my own bedroom. Miri­am and­Mal­colm must have fucked all night as I could­con­ti­nu­al­ly hear the bed crea­king and her cry­ing out­with ano­t­her orgasm. Through the thin walls, I couldt­heir sounds of love­ma­king all night.The well-hung black stran­ger fucked the lovely blon­de­wi­fe every which way but loo­se. It was my Sunday towork wee­kend duty at the con­do sales office so I had tolea­ve the con­do befo­re nine AM. Befo­re I left, Miriam­wan­ted me to go down on her. The thought of eatin­ga­no­t­her man’s cum out of her fresh­ly-fucked and very,nasty raw pus­sy didn’t real­ly turn me on but I did ROSELYN SÁNCHEZ HOT soany­way. Her pus­sy had been stret­ched like I’d never­se­en befo­re. It was gaping. I don’t know if eit­her I orher hus­band could ever satisfy her ever again.They were still going at it when I left for work onS­unday morning.When I got home that evening after work, Miri­am had­pa­cked and taken all of her things with her. She mus­thave had her fill of St Croix and black men. Miriam’sbedroom was a dis­as­ter zone. The she­ets and pil­lows­we­re strewn all over the place. The black man’s cum andMiriam’s love juices were on ever­ything. Even in myyoun­ger fra­ter­ni­ty par­ty days, I have never seen­anything like this befo­re. For­tu­n­a­te­ly, I have wee­kly­maid ser­vice inclu­ded with my con­do so I wouldn’t have­to clean up all the slop­py mess. I figu­red that Miri­am had packed up and gone home unti­lI got a call later on in the week from Maurice.“Dick, have you seen or heard from Miri­am?” he asked.“My wife was sup­po­sed to be home from St. Croix today.She hasn’t cal­led me eit­her. She took her cell phone.Don’t they work there?”“Whoa, now, Mau­rice. One ques­ti­on at a time, okay?”“I saw your wife this morning befo­re I came to work,” Idon’t know why but I lied. The last time that I saw his­wi­fe was Sunday morning, four days ago. “And yes, cell­p­ho­nes do work here in the Vir­gin Islands but my con­do­at Caram­bo­la is next to some moun­tains near the rain­fo­rest. The recep­ti­on isn’t so good, some may­be shehasn’t had a chan­ce to call.”The HOT PORN RAPE VIDEOS later part of my ans­wer was cor­rect but I instant­ly­be­gan to worry about Miri­am. I hadn’t heard from hereit­her sin­ce ear­ly this past Sunday morning when she­was still in the throes of get­ting fucked by a bigblack buck. Was Miri­am loo­king for love or was it jus­t­lust, big black lust?I went strai­ght to the Island poli­ce to file a mis­sing­per­son report. They told me that the­re was a twen­ty-four hour wai­t­ing peri­od befo­re they could start­loo­king for her.“Twenty-four hours?” I exc­lai­med. “She’s been mis­sing­al­most a week now! Can’t you do anything?”“Sorry, Mon,” the poli­ce desk clerk replied. “That’sthe pro­ce­du­re. By the way, Mon, what did she looklike?”I told him what a pret­ty blon­de woman she was. May­be hewould help me find her after all.“Mon, many pret­ty Ame­ri­can women come to the Island­loo­king for romance. Some mar­ried, some not. Some find­what they be loo­kin’ for, most don’t. Why don’t you goo­ver to Fre­drik­sted this evening and check with the­hoo­kers. They might know whe­re you lady be.”“Ask the hoo­kers?” I thought to mys­elf. “Why would they­po­s­si­b­ly know whe­re Miri­am was?”A crui­se ship had been in the Fre­drik­sted port ear­lier­to­day but left after sun­set. A freigh­ter from Libe­ria­had just docked over­night. It didn’t take long to find­the street with the hoo­kers. It was on “Princess­Street” which was back off the board­walk by three­blocks. The order of the street names was “King Street”next to the pier. That was fol­lo­wed by Queen Street,Prince Street and final­ly then Princess Street. Thereweren’t many other streets in Fre­drik­sted so I knew­this was the place after fol­lowing some of the black­sea­men from the freigh­ter there.I tur­ned the cor­ner and stop­ped cold. The­re were­several good-loo­king white women the­re all dol­led up.One of them loo­ked like Miri­am. It was Miriam!“Oh, my gawddd!” I thought to mys­elf. “Miri­am has­tur­ned into a hooker?”I was about to approach Miri­am when a big arm wrap­pe­dar­ound my neck.“Mon, what you think you be doing here? This here’s for­sailors only and you don’t look like no sailor to me,Mon.” The fel­low doing the tal­king was big and black.He was also cg the life out of me.He final­ly let go of my neck long enough to tell himt­hat my wife’s sis­ter was over the­re. “I just want totalk to her to see if she’s alright.”“She be okay, Mon. No one talks to the hoes. No one­bo­thers the hoes. They busy, Mon, don’t ya sees that?”“I just need to talk to her for minu­te, okay?“Nobody, I said nobo­dy, Mon, talks to the bitches.Especially not you, Mon! Now get out­ta here unless you­wan­ta gets hurt real bad.”As I was lea­ving to go back to my car without tal­king­to Miri­am, ano­t­her black guy stop­ped me.“Hey, Mon. Do you wan­na see your woman in action?”“I tur­ned to him and said, “What do you mean, “See herin action?”“Mon, ever­ything cos­ts money, don’t cha know that? One­h­un­ter,” he mispro­noun­ced LINA Y TORBE ‘hund­red.’ “U.S. dol­las get­sy­ou in to see any woman you want for thir­ty minu­tes. Yasit in this litt­le room, Mon, and watch her through atwo-way mir­ror as she struts her stuff with the sai­lor­boys. Ya can even jerk off if you wants to. Yain­te­res­ted, Mon?”“Yea,” I respon­ded as I pul­led out my well worn wal­le­tand sear­ched in the secret pocket for a one hundred­dol­lar bill that I had reser­ved for fun money.“Who ya wan­na see, Mon?” he inquired.“Miriam, she’s the pret­ty blon­de in the short bluedress.”“Mon, she be popu­lar tonight. She just now goin’upstairs with tho­se three black sailors. Ya got­ta hur­ryif ya wants to see it from the start.”The black pimp hust­led me down a dark alley­way. Ithought that he might try to roll me for the rest of mymo­ney but unless he had help or a wea­pon, I thoughtt­hat I could defend mys­elf pret­ty well.He led me up a nar­row stair­ca­se and into a tiny, dar­kroom. He ope­ned the curtain and a well lit room­ap­peared on the other side.“Can they see us?” I asked quietly.“No, Mon. I alrea­dy tol’ ya that dis here is a two way­mir­ror. We’s even puts in a micro­pho­ne so ya can hearst­hem bet­ter but theys can’t hears ya.”“Here, take dis bee­per, Mon. It’ll vibra­te when yat­hir­ty minu­tes are up. If ya wants to see more, Mon,it’s ano­tha hun­ter dol­las for ano­tha thir­ty minutes,Mon. Pay the big guy down­s­tairs. If ya don’t, he come­sup to gets ya. Ya won’t like what ya loo­ks like when hebe get­ting’ through with ya, Ya motha won’t even­re­co­gni­ze ya, Mon, so yous bet­ter pay up. Now enjoysthe show.”I couldn’t belie­ve that I was doing this. I was paying­to see Miri­am get fucked by three black men. Actual­ly Icouldn’t belie­ve that Miri­am was doing this either.I caught the first of the show. Miri­am led the threeblack sailors into the room. They were all over her­li­ke stink on shit. I wan­ted to go in the­re to res­cue­her but I just sat the­re with my own litt­le white dick­get­ter har­der by the minute.I could hear Miri­am tal­king to the black men. She wasac­tual­ly encou­ra­ging them to fuck her. Miri­am took off­her dress and laid back on the rat­ty old bed. She left­her high heels on.All three of the black sailors quick­ly shu­cked thei­rold, dir­ty clothes. When the big black guy strip­ped offhis pants, I heard Miri­am audi­b­ly gasp. Then I saw why.This guy was huge. He craw­led up bet­ween Miriam’s wide-spread legs and began to eat her pret­ty blon­de pussy.Most of her cli­ents pro­bab­ly had never seen a white­wo­man naked befo­re, espe­cial­ly a blon­de a pret­ty asMi­ri­am was. Now she was about to get SUPRISE FUCK PORN fucked by the­big­gest, bla­ckest cock that I have ever seen. The­re was­no way that the giant Negro man­hood would ever fit into­her tiny blon­de pussy.After eating out the pret­ty blon­de wife’s pus­sy, the­gi­ant Negro sailor made his way up her smooth trim­bel­ly stop­ping long enough only to swi­pe his long­tongue into her bel­ly but­ton. I noti­ced a bel­ly ring­whe­re the­re wasn’t one befo­re. The ring must have been­new as Miri­am didn’t have one last Satur­day when wema­de love together.Miriam’s legs went up over his mus­cu­lar but­tocks. The­gi­ant Negro gui­ded his mas­si­ve cock to her unpro­tec­ted­pus­sy. He must have been a good lover at home becaus­e­he ten­der­ly eased his pus­sy-wre­cker into her wai­t­ingo­pe­ning. Miri­am gas­ped as the first several inches were­pu­shed into her. That was the easy part. Fit­ting the­rest would almost take an act of God.The lovely blon­de woman under­ne­ath the mas­si­ve black­man pul­led his head down towards her own until her ruby­red lips met his thick black ones. They kis­sed as thee­nor­mous black cock con­ti­nued its jour­ney to the cen­ter­of her inner­most being.I couldn’t belie­ve that Miri­am was taking all of it. Icouldn’t belie­ve that my own pants were down around mekne­es and I was actual­ly jacking-off while I was­watching my wife’s sis­ter get the fuck­ing of her sweetlife.The vibra­tor went off befo­re I had a chan­ce to blow myown wad. “Oh, shit,” I said as I hur­ried­ly pul­led up mypants and ran down the stairs to pay the big guy“anotha hun­ter dollas.”I quick­ly ran back up stairs to see the giant Negro­bust his big black nut into the pret­ty blon­de wife.The next guy wan­ted a blow job. Miri­am sucked him off­that the pro that she was becoming.The third black sailor wan­ted some­thing new. His cockwasn’t as thick as the first sailor’s but it was­no­ti­ce­ab­ly lon­ger. He had Miri­am lay on her side as helaid down behind her. Miri­am was bare­foot now as thethird guy had remo­ved her high heels. Her toe­nails were­pain­ted the same red that she wore on her fingernails.“God,” I thought to mys­elf. “She loo­ks so sexy.”The third black sailor lifted her leg ope­ning her pus­sy­wi­der. He felt her sop­ping wet pus­sy with one hand­while the other one went around her neck. He cru­el­ly­tur­ned her head towards him so he could kiss her as her­fu­cked her in the pus­sy with his long black cock. Then­while he held a tight grip on her, he took his cock outof her pus­sy and sho­ved if up her tight vir­gin ass.Miriam tried to scream to no avail as she was still inhis tight clutches.I could tell that Miri­am was writ­hing in a lot of pain­be­cau­se the black guy had to hold her very tight­ly­while he rough­ly butt-fucked her. Then I remem­be­redt­hat she lik­ed it rough. She was get­ting her wish and­then some. Be very care­ful what you APETUBE PREGNANT wish for.The bee­per vibra­ted again just as I shot my load. Ileft. I didn’t have any more money and the­re was no waythat I could save Miri­am from any more debasement.The next day, I went back to the Poli­ce Sta­ti­on. The­sa­me desk ser­geant was the­re. I told him that I found­her and in what condition.“Mon, so many pret­ty white women end up the­re but thereisn’t anything we can do. They ain’t being held again­st­their will. The only other thing that I can think oft­hat you might do is to go talk to her pimp. May­be youcan buy her back.”“Buy her back?” I asked mys­elf. “The­se women are sold­just like a pie­ce of meat at the but­cher shop. What ifso­meo­ne else bought Miri­am and took her some­whe­re else?How would I ever find her again? I had heard that was­what hap­pen­ed to that pret­ty high school girl who was­ab­duc­ted in Aru­ba after her gra­dua­ti­on par­ty went awry.She had been fucked nume­rous times by big-dicked black­men befo­re the aut­ho­ri­ties found her ali­ve sel­ling her­bo­dy to any and every body. She also lik­ed her meat­dark and big.”I went back to Fre­drik­sted. For­tu­n­a­te­ly it wasn’t too­hard to find her pimp.“How much for the new pret­ty blon­de?” I asked him.“Hunter thousand, cash, Mon.”I swal­lo­wed hard at hea­ring such a high amount but knewt­hat the­re would pro­bab­ly be a num­ber of other taker­se­ven at one hund­red thousand dol­lars. The white slave­busi­ness was very lucra­ti­ve. Miri­am could be the sta­r­of many inter­ra­cial por­no movies if I didn’t doso­me­thing to save her now. The­re actual­ly were sever­al­wealt­hy white men loo­king for attrac­ti­ve white wives.They like to watch the women take on impos­si­b­ly lar­geb­lack men while they jacked off. The movies they made­we­re for their own viewing plea­su­re. I nee­ded to act­fast. I nee­ded to act now!I hur­ried back and cal­led Mau­rice on my cell phone.Fortunately, he picked up on the first ring.“Maurice,” I said. “I couldn’t tell you becau­se Ididn’t know it then but your wife has been kid­nap­ped byso­me white slave traders.”“That kind of thing still hap­pens today?” he asked­s­tu­pidly. I knew that he had heard the news about the­high school girl being kid­nap­ped, raped and put into­the white slave tra­de in Aruba.“God, what an idi­ot,” I thought of Mau­rice. “No won­der­Mi­ri­am came to St Croix without her clu­eless husband.That kid­nap­ped girl from Ala­ba­ma lived in the same town­whe­re they did.”“Yes, that is still done even today. The kid­nap­pers are­de­man­ding a one hund­red thousand dol­lar ran­som to gether back ali­ve. Other­wi­se,” I lied, “they said theywould feed her lifeless body to the sharks. Plea­se wire­me one hund­red thousand cash today. You got that much,don’t you?”“I do but I can’t get to it until tomor­row. I’ll catcht­he first flight to St Croix in the morning.”“Maurice, we may not have that much time. They might­mo­ve her to ano­t­her loca­ti­on or even kl her tonight,”I plea­ded with him.“Dick, that’s the best I can do. That litt­le bitch ofmi­ne just had to go off down the­re by herself and getherself kid­nap­ped. She but­te­red her own bread, now she­gets to lay in it.”The sor­ry bas­tard hung up.“Damnit!” I said out loud. I bet­ter go check up on hertonight.I went by the bank and with­drew one thousand dollars.That would be enough for watching her for five hours.Hell, if I could get my hands on one hund­red thousand­dol­lars, I could even buy Miri­am for myself.I took my video came­ra with me as I ent­e­red the tiny­room and set it up on a tri­pod so I didn’t have to hol­dit all the time. In that five hour peri­od, Miri­am hadt­wen­ty-seven black lovers. They all had huge cocks andno­ne of them used a rub­ber. They all rode her bareb­ackand rode her hard. She was rode hard and put up wet, ast­hat old hor­se say­ing goes.Miriam see­med to be not able to scratch that ter­ribleitch bet­ween her legs. Each Negro who fucked her, she­ma­de feel like her first and only lover. Miri­am was­get­ting good at this. I could tell she lik­ed what she­was doing. If I did buy her, would she even come with­me? I now had three full tapes of Miri­am fuck­ing a lotof well-hung black men.Maurice show­ed up the next day with the cash. I picked­him up at the air­port and exp­lai­ned the situa­ti­on onthe way over to Fre­drik­sted. He couldn’t belie­ve tha­this wife was actual­ly fuck­ing black men and lik­ed it.I found Miriam’s pimp and told him that we wan­ted towatch Miri­am in action.He said, “Mon, for a regu­lar like you, one hun­ter­dol­lars for both of ya.”He led us up the stair­ca­se. Miri­am was alrea­dy inac­tion when the curtain was opened.“Goddamn it” Mau­rice exc­lai­med. My litt­le bitch of awi­fe loves fuck­ing the­se big-dicked nig­gers. Look ather fuck him back. Miri­am never fucked me like that.Let the litt­le black-cock who­re rot to death. She’sgotten ple­nty of my fuck­ing money. Not ano­t­her dime.Let her work for her own fuck­ing money!”Maurice’s out­burst kind of sur­pri­sed me so I deci­ded todefend her.“Maurice, she didn’t choo­se this. She was dd. They­ma­de her the black-cock who­re that she is today.”“Man,” he said to me. His atti­tu­de chan­ged. “Look at mywi­fe fuck that big black cock. This is bet­ter than anyof tho­se por­no movies that I buy on the internet.”Now Mau­rice sur­pri­sed me even more as he took out hisown litt­le white pecker and began to beat his meat. Ift­hat tiny white dick of his was all that Miri­am got athome, then it was no won­der that she was here andwan­ted more.“Hell, man,” he said to me as he finis­hed jer­king off.“Maybe she is worth one hund­red thousand dol­lars after­all. I’ll bring the litt­le bitch home. I bet the­re area num­ber of my black cli­ents who would like to get apie­ce of her sweet white ass.”So it tur­ned out that Mau­rice bought his wife. I hel­ped­him bring her back to the Sta­tes. He was right. The­re­we­re a num­ber of his black cli­ents who wan­ted to fuckhis pret­ty blon­de wife. As it tur­ned out, Maurice’sbusiness grew and grew espe­cial­ly with the help of all­of his new black cli­ents. Miri­am sea­led more deals inher bed than Mau­rice ever could just by himself.On a Satur­day night, Mau­rice would dress up his pret­ty­blon­de wife for din­ner date and a night on the town­with one or more of his black cli­ents. Miri­am wouldthen take them home to Maurice’s new­ly instal­led­play­room. The cli­ents loved Miri­am so much that theyal­ways came back for more. The black busi­ness­men had­rea­dy access to her sweet litt­le pus­sy any­ti­me theywan­ted. Miri­am now had hund­reds of black lovers tos­cratch that big black cock itch bet­ween her pret­ty­white legs.Maurice was now his wife’s pimp. She was fed a steadystream of big black cock. Miri­am was a high-pri­ced slut­for big black cock. Not only did Mau­rice make money off­of his wife’s help at deal clo­sing time with her pret­ty­litt­le blon­de pus­sy, he also make ama­teur inter­ra­cial­home vide­os that were a big hit all over the world.Miriam even made it to Ama­teur Video World’s hig­hes­tran­king of five stiff boners. If only her dad­dy could­see her now. Would he jerk off while watching her­get­ting fucked by big black studs like mil­li­ons didnow?