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As the knot of ner­vous­ness in my sto­mach Fre Eporn untied its­elf I began to relax. The more we tal­ked, the more I could tell that she lik­ed me. My new found com­fort began to loo­sen up the natu­ral harnes­ses that you strap on to make a good first impres­si­on on someo­ne. I had sat in her office for almost a half an hour, but I was spea­king so care­ful­ly and lis­tening so atten­tively that I had just begun to rea­li­ze how attrac­ti­ve Ms. Audrey Bla­ke was. I was almost sho­cked watching this Mulatto’s lips move. They were almost too big, but so per­fect­ly shaped and soft loo­king you couldn’t help but admi­re them. Her skin was a shade of brown so light that by loo­king at it alo­ne you could hard­ly tell she was mixed with black, but so smooth and soft on the eyes that you real­ly didn’t care. Her big smi­le was enough to jolt me back into focus so I could Six Xxlx respond to her ques­ti­on befo­re she noti­ced me gazing. As she began to tell me about the peop­le I’d be working with I knew she was lea­ding toward offe­ring me the job. Her dark brown hair that was pul­led back in a bun left her face com­ple­te­ly expo­sed, so I found mys­elf gazing, again. In her late 30’s or ear­ly 40’s she wasn’t any­whe­re near model pret­ty but her fair skin, almond shaped eyes, and per­fect­ly shaped nose made her very cute allowing her straw­ber­ry sweet per­so­na­li­ty to make her extre­me­ly attrac­ti­ve. Even Clau­dia Bavel Y Neka­ne though she offe­red me the posi­ti­on and I glad­ly accep­ted I was slight­ly disap­poin­ted to find out that we wouldn’t be working tog­e­ther as she was the District Mana­ger sub­bing until the new Gene­ral Mana­ger of the branch had got­ten moved in. As we stood for a final hand shake she expo­sed her volup­tuous body. Her ass bus­ted off of her was­te and out of her lower back, so plump and solid that the pants of her modest, dark gray busi­ness suit couldn’t hide it. Her hips cur­ved slight­ly up into her tight tor­so whe­re a soft mid­sec­tion sat just below a huge pair of tits. Eit­her lar­ge C cups or small D’s in my esti­ma­ti­on, eit­her way her bre­asts loo­ked gre­at on her medi­um frame. They appeared firm and jui­cy even behind her white Ech­ter Inzest Sex blou­se and gray suit jacket. Just befo­re I wal­ked out of her office she gave me the war­mest smi­le that made me feel like she thought the world of me. I knew that she was loo­king at me as a future employee, but the heat in my pant’s made me pre­tend that the smi­le meant more.
As I made the dri­ve home, I could Czech Cas­ting Biq­le not get over how attrac­ti­ve she was, how sweet she was, or how much I wan­ted to not just fuck her, but make pas­sio­na­te love to her. After a while I stop­ped thin­king about her and star­ted to think about the new job I had just got­ten. I felt accom­plis­hed to be 23 years old with a good job at a rela­tively big com­pa­ny. I was young and on my way up. I final­ly got the job, weeks in the gym were star­ting to pay off on my 6′, thick, white Ilk Ihti­y­arm frame, and now I just nee­ded a good woman and I’d be set.
My first day at work had tur­ned out to be Audrey’s last as she was hea­ded back up to the company’s cor­po­ra­te office in Nort­hern Cali­for­nia. Any dimi­nis­hing that time had on her image in my memo­ry was quick­ly undo­ne. I sta­red as she pran­ced around the office say­ing her good byes. She wore a navy blue busi­ness suit simi­lar to the one she wore the day she inter­view­ed me, and it did just as lou­sy a job as the other one had at hiding her cur­ves. She loo­ked mouth wate­ring and I savo­r­ed the pic­tu­re knowing I wouldn’t be see­ing much more if any of her.
The job tur­ned out to be gre­at. I sett­led in, made friends with my cowor­kers, and see­med to impress my super­vi­sors. A litt­le over a week had gone by when I recei­ved an email from a com­pa­ny address I didn’t reco­gni­ze. I ope­ned it up and to my utter shock, it was from Audrey. It was friend­ly at best, asking me “how I lik­ed the job?” and “if I nee­ded anything to let her know”, but I was thril­led as to see that she still remem­be­red me. I know I had made a good impres­si­on Male­zya­por­no on her at the inter­view, and that heat in my crotch was foo­lish­ly making me won­der how good. I knew that she was just being nice, it fit her per­so­na­li­ty. For the next mon­th I exch­an­ged a cou­p­le emails a week with her. I lear­ned that she was 39 years old, had no kids, and had dedi­ca­ted herself to her job ever sin­ce her divor­ce near­ly 3 years ago.
The emails were only friend­ly, until she told me that she was com­ing back to Sou­thern Cali­for­nia for a 2 day con­fe­rence and sug­gested we have lunch. On the day we were sup­po­sed to have lunch she cal­led me at work to can­cel, say­ing that the con­fe­rence had run over. I was disap­poin­ted but I tried to play it cool like it was no big Vide­os Puta­lo­cu­ra Gra­tis deal. I hadn’t expec­ted anything to come from having lunch with her, but I thought it’d be a tre­at just to see her.
It was almost time to go home when she cal­led again. She hoped I didn’t think it was “inap­pro­pria­te,” but sin­ce she couldn’t make 300mium 119 lunch she’d “like to have din­ner.” Again I tried to be modest, and not say yes too quick­ly, so after hol­ding a pho­ny pau­se as long as I could, I said “sure why not”. I grab­bed breath mints and colo­gne from the dra­wer in my desk and rus­hed to the bathroom to fres­hen up best I could. I was to meet her in the restau­rant at the fan­cy hotel she was in at 7pm.
I wal­ked through the lob­by of the hotel fol­lowing the signs lea­ding me to the restau­rant. Down a long hall and after a cou­p­le turns I found mys­elf in front of the ope­ning of the restau­rant. As soon as I step­ped insi­de I saw my pri­ze sit­ting Ade­la R Nude In Public at the bar. She had on a simp­le white dress deco­ra­ted in brown and gold flowers that per­fect­ly com­pli­men­ted her gor­ge­ous cur­ves and the skin tone shown on her bare shoul­ders and arms. I smi­led at my gree­ter let­ting her know that I was the­re to meet someo­ne at the bar, and strol­led over to Audrey. I said hel­lo and she whip­ped her head around with a wel­co­m­ing smi­le. I figu­red I’d shake her hand, but she hop­ped up and gave me a nice warm hug like I was an old boy­friend she hadn’t seen in years. I savo­r­ed the touch and was arou­sed by her enga­ging per­fu­me.
I loo­ked older than 23 in my busi­ness atti­re. The age dif­fe­rence was still obvious, but she didn’t seem the least bit con­cer­ned with being accom­pa­nied by a youn­ger man or what peop­le might have thought about it. As I began to sit down next to Cathe­ri­ne Bos­ley Wet T Shirt Con­test Video her at the bar she stop­ped me, tel­ling me she had reser­ved a table for us. After fin­ding out she was working on her 2nd Long Island iced tea, I orde­red a drink befo­re we hea­ded to our table. It was in the back cor­ner of the dim­ly lit restau­rant. It was obvious that she had reques­ted a table away from the crowd and that had me exci­ted. I was on my second rum and coke, we had alrea­dy orde­red, and were quick­ly in deep con­ver­sa­ti­on. I tried not to act so exci­ted but I’m sure the ear to ear grin on my face gave me away. I wasn’t too worried though, becau­se she had one too.
Din­ner was gre­at, the con­ver­sa­ti­on was bet­ter, and I had to catch mys­elf befo­re she caught me sta­ring at her clea­va­ge, she loo­ked so arou­sing. She had warm mother­ly like man­ne­risms but a per­so­na­li­ty that was young and sexy. Ever­ything about her tur­ned me on. I had bla­tant­ly sta­red at her cur­ved ass when she scam­pe­red off to the ladies room, and my eyes did their best to cap­tu­re as much of her tits boun­cing on her chest as she wal­ked back. We were having such a good time that my watch read 11pm when my Glo­ry­hole­s­wal­low Danika eyes final­ly glanced at it. She paid the bill after refu­sing to let me pick it up and wan­ted to walk me out of the restau­rant. We left through the back of the restau­rant and found our­sel­ves in an empty long hall­way that led to a big exit door. We prac­ti­cal­ly craw­led down the hall­way try­ing to savor the last moments of the evening. A few feet befo­re the door we stop­ped, she thank­ed me for a gre­at evening and put her arms around me to hug me. Alt­hough I was ner­vous I squee­zed her back. I knew the attrac­tion was mutu­al and we had gone bey­ond just being friend­ly, but I had no idea how far she wan­ted to go or what I could get away with and I surely didn’t want to mess things up. Ner­vous­ly, I Roc­co Sif­f­re­di Behind The Sce­nes pul­led away to crea­te just enough space for a kiss, and I saw the same uncer­tain­ty that I had felt, on her face. See­ing that gave me the con­fi­dence to lean down and kiss her; soft and slow at first, our lips pushed into each other. I began to pull back thin­king we were ending the evening nice­ly when she kis­sed har­der and pul­led me clo­ser to her. I let my mind go and let my instincts take over. I soft­ly For­ced Unwan­ted Anal rub­bed her lower back as our lips found a good rhythm. We both came up for breath but when we went back in our mouths par­ted lea­ving enough room for our tongues to meet. Our tongues wrest­led each others as our lips still moved in rhythm. Her soft bre­asts pres­sed against my chest and I lowe­red my hands to her ass. I went from soft­ly mas­sa­ging it to cup­ping as much of her ass as I could get my hands on. The pas­sio­na­te kis­sing and ass rub­bing gave me a hard on that I knew she could feel stab­bing through my pants. She bro­ke our kiss and loo­ked down at the hard cock try­ing to bull through my crotch. She grab­bed my cock with her per­fect­ly mani­cu­red hand and eager­ly mas­sa­ged my cock through my pants. She loo­ked deeply into my eyes say­ing ever­ything that nee­ded to be said without say­ing a word befo­re kis­sing me again with even more pas­si­on than befo­re. We stood in that hall, my dick in her hand, her ass fal­ling out of mine for what see­med like a long time befo­re we final­ly bro­ke the Jor­di Fuck Mom embrace. She sug­gested we go up to her room and off we went.
We wal­ked hand in hand to the ele­va­tor, step­ped in, and as soon as the ele­va­tor doors clo­sed, Audrey tur­ned to me and told me how hap­py she was to be with me at that moment. I smi­led and told her that I felt the same way as I lea­ned in and kis­sed her. When we reached her floor she grab­bed my hand and led me to her room. Once insi­de we wal­ked Mas­sa­ge past the front room that had a sofa, a chair, and a cou­p­le of tables and went strai­ght to the dark bed room. She tur­ned on the small lamp next to the bed and we embraced again, fal­ling soft­ly on the bed. Kis­sing hea­vi­ly, I laid on top of her, my body dra­ped off to the side. No lon­ger hol­ding back my hand quick­ly found her bre­ast. I began to caress them through her bra and dress and when that wasn’t enough I pul­led down the strap to her dress and bra and hea­ved out one of her big tits. The big tit­tie laid on her chest with an areo­la near­ly the size of a coas­ter shoo­ting a per­fect nipp­le into the air. I bro­ke our kiss and lea­ned my head down to take her nipp­le into my mouth. She moaned soft­ly as my tongue fli­cked her nipp­le. I sucked it in hard try­ing to tas­te ever­ything I could. I reached up, pul­ler her other straps down and per­for­med the same thing on her other bre­ast. Then I reached down in bet­ween her legs and began to rub her pus­sy through her soa­king wet cot­ton pan­ties. I con­ti­nued suck­ing her tits and mas­sa­ging her pus­sy until she reached her hand out sear­ching for my dick. I eased up and gave her enough room to find what she was loo­king for. She eager­ly grab­bed at my dick through my pants and then reached up for my belt buck­le. I stood up Japo­nai­se non cen­su­ré next to the bed as she undid my belt and pul­led my pants and boxers as far down my legs as she could. My thick 7 inch cock sprang into the air; the head slight­ly shiny with pre come. She took off her bra, and her dress had slid down to her was­te. She moved to the edge of the bed and lea­ned in to take my cock into her mouth. She wrap­ped her lips around the head, suck­ing it in with her tongue. I was over­co­me with pure plea­su­re. I til­ted my head back and tried not to lose my balan­ce. She began to take me in and out of her warm and wet mouth stop­ping each time at the end to give my head a quick lick. Over­co­me with lust and sen­sa­ti­on I almost lost my balan­ce. So I pul­led out of her mouth, rip­ped my shirt from over my head, kicked off my pants and shoes and sat on the bed next to her. She slid her Allie Sher­lock Tits dress and pan­ties over her hips making her ful­ly nude, got on all fours, and lea­ned over my lap and took my dick into her mouth again. I reached around and began to rub her ass cheeks. She bob­bed up and down my shaft taking it about half­way in then com­ing back up to swirl her tongue around the head of my dick, occa­sio­nal­ly taking it all the way in and deep throa­ting me.
My hands alter­na­ted bet­ween cares­sing her ass and tit­ties. She sucked my dick for a good while until I gui­ded her away from it and onto her back in the midd­le of the bed. I lea­ned in and gave both of her nipp­les a quick suck befo­re I moved my head over gay porn her mound. She spread her legs with wel­co­me and the mus­ty aro­ma of her well trim­med pus­sy explo­ded through my nos­trils making me as hor­ny as ever. She had a fat and jui­cy pus­sy with per­fect­ly shaped lips. I wan­ted to go slow, but I couldn’t restrain mys­elf. I took two fin­gers to each side of her cunt and spread it best I could. I stuck my tongue out as far as pos­si­ble, and in an upward moti­on I gree­di­ly attemp­ted to take her ent­i­re vagi­na into my mouth while moving my tongue toward her clit. Over and over again I lap­ped her ent­i­re pus­sy each time lan­ding on her clit, fli­cking my tongue over it vigo­rous­ly. She began to moan uncon­troll­ab­ly with wild pas­si­on. My tongue stay­ed on her clit as Ani­me Girl Pis­sing I inser­ted 2 fin­gers into her swol­len hole. My palm facing up, I pul­led my 2 fin­gers toward her g‑spot while speed bag­ging her clit with my tongue. The sen­si­ble woman insi­de her tried to hold back the moans and whim­pers, but I was hap­py to see her over­ta­ken with plea­su­re as she erup­ted in orgasm. As hor­ny as I had ever fuck­ing been, I wiped her juices off of my face with the bed she­ets and moved up to Rachel’s face. She was still com­ing down from the power­ful orgasm but through her dis­ori­en­ta­ti­on her lips found mine and we began to kiss pas­sio­na­te­ly her tongue try­ing to absorb ever­ything in my mouth. I then lowe­red mys­elf so that my prick was direct­ly over her pus­sy. Just befo­re I grab­bed it, she did, and lead me strai­ght into her gaping hole. From the second I ent­e­red her I was in pure ecsta­sy. Her pus­sy was fla­ming hot and so wet I was almost para­ly­zed in it. I worked my way all the way in and had to pau­se for a second just to gain my com­po­sure. I was com­ple­te­ly insi­de of her. I loo­ked down at her to see her mouth wide open, her eyes clo­sed shut, and a dazed look of plea­su­re on her face…