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At first I didn’t know it was her. Just a bril­li­ants­pill of bright blon­de hair and a small slim body in apink La Sucia Hija­s­tra Lati­na Bet­ty La Tern­uri­ta Se Fol­la A Su Pad­ra­s­tro PORNO EN ESPAN­til­deOL blou­se and snug faded blue jeans, stan­ding in line­at the cof­fee shop. I was behind her and I loo­ked her­over, admi­ring her lovely hair and her cute litt­le ass.But then I heard her order a tall mocha and reco­gni­zed­her voice.“Make it two,” I said, sli­ding a ten dol­lar bill over­the coun­ter to the barista.For a frac­tion of a moment the beau­ti­ful litt­le blon­de­re­gar­ded me with sus­pi­ci­on, but then she rea­li­zed Ambi­tious Licie Blowing Well itwas me and her face lit up with sur­pri­se and delight.“Oh my God!” she cried. She threw her arms around meand I laug­hed into her gol­den hair as she hug­ged me.“Oh, Andy,” she said against my neck, “I can’t believeit’s you. Whe­re have you been? It’s so good to seey­ou!” “It’s good to see you too, Nik­kie,” I said.She step­ped back and we loo­ked at each other. Icouldn’t be sure of what she thought about me, but myown reac­tion to see­ing her was the same as it hadal­ways been: start­led, and just a bit sad. My baby­sis­ter was My Step Father Caught Me Watching Por­no And Disci­pli­ned Me Very Rigid For It Squir7een still the most beau­ti­ful girl I’d ever seen.“It’s been so long,” she said. “I’ve mis­sed you somuch.” “I’ve mis­sed you too.” I took my chan­ge from the­ba­ris­ta, who was bea­ming at us as if she was­re­spon­si­ble for some grand roman­tic reuni­on. I grabbedNikkie’s hand and said, “Let’s go sit down.”We got a table near the door and sat across from eachother.“Well, Nik­kie,” I said, “you’re still as lovely asever.”Nikkie smi­led shy­ly and replied, “Oh, thank you, Andy.You’re always so sweet.” She reached over and light­ly­pun­ched my shoul­der. “You’re still a cutie too. So,what have you been doing? Where’ve you been? Are youstill in school? Are you doing okay?” “Hold on,” I said, laug­hing, “one ques­ti­on at a time.”I fil­led her in on what I’d been up to in the threeye­ars sin­ce we’d last seen each other: I hadn’t La Sucia Hija­s­tra Lati­na Bet­ty La Tern­uri­ta Se Fol­la A Su Pad­ra­s­tro PORNO EN ESPAN­til­deOL left­the city, just kind of hung around down­town, moving­from one job to the next while I got through college;I’d worked as a jani­tor, as a secu­ri­ty guard, aca­bi­net­ma­ker (the best paying job I’d had, though iton­ly las­ted one sum­mer), even a car wash atten­dant. But­now that I had my bachelor’s degree I was working as aproofrea­der at a small down­town publi­shing firm. The­hours were lou­sy, the pay even worse, but it wasn’tdangerous or phy­si­cal­ly deman­ding and I had the chan­cenow to pay more atten­ti­on to my writing.“So, what are you doing, Nik­kie?” I asked.“Me? I’m on my break,” Nik­kie replied with ami­schie­vous grin.“Two tall mochas,” the baris­ta cal­led from the coffeebar.“You litt­le brat,” I said, then went and got our­drinks. When I retur­ned I said, “So, if you’re on your­b­reak, you must be working.” “Sure am,” Nik­kie replied. “I’m an admi­nis­tra­ti­veas­si­stant at the adult edu­ca­ti­on cen­ter next door.” “The place next door? Kind of a rough cli­en­te­le, isn’tit?” From what I’d heard, the place main­ly cate­red tothe homeless, and to peop­le reco­vering from dg andal­co­hol ae.“Nothing I can’t hand­le,” my litt­le sis­ter replied witha shrug. She sip­ped Beau­ti­ful Girl Sex By The Win­dow Rus­si­an Porn Part1 at her cof­fee and said, “Bes­i­des, Idon’t real­ly have much to do with the stu­dents. Most­lyI just push paper and make typ­ing noi­ses on the­com­pu­ter all day. Which I’m gon­na have to get back to.I’m only on a fif­teen minu­te break.” “Yeah, me too. But Nik­kie, I want to talk to you sobad. What do you say we get tog­e­ther later on? Pro­bab­ly­not tonight becau­se I’m working late. How about­to­mor­row? It’s Satur­day.” “That would be gre­at,” Nik­kie said. My baby sis­ter puther soft hand on top of mine. “I’d love to spend more­time with you, Andy. Get caught up and ever­ything.” “Then it’s a date,” I said.We got up from the table and hea­ded for the door. When­we got out­side we hug­ged each other good­bye. Nik­kie­kis­sed me on the neck and said, “I live on the cor­ner­of Second and Tra­de Street. Apart­ment 208. Can you makeit around noon?” “Abso­lute­ly,” I said. I could smell the sweet scent ofli­lacs in her beau­ti­ful hair as she con­ti­nued to Depi­la­do­ra Falou Que Era Para Faci­li­tar A Depilaccedil_atilde_o Mas Ela holdme.“Oh God, Andy, I real­ly have mis­sed you.” “I know, swee­the­art.” I kis­sed her quick­ly on the lips.“See you tomor­row.” “Can’t wait,” Nik­kie said. I tur­ned to go but shestop­ped me with a hand on my arm. “Hey, did you mea­nit?” “Did I mean what?” “When you said it was a date. Are we going on a date?”She had that mischie­vous grin on her face again.“Sure,” I said. “If you want it to be a date, thenit’ll be a date.”Nikkie smi­led and her big blue eyes shined.“Wonderful,” she said.We par­ted reluc­tant­ly and I wal­ked back to work,absently drin­king my espres­so and tel­ling mys­elf that Iwas an incredi­b­ly lucky guy; I had a date with the most­be­au­ti­ful girl in the world.The neigh­bor­hood Nik­kie lived in wasn’t the best in the­ci­ty, but it wasn’t the worst eit­her. Most­ly low inco­me­a­part­ment buil­dings and mom Rea­li­ty­Kings HD Love Seduc­ti­ve Shae and pop shops, with acof­fee­house, a bohemi­an theat­re, an antique store, ana­dult books­to­re, and restau­rants scat­te­red here and­the­re. I’d been a litt­le sur­pri­sed when she told me herad­dress; for the last year or so sin­ce she’d moved outof our par­ents’ house we had lived only six blocks fro­me­ach other and didn’t even know it.I’d gone into some of the shops, had bought cof­fee onthe cor­ner, had wat­ched a few inde­pen­dent films at the­theat­re and fre­quen­ted the adult books­to­re on a regu­lar­ba­sis, and yet we had never run into each other. Nott­hat Nik­kie had ever gone into Black Bull Imp­reg­na­tes Cuck­ol­ding Wife Angie Moon After Rui­ning Her the adult bookstore,though I won­de­red now as I dro­ve past its garish neon­sign and bright red door and par­ked in front of her­apart­ment buil­ding, if she’d ever seen me going in orco­m­ing out. It was pro­bab­ly a rela­tively good thingt­hat we hadn’t reu­ni­ted until now.As I ent­e­red Nikkie’s buil­ding and fol­lo­wed the­a­part­ment num­bers down the hall­way and around the­cor­ner, I thought about her, about how much she’dchanged in the last three years, and how much shehadn’t chan­ged. She was six­teen when I left home, jus­ta cute young kid who loo­ked youn­ger and purer than she­re­al­ly was. She still loo­ked too young and too pure,but it see­med more like just appearan­ces now.I wasn’t sure what it was about her that gave me tha­tim­pres­si­on; may­be some­thing in tho­se beau­ti­ful blueeyes, or her pos­tu­re, or the way she’d loo­ked at me andtal­ked to me, more like a down­tow­ner than a young girl­from Sho­wer Sex They Both Came At The Same Time the upper midd­le class neigh­bor­hoods of the WestEnd. May­be it was just how nice her ass had loo­ked intho­se blue jeans. Wha­te­ver it was, I knew as I came upon apart­ment 208 that I was dealing now with someo­ne­w­ho was going to be new to me in some ways and yet jus­tas fami­li­ar as ever.I kno­cked and a few moments later Nik­kie ope­ned the­door. She was wea­ring a simp­le white dress with tinyp­ink flowers all over it and her sun­light colo­red hair­was tied back in a pony­tail. She loo­ked so fabu­loust­hat for a second I was speechless.“Hi, Andy,” she said, giving me a big sweet smile.“Hi, Nik­kie,” I said. “Are you rea­dy for our date?” “Sure,” Nik­kie replied with a gigg­le. “Just hold on foro­ne tee­ny minu­te, okay?”She ducked into the bathroom and I wai­ted the­re in the­door­way. While I wai­ted a very pret­ty brown-hai­red girl­with lar­ge doe eyes and a nice litt­le body came to the­door. She loo­ked like Tomoch­ka Tri­bu­te To You From Arthur From Fran­ce she was about my age.“Hi,” she said, “I’m Mag­gie, Nikkie’s room­ma­te.” “Hi, Mag­gie,” I said, “I’m her bro­ther Andy.” “Yeah,” Mag­gie said, loo­king me over. “Her bro­ther. The­o­ne she ran into yes­ter­day. She hasn’t stop­ped tal­kinga­bout you sin­ce. But did you, um, did you say you wer­eta­king her on a date?” “Yes, but it’s not that kind of date.” “Yeah, okay.” Mag­gie con­ti­nued to scru­ti­ni­ze me and itwas obvious that she didn’t belie­ve me. I didn’t know­what to do with that, so I just stood the­re ands­cru­ti­ni­zed her as well. She ope­ned her mouth to say­so­me­thing more but just then Nik­kie came out of thebathroom.“Ready,” she announ­ced. She slip­ped her arm aroundMaggie’s waist and pecked her on the cheek. “Bye, hon.Don’t wait up for me.” She gig­gled again.Maggie respon­ded by taking Nik­kie in a full embrace.She kis­sed her on the lips, then held my sister’s face­in her hands and said soft­ly, “Bye, swee­the­art.” She­ga­ve me a poin­ted FIRSTANALQUEST HARDCORE ANAL POUNDING WITH THE BEAUTIFUL ARIEL TEMPLE look, making it clear that she didn’tcare for me very much, then let go of Nik­kie and went­back into the living room.“Let’s go,” Nik­kie said.We wal­ked tog­e­ther down the hall­way, hol­ding hands.“Wow,” I said. “What was that all about?” “Oh,” Nik­kie replied, “that was just Mag­gie being aclown. She’s a big clown.”I suspec­ted the­re might be more to it than that but Ididn’t say anything.I took her to a small Ita­li­an restau­rant on the Nort­hEnd. Sotavento’s, a dim quiet place on Pearl Streett­hat ser­ved the best spa­ghet­ti and meat­balls in the­ci­ty. Nik­kie was deligh­ted by the place, she’d never­known it exis­ted, and she was just as cra­zy abou­t­Ita­li­an food as I was. We got a table for two in the­back, orde­red our lunch, then began to get caught up one­ach other’s lives.We tal­ked a litt­le more about our jobs; she said she­on­ly worked part Drun­ken Van­da time, for mini­mum wage, sit­ting infront of a com­pu­ter all day mana­ging records and making­forms and typ­ing cor­re­spon­dence. Nik­kie tal­ked abou­ther work in a bored dis­in­te­res­ted kind of way that­see­med desi­gned to make me bored and dis­in­te­res­ted too,but I wasn’t at all.I was fasci­na­ted with her, with the idea of mywon­der­ful baby sis­ter actual­ly out the­re in the world,taking care of herself. Even her non­cha­lance was­in­tri­guing, and when I fil­led her in on the dry fact­sof my own work, how I spent as many as twel­ve hours aday poring over manu­scripts for con­ti­nui­ty andmista­kes, I noti­ced how her eyes bore into me, how she­lea­ned for­ward and smi­led slight­ly when I tal­ked. She­hung on my every word.Our lunch came and we ate while we tal­ked about life inthe city.“I love living down­town,” Nik­kie decla­red, “sim­ply loveit. So dif­fe­rent from our old neigh­bor­hood. There’sjust so much to see, and so much to do. Peo­p­lee­ver­y­whe­re. And the buil­dings, you know, some of the­ma­re just so cool loo­king. The old buil­dings, the real­ly­clas­sic ones.” “Yeah, the buil­dings,” I said, “and the women. I Mofos Megan Rain Pervs On Patrol don’tknow why, but down­town Dar­ling­ton seems to have mor­e­be­au­ti­ful women per capi­ta than any­whe­re else in the­world.” “May­be it’s some­thing in the water.” Nik­kie speared ame­at­ball with her fork and pre­ten­ded to exami­ne it. “Orthe meat­balls.” She pop­ped it into her mouth.‘I don’t know,’ I thought to mys­elf, ‘but wha­te­ver itis, you’ve got­ten the lion’s share.’“So Andy,” Nik­kie said, twir­ling pas­ta around her fork,“do you have a girl­friend?” “Not at the moment,” I said. “There’ve been a few girls­but they didn’t last.” “What were they like?” “They were won­der­ful, of cour­se. Lovely and smart,confident, fun­ny, lots of fun. But they didn’t wan­tanything serious. The pro­blem was they always wai­tedun­til I told them I loved them befo­re they let me knowt­hat. One girl even moved to San Jose after I told herhow I felt about her.” “Oh, you poor guy,” Nik­kie said.“Love is a fuck­ing night­ma­re,” I said, immedia­te­ly­re­g­ret­ting the angry tone in my voice.Nikkie che­wed a mouth­ful of spa­ghet­ti, swal­lo­wed, and­said, “Sounds to me like they weren’t so smart after­all. I’d kl for a guy who loved me. Espe­cial­ly ahot­tie like you.”I laug­hed, sur­pri­sed and plea­sed by my sister’scompliment. I thank­ed her and said, “But what are you­say­ing, Nik? No guy has fal­len in love with you 花季少年小李和小杜互相口交 yet?” “Nope. Not a one.” “I find that impos­si­ble to belie­ve. I would think you’dhave guys figh­t­ing over you night and day.” “Well, the­re have been guys, and they’ve told me theyloved me, but….you know, it wasn’t my heart theywan­ted to get into.” Nik­kie smi­led an embarr­as­sed smi­leand I rea­li­zed that she didn’t resent tho­se guys.“You know, Nik­kie,” I said, lea­ning for­ward and loo­king­di­rect­ly into her eyes. “This is one of the reasonsI’ve always ado­red you. Becau­se there’s no bit­ter­n­essin your beau­ti­ful heart.”Nikkie’s smi­le widen­ed, her face bright, her eyesglittering.After lunch we dro­ve back down­town. Nik­kie said she­wan­ted to see a movie, but she didn’t want to wat­chanything in the regu­lar thea­tres. “Some­thing offbeat,”she said, which natu­ral­ly poin­ted the way to the­bo­hemi­an theat­re, which was showing a seri­es of for­eig­n­films that week. It was only a block away from her­apart­ment buil­ding, so we par­ked in the same spot I’dparked in ear­lier and wal­ked tog­e­ther down to the­cor­ner of Fourth Street and Mil­ton Ave­nue. When we gott­he­re we found that ‘Jus­ti­ce Undo­ne,’ a film fro­mIc­e­land, was only ten minu­tes away from starting.We bought tickets, sodas and pop­corn, and sat in the­back row just as the ope­ning credits began to roll.There were only about fif­teen other peop­le in the­theat­re, which lent an inti­ma­te qua­li­ty to the­at­mo­s­phe­re. ‘Jus­ti­ce Undo­ne’ con­tri­bu­t­ed to this, ormay­be just fell in line with it; a dark and som­ber­film, it told the sto­ry of a man in a small iso­la­ted­com­mu­ni­ty who is put on tri­al for having a sexu­al­re­la­ti­ons­hip with his sis­ter. Some­thing of anem­barr­as­sing deve­lo­p­ment for Nik­kie and me; we hadn’tknown what the movie was about.When the show was over we wal­ked tog­e­ther up Fourth­Street to the cor­ner cof­fee shop, both of us silent. Ididn’t know what Nik­kie thought about the film and it’ssubject, but I knew what my impres­si­on was: I was­start­led and a litt­le shee­pish, espe­cial­ly regar­ding­t­he sce­nes that were still lin­ge­ring in my mind. I fel­ta strong desi­re to talk about the­se things but at the­sa­me time was reluc­tant to do so. Sex had never see­med­to me like an appro­pria­te topic of con­ver­sa­ti­on for­sib­lings. I’d deci­ded not to say anything, but then­Nik­kie brought the sub­ject up herself.“Well,” she said once we were sea­ted with our coffee,“that sure was a weird litt­le movie.” “Defi­ni­te­ly off­beat,” I said.Nikkie gave a con­ces­si­ve nod and smile.“Sure was. Guess I asked for that one. Liter­al­ly.” She­gig­gled. “But it wasn’t real­ly a bad movie. Actually,it was pret­ty good. Just….confusing. I mean, what wasthe who­le point? The guy got off with a light sentence,and it see­med like the town didn’t real­ly know what­they wan­ted to do. I mean, they wan­ted to punish him,but then they hard­ly punis­hed him at all. And what wasthe point of the sis­ter kil­ling herself? She was the­o­ne who star­ted the who­le thing. And what does the­tit­le mean? Jus­ti­ce Undo­ne. Which jus­ti­ce was undone?”She shook her head and sip­ped at her cof­fee. “I justdon’t get it.” “May­be that was the point,” I said. “The con­fu­si­on, theun­clear moti­va­tions, the uncer­tain con­clu­si­ons. After­all, the bro­ther and sis­ter were con­sen­ting adults, sowhe­re, real­ly, is the crime? What they did was again­st­the law, but the bro­ther was put on tri­al and con­vic­ted­not so much for com­mit­ting i’t as for offen­ding the­sen­si­bi­li­ties of the com­mu­ni­ty. The film ulti­mate­ly­left the issue unre­sol­ved becau­se peop­le are gene­ral­ly­so ambi­va­lent about it.”Nikkie thought about this for a minu­te, then said,“Yeah, may­be. Or may­be the direc­tor just didn’t know­what he was doing.”I laug­hed, but the dis­cus­sion appeared to be over nowand I was disap­poin­ted; I’d hoped we could talk about­the two sex sce­nes, both of them very expli­cit, almost­por­no­gra­phic, in which the bro­ther and sis­ter first had­in­ter­cour­se and, later, the sis­ter per­for­med oral sexon her bro­ther. I could still see the­se sce­nes behind­my eyes, and I thought about them as I wat­ched Nik­ki­en­ur­se her cof­fee and chan­ge the sub­ject. My adorablesister.After cof­fee I asked Nik­kie what she wan­ted to do next.“Let’s go look at the bay,” she said. “The water­fron­tis so beau­ti­ful at sunset.”It was get­ting clo­se to sun­set, and she was right;Friday Bay in the twi­light was a remar­kab­le visu­al­tre­at. We wal­ked again, back down Fourth Street, past­the theat­re and to the next block, tur­ned onto Cana­l­Street and wal­ked two more blocks down to the par­ko­ver­loo­king the bay. We strol­led along the promenade,talking about other movies we’d seen and lik­ed. West­op­ped at a con­ces­si­on stand that was just get­tin­grea­dy to clo­se and bought hot dogs and sodas, then saton 验证视频 a bench and ate and tal­ked as the light faded from­the sky.“Did you ever see ‘Hen­ry and June?’” Nik­kie asked me.“It was such a beau­ti­ful­ly made film, and Maria­de­Me­dei­ros is just plain gor­ge­ous.” “I agree,” I said. I finis­hed off my hot dog. “Fred­Ward did a good job too. Caught the cha­rac­ter of Hen­ry­Mil­ler per­fect­ly.” “I like Hen­ry Mil­ler. He’s one of my favo­ri­te writers.Him and Anais Nin. They seem like oppo­si­te sides of the­sa­me coin. I like Jack Kerou­ac too. It’s a shame theyne­ver made any decent movies from his books.” “Wouldn’t it be gre­at if they did? A qua­li­ty adap­t­ati­onof ‘On The Road’ or ‘The Dhar­ma Bums?’ Or ‘Deso­la­tion­An­gels.’” “Yeah, Andy, if they could do it. But whoever did itwould have to be able to bring out the sad­ness inKerouac’s work without losing any of the joy. He andHen­ry Mil­ler were like that. They wro­te jubi­lant­lya­bout life but the­re was always that sub­t­le des­pairund­erne­ath it all.” Nik­kie bal­led up her trash andhan­ded it to me. “Their books always make me think ofy­ou.” “Me?” I asked as we stood up. I tos­sed the trash in atrash can as we wal­ked out onto a fishing pier. “Whyme?”Nikkie shrug­ged her pret­ty shoul­ders and said, “Idunno.”We wal­ked out to the end of the pier and stood at the­rai­ling. The light was almost ent­i­re­ly gone now and the­lights on the bay and the distant shore glit­te­red. Istood behind Nik­kie and put my arms around her waist. Ihug­ged her to me and slut­ty teens get twats eaten out kis­sed her ponytail.“I’m not sad right now,” I said.We wat­ched the boats on the bay for a while, then­Nik­kie said, “I real­ly like some modern wri­ters too.Like Lar­ry McMur­try, and Lyn­ne McFall. Oh, and PatCon­roy. ‘The Prince of Tides’ just made me total­ly cry.I like Sarah Schul­man too.” “I’ve heard of Sarah Schul­man,” I said. I loo­ked dow­nat my sis­ter. “Isn’t she a les­bi­an wri­ter?” “Yeah. Mag­gie tur­ned me on to her. She’s not ase­lo­quent as wri­ters like Pat Con­roy, but she’s still­very talen­ted. Fun­ny and grit­ty. She was inspi­red byJack Kerou­ac. In fact, the tit­le of her novel ‘Girls­Vi­si­ons and Ever­ything’ comes from a line in ‘On The­Road.’” Nik­kie loo­ked up and saw the way I was loo­kingat her. She gave me a wry smi­le and said, “Don’t worry,Andy, I’m not a les­bi­an.” “What about Mag­gie?” I asked.Nikkie loo­ked back out at the water and said, “Shethinks she’s in love with me.”I wasn’t sur­pri­sed by this remark, though I was­in­trigued by Nikkie’s tone of voice; it sug­gested amix­tu­re of affec­tion and disap­point­ment, con­flic­ted­fee­lings. I wan­ted to ask her more ques­ti­ons butcouldn’t deci­de what I wan­ted to know.Nikkie sig­hed and said, “Gee, Andy, this is all sobe­au­ti­ful. I’m having such a won­der­ful time with you.”I kis­sed her cheek and told her that I loved her. Myba­by sis­ter smi­led and tur­ned around in my arms. Oureyes met, fell deeply into each other, and sud­den­ly wewe­re kis­sing. Not pas­sio­na­te­ly, but the­re was nodeny­ing the roman­tic and even ero­tic ener­gy in the way­our lips touched, pres­sed tog­e­ther. The kiss only­las­ted a few seconds, then Nik­kie loo­ked at me and­said, “Andy. Why does the nicest guy I’ve ever met have­to be my bro­ther?” “I was just won­de­ring the same thing,” I said.We strol­led back to Nikkie’s apart­ment buil­ding and Ias­su­med our time tog­e­ther was over, but then Nik­kie­touched my shoul­der and said, “Let’s go to your place.” “Sounds good to me,” I said.We got in my car and dro­ve the six blocks to mybuil­ding. We went insi­de and I dug two beers out of the­ref­ri­gera­tor while Nik­kie loo­ked around. She loo­ke­do­ver the tit­les in my book­ca­se, and the tit­les of the­mo­vies in my video collec­tion as well. I was a litt­le­em­barr­as­sed; the­re were several vide­os with tit­les like‘Desires of the Fle­sh’ and ‘Living in Sin.’ She was­kind of smir­king at the­se when I han­ded her a beer.“Interesting collec­tion of movies you’ve got here,” she­said. “‘For­bid­den Angels’….’Girls GoneWild’….’Lesbian Cheer­lea­ders’….” She gig­gled andloo­ked at me. “‘All That Jizz?’” “Sor­ry,” I said. I went over to the ste­reo and tur­ne­don an oldies sta­ti­on, then sat on the sofa. Nik­kie­con­ti­nued to look at the vide­os for a minu­te befo­re she­joi­ned me.“I think I’d video xác minh like to see ‘Lewd Adven­tures,’” she said.“Sounds lewd.” She gig­gled again and I apo­lo­gi­ze­da­gain. “Sokay, big bro­ther. I know guys are into that­kind of stuff. Ever­y­bo­dy needs to spi­ce up their sex­lives one way or ano­t­her.” She took a big swal­low ofher beer, then loo­ked at me. “I should warn you,” she­said, hol­ding the bot­t­le up next to her face, “I can’thave too many of the­se. I’m a ridi­cu­lous­ly quick drunk.No more than three, other­wi­se I pass out.” “Okay,” I said, “only three beers for Nikkie.”She smi­led at me, the swee­test love­liest smi­le I’d ever­se­en, then swal­lo­wed more beer. I drank too as ‘Sha-Boom’ bur­bled out of the ste­reo. It wasn’t until that­song was over and ano­t­her tune, ‘Shake Ratt­le and Roll’came on that Nik­kie spo­ke again.“I had a boy­friend,” she said, “who used to watch that­s­tuff all the time. And he always wan­ted me to watch itwith him. I’m not real­ly that much into porn, but I’dwatch. The movies, I mean. Some­ti­mes it could be fun.Like when he wan­ted to do the same stuff that the­peop­le in the movie were doing.” “Real­ly,” I said, not qui­te sure what to do with thatin­for­ma­ti­on. Nik­kie nodded.“Yep. Lear­ned how to give very memorable….well, oral­plea­su­re.” She smi­led a litt­le and I rea­li­zed she was­blus­hing. “Sor­ry. You pro­bab­ly don’t want to hear about­my sor­did sex life.” “No, go right ahead, Nik. Tell me all about it.” “Real­ly? You want to know about all that?” “Sure. The more sor­did the better.”My baby sis­ter laug­hed and said, “Okay, but let mefi­nish this beer first. Much easier to con­fess when I’mintoxicated.” She took a long swig, clo­se to empty­ing­t­he bot­t­le, and I told her to take it easy sin­ce she­was only get­ting two more of tho­se. Nik­kie replied,“That’s fun­ny. Most guys can’t wait to get me tutor4k. matu­re tea­cher sedu­ced into spon­ta­ne­ous orgy with insa­tia­ble discip­le drunk,”then she bur­ped and laug­hed at herself.I couldn’t belie­ve it; she was alrea­dy buz­zed. Iwon­de­red how many men had seen her like this, how many­had taken advan­ta­ge of it. How many had wai­ted untils­he was pas­sed out. Part of me didn’t want to know,because I’d just end up usel­ess­ly hating tho­se men, buta­no­t­her part of me wan­ted very much to know. To hear­all the details.Nikkie finis­hed her beer and han­ded me the empty­bot­t­le. I went to the kit­chen and pul­led ano­t­her bee­rout of the fri­dge. When I retur­ned ‘Mack The Kni­fe’ was­play­ing. I han­ded Nik­kie her drink and sat next to heragain, clo­ser to her this time. Nik­kie twis­ted the cap­off and drank, and as she did I loo­ked her over. She­was thin and shape­ly, with nar­row hips and smal­lish­bre­asts, and long smooth legs. I found mys­elf sta­ringat tho­se legs, wan­ting to caress them. To caress her.“Yeah, I know,” she said, let­ting her head loll again­st­the back of the sofa. “I’m a hot­tie, I can’t help it.”I felt I should apo­lo­gi­ze for sta­ring at her, but atthe same time I wan­ted to tell her that she real­ly wasa hot­tie, the hot­test girl I’d ever seen. I ended upnot say­ing anything. I finis­hed my beer ins­tead while­Nik­kie made some serious head­way on her second. ‘MackT­he Kni­fe’ reached its garish con­clu­si­on and a string­of com­mer­cials began.“You ever been in love?” Nik­kie asked.“Are you para­ly­zed fan­ta­sy kid­ding?” I replied. “I fall in love at the­drop of a hat.” “Real­ly? Not me. I don’t fall in love so easi­ly. Ime­an, real­ly in love. But when I do fall, I fall pret­ty­hard.” Nik­kie had her beer res­ting on her smooth flat­bel­ly now, and she was sta­ring at my book­ca­se as she­tal­ked. “That’s how it was with Bri­an. The guy with the­vi­de­os? I was total­ly in love with him and wan­ted to dowha­te­ver he told me. I guess that’s some­thing I’m kind­of into, you know? Being told what to do. Bein­g­sub­mis­si­ve. So when we were doing the who­le porn videot­hing, he was pret­ty much orde­ring me to do it. Itwor­ked out for both of us, becau­se he got to ima­gi­ne hewas doing it with all tho­se beau­ti­ful women and I got­to act out this love slave fan­ta­sy I had.” “Love slave?” I couldn’t belie­ve my sweet and inno­cent­litt­le sis­ter was tal­king like this.“Well, it’s not like he tied me up and whip­ped me oranything. But he did get to do pret­ty much wha­te­ver hewan­ted with me. His favo­ri­te thing was oral sex, ofcour­se. I lear­ned how to do it just like the porn­girls, and I got very good at it. We did all kinds ofdif­fe­rent, acro­ba­tic posi­ti­ons too. And even anal sex.Brian ruled my life. He didn’t love me but he owned­me.” “Wow, Litt­le Nickel,” I said, using an old pet name for­her that I’d dis­car­ded years ago, “that doesn’t sound­li­ke you at all.” “Yeah, I’m a big sur­pri­se,” Nik­kie said, and took aswal­low of her beer. “We all have our own secret sex­fan­ta­sies, Andy. That was mine. One of them, any­way. Ihave several.” “What are some of the others?”Nikkie thought for a moment, then asked, “You ever dothree­so­mes?” “No. Have you?” “No. But that’s one of my fan­ta­sies. Me and two guys.Or even me and a guy and ano­t­her girl, I sup­po­se 验证视频. Ial­so have this gang re fan­ta­sy, but it’s just afan­ta­sy. I’d never want to act on it. But I have acte­dout the stran­ger on a train fan­ta­sy.” “Stran­ger on a train?” “Yeah, you know, in Eri­ca Jong’s ‘Fear of Fly­ing.’ Thefan­ta­sy of mee­ting a total stran­ger on a train and­fuck­ing the day­lights out of him. I’ve done that a few­ti­mes, though never actual­ly on a train.” “How many men have you been with?” I asked.“Not real­ly that many. I’ve had three boyfriends,including Bri­an. Two or three stran­gers on a train. And­about five guys who just fucked me and for­got me. So Iguess that makes, what? Ten? Ele­ven? Twel­ve?” Nik­kielaug­hed and said, “Wow, I’m a slut.” “How many women have you been with?” “Guys always want to know that.”Nikkie drai­ned the last of her second beer and han­dedit to me. I went and got her ano­t­her one, and a secon­do­ne for mys­elf. When I came back I sat clo­se enough toher that our thighs were tou­ch­ing, and I put my arm­around her shoul­ders. Nik­kie res­ted her head against myneck. On the ste­reo Chub­by Che­cker star­ted up with‘Let’s Twist Again.’“Okay,” my sis­ter said, “do you mean women I’veactually had sex with, or do I inclu­de making out?” “Inclu­de making out,” I said, my voice low.“Okay…. let’s see…. the­re was Daph­ne, my best­friend in juni­or high, we made out once…. and­Ca­mil­le, my best friend in high school, we also made­out once…. we mas­tur­ba­ted each other…. and then­the­re was this girl at a par­ty when I was in col­le­gethat one year, last year…. I was drunk and the­se guys­had dar­ed her to go down on me. She did, but tell you­the truth, I was so was­ted I didn’t feel a thing. And­then, of cour­se, there’s Mag­gie.” “Yeah, right, Mag­gie. I don’t think she likes me ver­y­much.” “She’s just jea­l­ous.” “Becau­se she’s in love with you?” “She thinks she is,” Nik­kie said. She drank more beer.The bot­t­le was half empty now but she didn’t seem tohave pro­gres­sed very far bey­ond a good buzz. “Shewasn’t lying when she said I wouldn’t stop tal­kinga­bout you. I was just so glad to see you again.” “Are you two lovers?” I asked.“I dun­no. I wouldn’t say lovers. We do it every once ina while. But Andy, it’s real­ly just kind of a fun thing­for me. Mag­gie knows that, I’ve told her enough times.She just takes it all too serious­ly. I mean, she’s even­stop­ped dating other women, which I think is jus­t­to­tal­ly uncal­led for.”I was going to ask her some­thing else, some direct­ques­ti­on hot blon­de step­mom with huge tits gets fucked hard by a stran­ger big black cock about what she and Mag­gie did tog­e­ther in bed,but ins­tead cho­se to ima­gi­ne it. I recal­led a scene­from one of my vide­os (‘Desi­res of the Fle­sh’) in whicha beau­ti­ful blon­de girl and an equal­ly beau­ti­ful brown-hai­red girl made pas­sio­na­te love to each other with­lips and tongues and fin­gers, lots of tit-suck­ing andcunt-licking. The women were lou­sy actres­ses, butthey’d been sur­pri­sin­gly con­vin­cing in the sex scene,almost con­vin­cing enough to make me belie­ve they wereen­joy­ing themselves.I replay­ed that sce­ne in my mind, sub­sti­tu­ting the­brown-hai­red girl with Mag­gie and, of cour­se, theb­lon­de with Nik­kie. I lik­ed the resul­ting image,especially when the les­bi­an sce­ne was done and the­in­ter­lo­ping male appeared and prompt­ly pro­cee­ded to geta tag team blo­wjob from the girls. In the video that­had pret­ty much rui­ned the les­bi­an sce­ne, but in myfan­ta­sy it only made it more plea­sura­ble, sin­ce the guy­was now me.“What about you?” Nik­kie asked.“What about me?” I asked. I was hoping she wasn’t going­to ask me if I’d ever been with a man.“What’s your favo­ri­te sex fan­ta­sy?” She half squin­te­dat me. “I bet it has some­thing to do with les­bi­ans.” “Well, you’re clo­se,” I said. “I’d say les­bi­ans are mys­e­cond favo­ri­te sex fan­ta­sy. I don’t think you want toknow what my favo­ri­te thing is.” “Oh come on,” Nik­kie said, nud­ging my shoul­der with her­beer bot­t­le. “I told you, so you tell me.” “Okay, um, you’re pro­bab­ly going to think this isgross, but…. I think about you.”Nikkie sur­pri­sed me by smiling.“Really?” she said. “You have sex fan­ta­sies about me?”She loo­ked at her beer, then took ano­t­her swallow.“What do you think about me? I mean, you know, what­hap­pens in your fan­ta­sies?” “Well,” I said, wis­hing I’d got­ten buz­zed too, “just ami­nu­te ago I was pic­tu­ring you and Mag­gie tog­e­ther. ButI’ve also had lots of other types of fan­ta­sies abou­ty­ou. You doing it with other guys, doing it with black­guys, doing it with women…. actres­ses, mostly….and, um…. doing it with me.” “Yeah? Well, I’m not sur­pri­sed. After all, I’m such ahot babe.” Nik­kie gig­gled and drank more beer. “It’sreally not a bad thing, Andy bro­ther. I’t fan­ta­siesa­re pret­ty com­mon. Ever­y­bo­dy has them. Or most peo­p­le­do, any­way. I know I’ve had them. About you, I mean.It’s the thrill of cros­sing boundaries.”Chubby Che­cker was done and now Elvis came on with‘Can’t Help Fal­ling In Love.’“Oh, I love this song,” Nik­kie said. “It’s so fuck­in­gro­man­tic.” She loo­ked at me and asked, “Will you dan­ce­with me? Come on.” She set her beer on the cof­fee tableand wob­bled to her feet, then took my hand. I got upand we went around to the other side of the cof­fee­ta­ble. I took my lovely baby sis­ter in my arms and­hug­ged her to me and she res­ted her head against mys­houl­der. We dan­ced silent­ly for a minu­te, sway­ing and­so­lemnly lis­tening to the King’s deep sil­ver voice:Wise men say…. only fools rush inBut I can’t help…. fal­ling in love with youS­hall I stay…. would it be a sin?If I can’t help…. fal­ling in love with you.“You know what I think about that movie?” Nik­kie asked.“‘Justice Unknown?’ Or undres­sed? Or wha­te­ver? Ithink the­re was some­thing wrong with the town. The­di­rec­tor was try­ing to say sexmex – cami­la love­sick cou­sin some­thing about socie­ty.” “What do you think he was try­ing to say, Nik?” “That there’s some­thing wrong with socie­ty when wewon’t tole­ra­te two peop­le being in love. I mean, you­could argue that the bro­ther and sis­ter sym­bo­li­ze­do­ther social­ly for­bid­den cou­ples, like two women or two­men or inter­ra­cial cou­ples. But even if you take them­li­ter­al­ly, there’s still some­thing wrong with the town,because the bro­ther and sis­ter are con­sen­ting adults.They weren’t hur­ting any­bo­dy, they were just in love.”Nikkie pau­sed for a moment, then in a sad voice said,“I think peop­le should be allo­wed to love whoever theywant.” “I agree, swee­the­art,” I said. I kis­sed the top of her­head and she loo­ked up at me. “Nik­kie…. I have totell you this….” “Go ahead,” Nik­kie said, tou­ch­ing my cheek with her­fin­ger­tips. “Tell me.” “I’m in love with you. I always have been. I don’tthink I’ve ever loved anyo­ne as much as I love you.”There, I said it.Nikkie’s thin pret­ty lips cur­led into yet ano­t­her­bril­li­ant smi­le and her beau­ti­ful blue eyes glistened.“Oh Andy, that is so sweet.” Her voice wave­r­ed a litt­leas she said, “I’m in love with you too.”We’d stop­ped dan­cing, which was just as well sin­ceEl­vis was near­ly done with his song. I touched Nik­kieun­der the chin and kis­sed her. She mur­mu­red a litt­lea­gainst my lips, then I felt her tongue sli­ding shy­ly­in­to my mouth. We french-kis­sed through most of thenext song, wha­te­ver it was. As it ended we par­ted lips,and Nik­kie spo­ke soft­ly into my ear.“Hey Andy,” she said, “I have ano­t­her sex fan­ta­sy I’vealways wan­ted to act out.” “What is it?” I asked.“I’ve always wan­ted to give you a blo­wjob.” “Real­ly. What a coin­ci­dence, Nik­kie. I’ve always hadt­hat same fan­ta­sy.” Nik­kie laug­hed and I asked, “Do you­real­ly want to do that?” “Of cour­se I do.” She kis­sed my neck. “Tell you what.I’ll make you a deal. You go down on me and I’ll godown on you.” “Are you sure, Nik­kie? I mean, you’ve had a lot todrink, for you any­way, and I didn’t bring you indo col­mek ame­lia kar­ti­ka putri sama­rin­da here jus­t­to take advan­ta­ge of you.” I didn’t real­ly want to sayall that, but I loved my baby sis­ter and I wan­ted to bes­u­re we weren’t going to do anything she didn’t want todo. I actual­ly con­si­de­red say­ing no, but I knew Iwasn’t going to go that far.“Don’t be sil­ly,” Nik­kie said, her voice soft andlo­ving in my ear. “Why do you think I came here, Andy?And why do you think I got tipsy? I want to do this.I’ve wan­ted to suck your cock ever sin­ce I was twelve.”She kis­sed my neck again. “Don’t you want to eat mypus­sy, big brother?”I couldn’t resist then. I had no desi­re to. I slid myhands up her back and found the zip­per on her dress,pulled it slow­ly down to her waist. Nik­kie let go of meand I pul­led her dress off her shoul­ders, let it fall­to the floor. She step­ped deli­ca­te­ly out of it ands­tood now in just her ten­nis shoes and her white cottonpanties.Her body was the love­liest thing I’d ever seen. She was­pa­le and smooth, per­fect­ly slim, her bre­asts small and­round and firm, top­ped with tiny pink nipp­les. Itouched them, just with my fin­ger­tips, cares­sed them,then gent­ly cup­ped them in the palms of my hands.Nikkie had her eyes locked onto mine, and she wasn’tsmiling now.“What do you want me to do?” she almost whispered.“Just tell me, Andy. I’ll do wha­te­ver you say.” “Lay down on the floor,” I replied.Immediately Nik­kie step­ped back and lowe­red her­sel­fon­to the car­pet. She lay on her back with her legs­tog­e­ther and her hands joi­ned over her bel­ly. I knelt­bes­i­de her and remo­ved her shoes, then slow­ly pul­led­her pan­ties over her nar­row hips and down her long thin­legs. Her cunt too was beau­ti­ful, two full lips nest­led­de­mu­re­ly behind a feint veil of gol­den cunt hair.Nikkie let her legs fall open, proud­ly showing her­self­to me. I quick­ly took my shirt off and she wat­ched me,idly tou­ch­ing herself.I craw­led on top of her and sett­led mys­elf bet­ween her­legs, began kis­sing her. I star­ted with her beau­ti­ful­per­fect face and worked my way down, along her throatand col­lar­bo­ne to her bre­asts. I kis­sed each of them,licked them, took each of her sweet litt­le nipp­les inmy mouth and sucked on them, making them hard. Nik­kie­sig­hed, gli­ding her fin­gers over my back and shoulders.She star­ted to move her hips a litt­le, gent­ly pushing­her cunt up against my hard-on. I nib­bled and sucked­her bre­asts for ano­t­her minu­te, then star­ted down­war­da­gain, moving along her smooth flat belly.I got 甜美可爱妹子第一次下海拍片 太嫩了 to her cunt hair and final­ly to her cunt.Nikkie’s fin­gers were in my hair now as I kis­sed her­the­re and brea­thed deeply the deli­cious scent of her. Itouched her cunt lips with my tongue, licked slow­ly andlo­vin­g­ly. My baby sister’s body ten­sed minu­te­ly and she­caught her breath. I licked her again, lap­ped at her,then pushed my tongue insi­de of her.Nikkie gas­ped and moaned. I could alrea­dy tas­te her­warm juices and drank them in. I licked and sucked onher cunt as her hands left my hair, gli­ded up her own­bo­dy to her bre­asts. As I ate my sister’s cunt she­cares­sed herself, gent­ly squee­zing her small breasts,pulling on her nipp­les. She moaned and sig­hed as Icon­ti­nued to go down on her, cried out soft­ly when Ifound her clit and began suck­ing on it, cried outagain, more shar­ply this time, as she came. Nik­kie­rela­xed then, appar­ent­ly thin­king I was done, but Iwasn’t; I con­ti­nued to lick and suck her cunt until she­ca­me twice more, her sple­ndid body tremb­ling with the­for­ce of her orgasms. After­ward she col­lap­sed, splay­e­dout on the floor with her face tur­ned to her side andher eyes clo­sed, her breat­hing hea­vy but controlled.I moved back up her body, almost pin­ning her to the­floor, and pep­pe­red her bre­asts and throat and face­with kis­ses. At the same time I unfas­te­ned the fly onmy jeans and pul­led my hard-on out. I didn’t real­ly­think about what I was doing; I was dri­ven by desi­reand love and I wan­ted sud­den­ly just to be insi­de ofher, so as I con­ti­nued kis­sing her I gui­ded my cock upto her cunt and pushed the head past her lips. Nik­kie­re­ac­ted with sur­pri­se, gasping and snap­ping her eye­sopen, but she made no attempt to resist as I pushed mycock into her.“Oohh, Andy,” she brea­thed as she clut­ched my biceps,“this wasn’t part of the deal.” “I know, Nik­kie, but I couldn’t help it. I want to fucky­ou. Do you want me to stop?” “No.” Nik­kie slip­ped her arms around me and pul­led medown against her. “No, my love, I don’t want you tos­top. I want いきなり手コキフェラをしてくる淫乱痴女のテクを我慢できたらご褒美SEX!彼女主観でイケメンM男が連続絶頂 you to do wha­te­ver you want to me. You own­me now.”We kis­sed and I began fuck­ing her, slow­ly sli­ding mycock in and out of her cunt. She was warm and wet­in­si­de, snug but not too snug, and I was ama­zed at how­good it felt to be insi­de of her, how right it seemed.I’d ima­gi­ned count­less times that making love to mylitt­le sis­ter would be both hot and roman­tic, but evenin my best dreams I’d never been able to envi­si­on this.Nikkie was exqui­si­te as she moved and writhed bene­ath­me, matching the thrusts of her hips with the thrust­sof my cock.I star­ted out slow and steady, took my time with her,wanting just to enjoy the asto­un­ding sen­sa­ti­on offuck­ing her, but wan­ting her to enjoy it too. We fucked­for a long time, our bodies deve­lo­ping a thin sheen ofs­weat as we gra­du­al­ly incre­a­sed our speed and passion.Nikkie moaned and sig­hed, kis­sed me feve­rish­ly as she­d­ug her fin­ger­nails into my back. She sway­ed and­thras­hed with me until final­ly, shud­de­ring in my arms,she came with a loud kit­te­nish mew, her cunt pul­sin­gand pou­ring her warm come all around my cock.This time we both col­lap­sed on the car­pe­ted floor,tired and satis­fied. We lay the­re for several minutes,just breat­hing and hol­ding each other. Occa­sio­nal­ly wekis­sed or soft­ly mur­mu­red our love to each other. Mycock was still hard insi­de Nikkie’s luxu­rious body ande­very once in a while I would move minu­te­ly, sli­ding itout a litt­le then back in, just to remind mys­elf of how­lu­cky I was, not only to be insi­de of her but to bewith her at all.“Andy,” Nik­kie final­ly said, “you didn’t come.” “I know,” I replied. “I’m saving it up for that blo­wjo­by­ou pro­mi­sed me.” “Good,” my sis­ter gig­gled, “becau­se I still want to dot­hat. And you know what? Becau­se you were so great­go­ing down on me and fuck­ing me, I’m going to give you­to best blo­wjob you’ve ever had.” She kis­sed me on the­lips, then pushed gent­ly against my chest, signa­ling­for me to get up.I pul­led my cock out of her cunt, then got to my feet.I let my jeans sli­de down my legs, and my cock stucks­trai­ght up in the air, hard and glis­tening withNikkie’s come.“How do you want me?” she asked.“On your kne­es,” I replied, try­ing to make it sound­li­ke an order. I wasn’t sure I was com­for­ta­ble withthat litt­le game but I remin­ded mys­elf that this was asmuch her fan­ta­sy as it was mine.Nikkie pul­led herself up to her kne­es in front of meand took my cock in her small deli­ca­te hand. She loo­ke­dat it for a moment, almost as if she was sizing up the­task befo­re her, then unce­re­mo­nious­ly took it in her­mouth. She slid her lips over the head, then down over­the shaft, taking almost the ent­i­re length in befo­re Ifelt my cock nud­ging at the back of her throat. Then­just as slow­ly she mi gran pol­la.. mode­lo :gaysexy1960 drew her mouth back, suck­ing on meas she went. She did this three times, then pul­led mycock out of her mouth and kis­sed the head.“I can tas­te my pus­sy on you,” she whis­pe­red, the­nimm­edia­te­ly took me back in her mouth and resumedsucking.I touched her hair as she worked, play­ed with her cut­elitt­le pony­tail, pla­cing my other hand on the back ofher head. Nik­kie sucked and stro­ked me expertly,pausing on occa­si­on to sli­de her tongue up and down the­length of my cock. She kept her eyes clo­sed and her­hand and mouth moving steadi­ly, and I could see she had­in­de­ed lear­ned how to do it just like the porn girls.She con­ti­nued to go down on me as she gli­ded one of her­hands over her small pale bre­asts, then down bet­ween­her legs. She rub­bed herself anú­bis dan­ça sob­re um dil­do enquan­to exi­be o seu gran­de pau with her fingertips,sucking and stro­king me at the same time, and befo­re­long she was moa­ning again, brin­ging herself clo­ser andc­lo­ser to orgasm.I could feel my own orgasm approa­ching too, the­pres­su­re buil­ding in my balls as my cock grew harder.And just as Nik­kie mewed and gas­ped, her mouth open nowand her tongue out, my cock throb­bed and I pou­red com­ein­to her mouth. It spil­led all over her tongue, down toher throat and dribb­ling down her chin. Nik­kie­con­ti­nued to stro­ke me as she swal­lo­wed, sucked my cocka litt­le more, then squee­zed it, drawing out the last­few drops. She licked the head of my cock clean, then­kis­sed it again.“Wow,” she said. “I’ve always wan­ted to do that.”She was loo­king up at me and smi­ling, that same­won­der­ful smi­le that always see­med to be on her face ino­ne form or ano­t­her, her lips shi­ning with my come, anda­gain I felt that bit­ters­weet com­bi­na­ti­on of sad­nes­sand sur­pri­se. This was my baby sis­ter, my Litt­le­Ni­ckel, and I couldn’t see how I could ever have hel­ped­but to fall in love with her. I got down on my knees­with her, embraced her, and kis­sed her cheek. Nik­kie­re­tur­ned my embrace, pres­sing her small soft bre­ast­sa­gainst my chest. She kis­sed my neck, then held me,caressing my back with her fingers.“Andy,” she said soft­ly, “I don’t want arwen takes care nik­ki nutttz’_ matu­re pus­sy to the tip of gus­to to go home. Iwant to stay here with you.” “I’d like that, Nik­kie.” “I don’t want to deal with Mag­gie any­mo­re, or wit­hany­bo­dy else. Just you.” “You don’t have to, swee­the­art. You can stay here with­me for as long as you like.” “I want to be here fore­ver,” my sis­ter breathed.Later that night we made love again in my bed, thens­lept. In the morning I woke to find Nik­kie suck­ing mycock and we fucked again. After­ward we lay in bed andtal­ked. We agreed that what we had was spe­cial, rare,and too ama­zing to resist. We were in love, and itdidn’t mat­ter that we were bro­ther and sis­ter. Wecouldn’t help how we felt, we just knew that it was­right, and if the world didn’t see it that way, then­the­re was some­thing ter­ri­b­ly wrong with the world.