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My brand new hus­band and I met on the Inter­net about six mon­ths ago. My name is Lin­da and I am a Chi­ne­se- Cana­di­an, and until yes­ter­day, lived in Lon­don, Ont. Toy Chi­ca Xxx His name is Richard and is from the sou­thern part of the USA. I am 32, 5″ 1,” and only weigh a hund­red pounds. It is a firm­ly packed, well put tog­e­ther hund­red pounds, though. I have short black hair, and big brown eyes. I have been told many times that I am very beau­ti­ful. This is my first mar­ria­ge, but I did have a Chi­ne­se boy­friend that took my vir­gini­ty about 6 years ago. We had plan­ned on being mar­ried, but his job kept him in Chi­na, and I was trans­fer­red to Cana­da. I later quit the Chi­ne­se job and app­lied for Cana­di­an citi­zenship. Richard is 45, 5″ 10,” and a solid loo­king 170 pounds. He is very good loo­king, and seems like a very kind per­son. His per­so­na­li­ty and sen­se of humor is what made me fall in love with him. He likes to be cal­led Rich or Ricky. I like cal­ling him Rich. He picked me up ear­ly Mon­day morning in Lon­don. Sin­ce, Tole­do, Ohio was on our way, we stop­ped and got a qui­ckie mar­ria­ge. We fil­led out the requi­red forms, got our mar­ria­ge licen­se, and was mar­ried right in the courthouse. Mon­day night, we stop­ped and stay­ed at his daugh­ters home in Day­ton, Ohio. Her house is very small, and offe­red no pri­va­cy. Except for a litt­le hug­ging and kis­sing, our mar­ria­ge has not been con­su­ma­ted, yet. We felt of each other, and play­ed around for awhile. but it went no far­t­her than that. I was always told that Ame­ri­can men had a penis a foot long and big around as a ball bat. Whoever told me that had not seen Richard. His was about 5 inches and my fin­gers would go around it. I have small hands, so you get the idea. I love Meg­nutt Only­fans Leak him dear­ly, but I am sort of disap­poin­ted that he isn’t big­ger in the sex depart­ment. It will be okay though, my boy­friend wasn’t very big, eit­her. We left Day­ton ear­ly Tues­day and dro­ve down to Pigeon For­ge, Tenn. Rich wan­ted to spend a few days in the Smo­kies, as a honey­moon. Arri­ving in Pigeon For­ge, we saw a big sign that said, “Honey­moon Cabins, free jacuuzi, com­pli­men­ta­ry bot­t­le of wine, free bre­ak­fast, stay a day or a week.” It was a very nice loo­king place, and the cabins were situa­ted on the side of a hill. Each cabin was sepa­ra­ted by hedge and trees. This affor­ded each to appe­ar as if the­re was only your cabin. You could not see the cabins on eit­her side of you. When we ent­e­red the office, the­re was a very nice loo­king man behind the desk. He was very dark skin­ned, and had the fea­tures of an Asi­an. He was pro­bab­ly thir­ty, and loo­ked as if he had spent most of his life out­doors. I would say he had a very rug­ged, hand­so­me look. He loo­ked up from his com­pu­ter screen, and as soon as his eyes lan­ded on me And­re­e­ro­jo Only Fans, he never loo­ked any­whe­re else. It was as if he was try­ing to see insi­de me, to my soul. Cold shi­vers went down my spi­ne, and I got a tin­g­ly, fun­ny fee­ling bet­ween my legs. “Hel­lo, my name is John­ny Tsai, and I am run­ning this place for the Sum­mer. Can I be of assi­s­tance? We have the finest honey­moon cot­ta­ges in the Smo­kies. Not only does each room have a king sized bed, but, the­re is a lar­ge hot tub at the foot of the bed. The rooms are lar­ge and spa­cious. The sho­wer is lar­ge enough for two peop­le. You have com­ple­te pri­va­cy. All cot­ta­ges are com­ple­te­ly sound pro­ofed. We also give you a bot­t­le of the best wine, made right here in the Smo­kies, com­ple­te with a lar­ge tray of hors d’oeuvres. There’s enough food, so you never have to lea­ve your room, unless you want to. Is the­re anything you want to ask? Have I for­got­ten some­thing?” All this was said as he was loo­king at me. He only glanced at Richard one time. Rich didn’t seem to care, or may­be he wasn’t paying atten­ti­on. “The cabins are one hund­red dol­lars a night. Sin­ce this is Tues­day, and we are slow this week, I will let you have two nights for a hund­red seven­ty-five.” “Two nights would be gre­at,” Richard replied. “We can go to Dol­ly­wood tomor­row.” “That’s gre­at,” John­ny said, smi­ling. “How long have you been mar­ried?” “This is our second day Ms Sethi Only­fans Lea­ked, but this will be our wed­ding night. We spent last night at my daugh­ters.” John­ny pro­ces­sed our credit card and gave us the key. He said he would bring the wine and food in about half an hour. At last, I was going to make love to my hus­band! I could hard­ly wait to get insi­de our cabin. The hot tub, then a sho­wer, and Rich was all mine fore­ver. John­ny stood loo­king at the cou­p­le as they ent­e­red cabin num­ber eight. He had an evil, leche­rous grin on his face. She was going to have her wed­ding con­sum­ma­ted all right, but not by Richard. She would be the fourth bri­de this mon­th, to recei­ve him on their wed­ding night, ins­tead of their hus­bands. He had no com­p­laints, so far. Of cour­se, they never remem­be­red the next morning that their hus­band hadn’t per­for­med his hus­band­ly duties. He was laug­hing, as he went back into the office to pre­pa­re their wine and hors d’oeuvres. Espe­cial­ly, the wine. Oh yes, the wine. Best in the Smo­kies. He was still laug­hing. White man has date re dg, but Indian has drugs white man has never heard of. Taking a clear jel­ly loo­king sub­s­tance from a bot­t­le, he rub­bed an amount around the wine glas­ses. He put more on the one he plan­ned to give to the dumb white man. He wan­ted him to be com­ple­te­ly out. On hers, the amount was less. He wan­ted her grog­gy, but still awa­re of what was going on. Neit­her would remem­ber tomor­row, any­way. She would be sore, but would only think her hus­band was a tiger in bed. What a joke on her! They should be about rea­dy, by now. They have had time to look around the room and unpack. I don’t want Ruby Nika­ra Nude them to have time to make use of that king sized bed. That’s my ter­ri­to­ry! John­ny took the tray and bot­t­le of the Smo­kies finest wine, and hea­ded toward what was going to be a very rewar­ding night! Richard and Lin­da were loo­king around the room, che­cking the over­si­ze sho­wer, a hot tub that was big enough for six peop­le, a bed that was made for sex. Lin­da wan­ted to know why the Indian was so dark skin­ned. As Richard was reaching for her, he told her that many years ago, blacks came to the moun­tains for safe­ty from the white man. The India­ns took them in, and they mar­ried Indian women. Many India­ns loo­ked black becau­se they had black ances­tors. Enough tal­king, Richard wan­ted to make use of the bed right then, but Lin­da wan­ted to wait till they rela­xed in the tub, took a sho­wer tog­e­ther, and then went to bed for the night. Richard was play­ful­ly try­ing to wrest­le her onto the bed, when the­re was a knock on the door. John­ny cal­led out, “Room ser­vice!” When Richard ans­we­red the door, the­re stood John­ny with a bucket of ice, sur­roun­ding a bot­t­le of wine, and in his other hand was a lar­ge tray of food. Two wine glas­ses were sti­cking out of the ice. John­ny said, “Let me put the tray on the table. May I have the honor of ope­ning the wine and pou­ring the new­ly­weds a glass of wine?” Richard did not real­ly Ala­mat Situs Bokep Indo­ne­sia want any wine, but still, it did come with the room, so he said, “sure, go ahead and open it up.” While John­ny was pou­ring, he was swis­hing the wine around in the glas­ses. “This brings the wine ali­ve.” Also, gets all the dg into the wine, he was thin­king. He han­ded them their glas­ses and said, “Okay now, it is a cus­tom that the first glass is drunk strai­ght down. After that you are sup­po­sed to sip, not drink.” Richard and Lin­da duti­ful­ly drank it strai­ght down. Neit­her, was wine drin­kers, and knew not­hing about cus­toms, but they didn’t want to show their igno­ran­ce. “If you need anything, don’t be afraid to call. I’m in the office till mid­ni­ght.” As soon as the door clo­sed, clothes star­ted fly­ing around the room, and two naked lovers jum­ped into the water. They were sit­ting in the water, rela­xing and play­ing foot­sie with each other. Richard kept try­ing to put his toes bet­ween Linda’s legs. Richard’s actions star­ted to slow down. Lin­da was fee­ling kind of dizzy. Lin­da said, “I think the exci­te­ment, the trip, and this hot water is making me dizzy. I’m going to take a sho­wer and get into that big bed.” Richard’s speech was begin­ning to slur, when he replied, “I think I’ll lie on the bed till you are finis­hed. I must be more tired than I thought. I don’t belie­ve I could stand up long enough to sho­wer right now. Don’t take too long, and then I’ll take the fas­test sho­wer you ever saw.” Lin­da was finis­hed in less than ten minu­tes, and when she ent­e­red the room, she was rea­dy for sex. She was still dizzy, but not any worse than befo­re. “Okay Rich Chu­dai. It’s your turn, and don’t take all night! Rich! Richard! Are you asleep? Wake up! Wake up! You can’t do this! Wake up, Damn YOU!” He wouldn’t even budge. He was sno­ring, for Christ’s sake! At that moment, Lin­da was even more dizzy than befo­re. She was still angry and dis­gus­ted, but also nee­ded to lie down. Rich was lying on top of the covers, so she cove­r­ed him with her part of the com­for­ter, and she got bene­ath the sheet. She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pil­low. John­ny had been impa­ti­ent­ly wai­t­ing for over half an hour. A few more minu­tes, he thought. You’re an Indian, be pati­ent. He knew that he nee­ded for­ty-five minu­tes for the dg to real­ly work. Then, he had at least two hours, to do wha­te­ver he wan­ted. It had worked many times befo­re, so pati­ence is the name of the game. He was in a hur­ry to claim the litt­le Chi­ne­se bri­de. The­re had never been an Asi­an in his clut­ches befo­re. He was anxious to get his big dick bet­ween her legs, and in her mouth. Should he make her suck him first, or should he fuck her first? Decisi­ons! Decisi­ons! Time to stop Fnaf Hen­tai thin­king and start doing. John­ny could see in his minds eye what he wan­ted the Chi­ne­se bri­de to do for him. But, first, he was going to eat her and then fuck her until she couldn’t walk without lim­ping. John­ny wal­ked up to the cabin, and used his pass­key to enter. The­re was no hesi­ta­ti­on on his part. He knew the man was sound asleep, and his wife would eit­her be asleep, or too grog­gy to resist. Eit­her way, she was going to get the fuck­ing of her life! It was dark insi­de, until his eyes adjus­ted to the dim light com­ing through the dra­pes. It wouldn’t be full dark for ano­t­her hour. Wal­king over to the bed, he remo­ved the sheet covering Lin­da. Beau­ti­ful! Her skin was so soft and smooth loo­king. Not a hair any­whe­re, except for a small area abo­ve her sweet loo­king pus­sy. That was the one thing, he didn’t like about white women, they were so hai­ry. After remo­ving his shoes, pants and shirt, he lay down bes­i­de the lovely bri­de. He pres­sed the full length of his body against hers. Pla­cing his lips against hers, he gave her a long, lin­ge­ring kiss. At first the­re was no respon­se, but then she ope­ned her mouth, and let his tongue explo­re her mouth. Lin­da was asleep, but star­ted to awa­ke, when Richard star­ted kis­sing her. She could feel his who­le body, and that inclu­ded his man­hood! She was thin­king that it felt big­ger, than when she put her fin­gers around it. May­be Ame­ri­can men grew when they were rea­dy for sex. She ope­ned her mouth to accept his tongue. Aaah! Rich felt so good! This is how it should be on any girls wed­ding night. A loving, hor­ny hus­band, with a big Mc Maya­ra Nude dick! What else could make a woman so hap­py? Rich had been play­ing, and twea­king her bre­asts, now his fin­gers found her woman­hood. She was alrea­dy get­ting wet down the­re. Rich lowe­red his head and began suck­ing her small, but firm bre­asts. So Good! Oh, it feels hea­ven­ly! First one, then the other, not neglec­ting eit­her! Then, Rich slow­ly kis­sed his way down to her pus­sy mound. What was he going to do? No man had ever put his mouth down the­re! She had heard that men did that, but never belie­ved that it would hap­pen to her. She star­ted to try and move his head, but just then, his tongue touched her cli­to­ris. “Oh God Rich, what did you do? Do it again! That felt won­der­ful!” She had come full awa­ke now, or as full awa­ke, as she was going to get. She was awa­re, and her fee­lings were cer­tain­ly working, but her brain was not accep­t­ing the fact that a man other than her hus­band was making love to her. John­ny was thin­king, don’t worry about me doing it again. You’ll be begging me to stop, befo­re I’m finis­hed. He would lick and suck her clit for awhile, then stick his long tongue insi­de her. His tongue was lon­ger and thi­c­ker than many cocks he had seen. She see­med to enjoy him suck­ing her clit, more than anything else. Lin­da was squir­ming around on the bed, try­ing to get away from the inva­ding tongue, and at the same time, try­ing to get more. MY God, It felt so good! Never in my life has anything felt this good. “Keep suck­ing my clit. I’m going to cum! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! OH God, Oh God! I’m cum­ming! I’m cum­ming! Oh Richard, I love you! I love you! Your dar­ling Richard can never satisfy you like this, John­ny was thin­king. Now, for some hard, deep fuck­ing of the Chi­ne­se bri­de. John­ny took Linda’s legs and put them abo­ve her head. She was wide open for his giant cock, and she was going to get every inch. That Av Av4 Xyz litt­le white worm, her hus­band cal­led a dick, would never satisfy her after tonight. In nine mon­ths, the­re might be ano­t­her litt­le Indian run­ning around the South. “Take your fin­gers, and spread your pus­sy lips. This is going to be a tight fit and you may feel some pain at first.” John­ny whis­pe­red. He didn’t want her blee­ding, and that dick of her hus­bands would never be big enough for that. If the­re was b*d on the she­ets in the morning, they might beco­me sus­pi­cious. “Lin­da did as she was told, but she was won­de­ring why Rich would ask such a thing. She had seen his dick, and the­re was no way it was going to hurt. Ano­t­her thing was Rich’s voice. I know it’s him but why is he whis­pe­ring? He sounds fun­ny, may­be the wine, or just waking up. Then she felt a pres­su­re at the ope­ning of her woman­hood. A Big Pres­su­re PORNEZ!!! “What are you doing? What are you try­ing to put into me?” she screa­med! “That’s not your dick! Dicks aren’t made that big! What are you try­ing to stick insi­de me? Richard, plea­se. Tell me what you are doing! Why are you hur­ting me?” “That’s my big cock. Take it in your hands. Feel of it. Gui­de it into your pus­sy. My cock is big­ger than you thought. It’s grown to it’s full size, now. It will only hurt, till the head pas­ses the ent­ran­ce of your tight litt­le cunt.” “Richard, you talk dif­fe­rent. What has hap­pen­ed to you? Why are you tal­king this way?” Lin­da asked. She had her hands down the­re, sprea­ding the lips apart, so it was just a mat­ter of rai­sing her hands, to feel the dick pushing against her ope­ning. “OH MY GOD!, Oh My God! How did you get so big? That won’t go insi­de me! Plea­se Richard, don’t put that mons­ter insi­de me! You’ll kl me! Let me suck you, or mas­tur­ba­te you, anything but this.” Lin­da was cry­ing. Sud­den­ly, the­re was ‘pop’, and he was insi­de. “NO! NO! NO! Take it out! It Hurts! It Hurts! Plea­se don’t hurt me any­mo­re! I love you, but plea­se don’t hurt me,” She was groa­ning. Then with a grunt, his hips shar­ply poun­ded down. I screa­med in pain as the thick head jam­med its­elf bet­ween the folds, for­cing them apart. My back arched and my but­tocks lifted off the bed as my body tried to take the immense TÜRKÇE ALTYAZILI PORNOLAR knob. He rea­red back and ram­med hims­elf back down, for­cing his huge cock into my tight pus­sy. I how­led in pain and plea­su­re as the thick, rigid cock stab­bed into my infla­med fle­sh, tea­ring and stret­ching my pus­sy, making it lar­ger, making it take in its gre­at size. Then I felt my pus­sy lips clo­sing around his thick shaft and rea­li­zed that he was insi­de me. My legs kicked them­sel­ves around him, my cal­ves against his but­tocks, pul­ling him down to me, try­ing to dri­ve the bru­tish spike deeper into me. It dril­led in deeper and the full­ness I felt wit­hin me was incredi­ble! I didn’t think he could get any more into me. Sud­den­ly my body shud­de­red in spasms as I came, the most vio­lent orgasm I’d ever had. My hips rocked up and my flu­id squir­ted out of me onto our thighs. He grun­ted as again he poun­ded down into my spas­ming pus­sy. My bot­tom rose off the bed to meet his thrust and the mas­si­ve shaft buried its­elf deeper into me. My cries beca­me inau­di­ble as my breath was taken away by the unbe­liev­a­ble full­ness cram­med into my stret­ched and qui­vering pus­sy. With my throat con­s­tric­ted in respon­se to the pain, I screa­med sound­less­ly each time he gored into me. My thrus­ting hips met each sharp pier­cing, making each fier­ce thrust dri­ve his gre­at cock deeper into my aching pus­sy. I lifted my head and sta­red down bet­ween us at the thick fle­sh that was pene­tra­ting deeper with each vio­lent stab. I couldn’t belie­ve I was taking so much of him into me! And the­re was still more to go! My head snap­ped back against the mat­tress and I began to shud­der mad­ly as I came even more inten­se­ly that befo­re. With his next migh­ty thrust, I felt his pubic bone col­li­de into mine and his balls pound against my bot­tom. He was final­ly com­ple­te­ly insi­de me, but not for long. He pul­led his com­ple­te length out of me and I gas­ped as I felt my pus­sy tight­ly con­trac­ting as his enor­mous cock rece­ded. Then he jab­bed back down. My but­tocks instinc­tively rose to meet the vio­lent thrust and my nar­row pus­sy walls were again cru­el­ly stret­ched open, taking him in to the hilt. I felt a sharp stab deep insi­de and I knew the head of his huge cock had hit the back of my pus­sy and was pres­sed against the ope­ning to my womb. The pain just incre­a­sed the waves of plea­su­re that con­ti­nued to roar through me. He quick­ly pul­led TÜRKÇE ALTYAZILI PORN VİDEO back out and my bot­tom ground into the mat­tress as he with­drew, incre­a­sing the fric­tion of his fle­sh sti­mu­la­ting my pul­sing pus­sy walls. My throat final­ly ope­ned and I gas­ped as I felt my insi­des being yan­ked out as he sava­ge­ly speared back into me and my hips thrust up to accept him. His mas­si­ve staff cru­el­ly split apart my pus­sy lips and tore through my nar­row chan­nel, poun­ding into my cer­vix, stret­ching me wider and deeper to accom­mo­da­te his girth and length. “God, No!” I shrie­ked as his cock began to thrust fier­ce­ly in and out of me, each sharp pier­cing enlar­ging my pus­sy to match his size. I felt mys­elf ope­ning, the pain gro­wing less inten­se and his thrus­ting beco­m­ing more and more plea­sura­ble. My hips found his rhythm and my pus­sy pushed up again and again into his pis­to­ning cock, try­ing to get it as deep and tight into me as I could. It went on fore­ver. Over and over, he ham­me­red his hips down and I retur­ned each fier­ce thrust with one of my own. My cries of anguish beca­me cries of pas­si­on as I spas­med again and again under him as wave after wave of plea­su­re flas­hed through me. Then I felt his but­tocks begin to tigh­ten. His sava­ge thrusts beca­me even more inten­se. He grab­bed my legs and threw them over his shoul­ders, pul­ling my but­tocks high off the bed. My pus­sy was ver­ti­cal with my womb direct­ly below it and he ham­me­red his spike strai­ght down, vio­lent­ly stab­bing in deeper and deeper again and again. His head snap­ped back and his back arched as he bru­tal­ly jam­med his immense cock down TURKCE ALTYAZİLİ PORNO, dri­ving it deep into me, the head pres­sed tight against the ent­ran­ce to my womb. I felt the sharp jerk of his cock and the dull pres­su­re of his cum jet­ting deeper into me, suck­ing it through my cer­vix and into my womb. He grow­led in plea­su­re as my ripp­ling pus­sy pul­led and nur­sed at his spur­ting cock. I cried out in rap­tu­re at the power of the orgasm that rava­ged my being. Each time his thick fle­sh grew in pre­pa­ra­ti­on for ano­t­her blast, the tigh­tening in my pus­sy dro­ve me into ano­t­her wave of orgas­mic spas­ming, making it clamp down on the pum­ping fle­sh, drawing his sur­ging sperm up to my fer­ti­le womb. My hand reached down to cup his balls. His scro­tum was still full, hea­vy with the potent seed that his rigid cock would plant in me. I rol­led the thick balls in my palm, knea­ding and cares­sing the vel­ve­ty skin. My enrap­tu­red body heed­less­ly drank in spurt after spurt of his viri­le semen. The throb­bing wit­hin me began to ebb as the last of his cum drai­ned out of him into me. I shud­de­red as his tight full­ness began to les­sen and his cum see­ped out of me, rol­ling slow­ly down into the crevice bet­ween my but­tocks. He res­ted his full weight upon me, crus­hing me into the mat­tress. My legs tigh­te­ned on his thighs and I wrap­ped my arms around him. I held his groa­ning body tight­ly against mine, my pus­sy still rut­ting gent­ly into his still-enlar­ged cock. “Oh, God, I’m so full of your cum. Richard, I never drea­med anything could feel so good.” He began to rota­te his hips and his cock, semi-erect and buried in my twit­ching pus­sy, slip­ped up and down in my cum-soa­ked sheath, the base of his slick shaft grin­ding against my clit. My insa­tia­ble body respon­ded by inten­si­fy­ing my pussy’s thrusts and clut­ching him tigh­ter to my rocking bre­asts, my nipp­les grin­ding into his chest. “P‑please JAPON TÜRK PORNO, no,” I moaned, I can’t cum again. It would kl me.” He pres­sed his lips against my neck and sucked hard at my skin. His hands mau­led my bre­asts, his fin­gers dig­ging into the soft fle­sh. “No,” I groaned, “Don’t! Stop!” The deli­cious heat of his mouth on my skin was electric and my nipp­les grew tigh­ter against his palms. My back arched, pushing my body up into his bru­tal embrace. I felt my pus­sy tigh­tening as he again grew rigid insi­de me. His hips began to slow­ly thrust his gre­at cock in and out He groaned, “you’re good!” He slam­med his cock deep into me and I shrie­ked as I came, my body shud­de­ring against his inva­ding spike. I felt my pus­sy again clen­ching and pul­ling at him. The spasms sucked into my womb, the cum left in my pus­sy from his last eja­cu­la­ti­on, and made my body thirsty for more. My bea­ting hips dro­ve my pus­sy up to him, matching him blow for blow. He incre­a­sed his tem­po, thrus­ting fas­ter and deeper, heigh­tening the orgas­mic fla­mes that licked at my insi­des This made him pound his immense shaft har­der and deeper into my qua­king, grasping pus­sy. My body dro­ve up to take each deep stab. Our bodies met again and again, his fle­sh bury­ing its­elf deep into mine as I cried out over and over in end­less rap­tur­ous orgasm. His grun­ting grew loud and sharp as his thrusts beca­me even more inten­se. He grab­bed my hips and pul­led me up off the bed, stab­bing hims­elf down into my uptur­ned pus­sy again and again, dri­ving deeper and deeper each time, poun­ding har­der and har­der into my cer­vix as if try­ing to push right into my womb. Then his back began to ten­se and his but­tocks grew tight as his body pre­pa­red to shoot his cum into me. I felt his cock grow tigh­ter insi­de me as it swel­led, get­ting rea­dy to cum again. He let out a long low gro­an as his back arched and he ram­med his cock in deep, pain­ful­ly ramming the tip hard into the bot­tom of my bat­te­red pus­sy. Then came the vio­lent wrench of his cock and the sub­t­le impact of his cum spur­ting into me. I shrie­ked as I erup­ted in vio­lent orgasm. My pus­sy clam­ped down hard on his con­trac­ting cock, pul­ling the thick cream swift­ly through my cer­vix into my womb. My spas­ming chan­nel released the gre­at mass just as it again expan­ded, only to squee­ze even tigh­ter upon it as it pum­ped ano­t­her rich gush of his viri­le sperm into me. My pus­sy sucked gree­di­ly at his gushing fle­sh, eager­ly swal­lowing spurt after spurt. I pas­sio­na­te­ly wel­co­med each sweet, sava­ge spurt, dig­ging my heels into his but­tocks to for­ce his mas­si­ve prick deeper and tigh­ter into me. I urgent­ly mil­ked his cock, pul­ling shar­ply at it again and again, drawing every EXTREME RAPE PORN drop of his seed into my insa­tia­ble womb. His cli­max see­med to go on fore­ver. His pum­ping cock swel­led and throb­bed insi­de me over and over, shoo­ting more and more of his cum into me, floo­ding my womb, fil­ling it to over­flowing. My body shud­de­red under him in delight as I came again and again, rhyth­mi­cal­ly grab­bing and pul­ling at his grun­ting, swea­ting body even after the vio­lent jer­king insi­de me beca­me a dull pul­se and he fell gasping onto my rut­ting body. The last of the incredi­ble waves cres­ted and he rol­led off my body. I was so drai­ned and com­ple­te­ly satis­fied, that I immedia­te­ly fell into a deep sleep. Now, for the part I don’t like, thought John­ny. He wal­ked around the king sized bed to the other side, and threw the covers off her hus­band. He was still sound asleep. His puny white dick, was lying bet­ween his legs. John­ny reached for the litt­le cock and star­ted play­ing with it. Even in his sleep, Richard began to get hard. John­ny was able to stro­ke it, now. John­ny stro­ked fas­ter and fas­ter, and after only a few minu­tes, Richard squir­ted his cum onto his own sto­mach. It was a piti­ful amount, com­pa­red to what John­ny had just done, but bet­ter than not­hing. John­ny cove­r­ed him back up and left the cabin. The sun shi­ning through the dra­pes, final­ly woke Richard and Lin­da up. The first thing Richard thought was, “Oh My God, I went to sleep on our wed­ding night. How could I do such a stu­pid thing?” Then Lin­da rol­led over next to him and star­ted whis­pe­ring what a gre­at lover he was. Tel­ling him what a tiger he was, and how won­der­ful she felt. He had no idea what she was tal­king about, but was not about to open his mouth and admit it. She got out of bed, and cum was run­ning from her pus­sy and down her thighs. Richard loo­ked at her, and then felt hims­elf. He had cum on his sto­mach and his dick was crus­ted with dried jism. He had con­sum­ma­ted his wed­ding night, and didn’t remem­ber it!! Richard figu­red the best thing for him to do, was keep his mouth shut. After the two of them sho­we­red, they left to go sight­see­ing, and then to take in the Dol­ly­wood amu­se­ment park. It was very hot in the park, but still, they enjoy­ed them­sel­ves. It was late after­noon, when they retur­ned to their cabin. They were hot and tired. Both wan­ted to take a cool sho­wer and relax. Lin­da went to the sho­wer first, while Richard unloa­ded the car of the sou­ve­nirs they had bought, and brochu­res Lin­da wan­ted to keep. He also wan­ted to check the oil, becau­se they were going over the moun­tain, ear­ly in the morning. By the time he finis­hed, Lin­da had on her sund­ress and was wai­t­ing for him to sho­wer. A few minu­tes later, and Richard was sho­we­red and in his boxer shorts. They had just lay down on the bed to relax and play around, when the­re was a knock on the door. It could be nobo­dy, but the mana­ger, John­ny. Richard ope­ned the door, and, of cour­se, Richard was right. The­re stood John­ny with two lar­ge glas­ses of iced lemo­na­de. “Hi, said John­ny, I saw you pull up, and thought you might like a cold drink. This is fresh squee­zed lemo­na­de. On a hot day like this, it will hit the spot.” John­ny came insi­de, and they made small talk while Rich and Lin­da sip­ped their cold drink. John­ny was tel­ling them the many things to do, and pla­ces to see, while they were in the moun­tains. They had finis­hed their drinks, and John­ny asked if they wan­ted ano­t­her. Richard Turk­ce Alt­ya­zi Por­no didn’t, but Lin­da said she would like ano­t­her one, if it wasn’t too much trou­ble. John­ny said he would go get her ano­t­her, but Lin­da wouldn’t hear of him going to that much trou­ble. She said she would walk down with him “I’ll be right back,” she told Rich, as she went out the door. Oh, no you won’t, John­ny was thin­king. I put enough dg in his lemo­na­de, to make him sleep all night. And you, my litt­le fuck­ing machi­ne, are mine for as long as I want. By the time they wal­ked to the office, Lin­da was fee­ling dizzy again. She thought it must be from wal­king around in the sun all day. Upon ent­e­ring the office, she asked if she could sit down for a few minu­tes. “Sure, but come into my living quar­ters, so you will be more com­for­ta­ble.” John­ny was say­ing, as he led her into his room behind the office. She col­lap­sed on a lar­ge red sofa, and was instant­ly bet­ween sleep and rea­li­ty. She knew whe­re she was at, but her mind kept see­ing her hus­band and not John­ny. She felt as if the­re was some­place she should go, but for the life of her, she couldn’t remem­ber whe­re. Her eyes didn’t want to open, and she couldn’t seem to move her lim­bs. He aro­se from the couch and motio­ned for her to remain sea­ted, as he step­ped in front of her. He pla­ced her hands at the top of his pants. Not knowing what was expec­ted, and too embarr­as­sed to with­draw, she let him use her fin­gers to mani­pu­la­te the clasp open. Her eyes widen­ed as the zip­per descen­ded with a tug of from her hand. On sight of the ten­ted cot­ton boxers she beca­me visi­b­ly uncom­for­ta­ble with her lack of con­trol. Her hands were fro­zen on the sides of his rece­ding pants. She shud­de­red as his engor­ged penis came into view. Her cheeks were crim­son and her sto­mach was flus­te­red. She had never sucked a dick befo­re. She had grown up, belie­ving they were dir­ty, and cer­tain­ly not to be put into your mouth. Why was Richard doing this to her? Was all men this way? As his hand slow­ly touched her cheek, she rea­li­zed what was expec­ted. Her eyes met his and she knew she didn’t have what it took to refu­se, he pul­led the fores­kin back until the dark ruby head was ful­ly reve­a­led, while gui­ding her hesi­tant lips to its tip. At first she only let her lips brush the head momen­ta­ri­ly befo­re rece­ding. Then she began kis­sing it more atten­tively. Final­ly TÜRKÇE ALTYAZI PORN VİDEO she let the situa­ti­on take its cour­se and ten­ta­tively exten­ded her tongue to tas­te him. With some small mea­su­re of hesi­tance she resi­gned herself to gent­ly slur­ping, befo­re an aut­ho­ri­ta­ti­ve hand pul­led her head clo­ser, for­cing her to take him insi­de her hot mouth. She clo­sed her eyes and tried to think of some­thing else while the bul­bous head disap­peared bet­ween her lips. He pres­sed her on, and she made no attempt to stop him as her lips dis­ten­ded around his girth. When he began to with­draw her eyes ope­ned, ima­gi­ning the act over, only to rea­li­ze it was just the begin­ning as he slid back insi­de her hol­lo­wed cheeks. His pace grew and she soon beca­me accus­to­med to the rhyth­mic inva­si­on. When his hand moved down to mas­sa­ge her neck she found herself main­tai­ning the pace, eager to finish. Watching her small lips stretch vol­un­ta­ri­ly each time his head ent­e­red her gave way to the rea­liz­a­ti­on of his power over her body, and moreo­ver her mind. His desi­re to fur­ther inva­de her in an exer­cise of will over­ca­me him. After ano­t­her moment she tas­ted a modi­cum of hot flu­id in her mouth. The ali­en tas­te brought back a rene­wed sen­se of guilt and shame. His voice sur­pri­sed her, as the only sounds made thus far were his soft moans and her steady slur­ping. “Don’t take it out of your mouth” He said with that same pater­na­listic tone. Her ques­tio­ning gaze sent him over the top. He repla­ced his hands in their for­mer posi­ti­on on the back of her head as he held on to the ecsta­sy of the moment. Fee­ling TÜRKÇE ALTYAZI PORNO IZLE every inch of her half wil­ling mouth, every acci­den­tal brush of her tongue, and the con­stant look in her eye. As her mouth descen­ded upon his shaft, he let go, squee­zing the first stream insi­de her. Her brow quick­ly fur­ro­wed and her eyes shut tight­ly as she con­ti­nued duti­ful­ly. With each suc­ces­si­ve descent he spas­med, releasing more eja­cu­la­te. After two such spasms she invol­un­ta­ri­ly swal­lo­wed to pre­vent her mouth from over­flowing when his penis retur­ned. Gra­du­al­ly the eja­cu­la­ti­ons sub­si­ded and she ope­ned her eyes. She loo­ked into his eyes as her bob­bing head slo­wed to a stop. She con­ti­nued to mas­sa­ge his semi erect mem­ber with her tongue, awai­t­ing the offi­cial end. After savo­ring the moment for a few more minu­tes he with­drew from the con­fi­nes of her mouth. It had lost some hard­ness, but Richard or John­ny (I couldn’t sepa­ra­te them) said to lick it and to bring it back to life. I began to lick the head as it rose bet­ween my tits. I then slid my tongue down the under­si­de of his big dick and my tongue began to play with his balls. This eli­ci­ted a moan, and I could see his huge rod stif­fen and rise from his sto­mach in time with his heart­beat. I was trans­fi­xed. He grab­bed me by my waist and in one smooth, quick moti­on, had me on my back. The moti­on took my breath away. He reached down and grab­bed my ankles, strai­gh­tening my legs and hol­ding them out in a vee. I loo­ked down as he posi­tio­ned his mas­si­ve tool at my ent­ran­ce and slow­ly, deft­ly slid the ebo­ny head into my tight pink pus­sy. He slid inch after inch into me, until he bot­to­med out against my cer­vix. My pus­sy had never been inva­ded like this, and I gas­ped for air. He began to make slow, rhyth­mic strokes. Somehow, with his moti­on he was able to rub against my clit. The sen­sa­ti­on of being so full, so taken by this man, and the sti­mu­la­ti­on of my clit put me over the edge. I wrap­ped my legs around his back and dug my heels into him as I wai­led hel­pless­ly. He didn’t slow down, but grab­bed my ankles with one hand and held my heels against his right shoul­der and began sawing his cock into me, while hol­ding my legs tog­e­ther. His cock felt so big in this posi­ti­on, and I know my pus­sy must have felt even tigh­ter to him! I felt my body being stret­ched as it had never been stret­ched befo­re, trig­ge­ring all sort of ero­tic sen­sa­ti­ons throughout my body. The inten­se fee­ling of my cunt stret­ching over his thick cock was making me weak. As he power­ful­ly thrust, he repeated­ly lan­ded all he had into her nar­row pas­sa­ge. Lin­da screa­med in delight as he poun­ded her pus­sy with his thick cock. The inten­se fee­ling of being fucked by a lar­ge cock made Lin­da have one orgasm after ano­t­her. He held her waist as he power­ful­ly thrust his long, thick meat into her fas­ter and fas­ter. His mus­cu­lar body ten­sed as his testi­cles explo­ded. John­ny shot load after load of his thick warm cum into her qui­vering body. He pul­led her against him as hard as he could as his tre­men­dous cock, emp­tied insi­de of her year­ning pus­sy. His hips shud­de­red as he cum, he made small thrusts to keep his cock plan­ted wit­hin her depths so that he could spray his seed as deep as he could into her grasping tight­ness. He screwed up his eyes and jer­ked his hips, short quick jerks as his cock gus­hed his cum into her, his semen pul­sing from his thick shaft into the wet crea­m­i­ness of her vagi­na. Lin­da was swea­ting and her cunt was drip­ping as he hel­ped her back into her clothes. He almost car­ri­ed her back to the cabin and her still slee­ping hus­band. He got her insi­de, then, undres­sed her again. Hol­ding her in the sho­wer, he was­hed off all evi­dence of being fucked Tür­k­çe Alt­ya­zılı Por­no Sik­iş. The­re was no way, he could get all the cum out of her pus­sy, but it should be drai­ned out by the time she woke up in the morning. He hel­ped her dry and then put her into bed. As John­ny left the cabin, he was won­de­ring what her hus­band was going to say, when he went to fuck his bri­de, and she was stret­ched big enough to put your fist into. Oh, well, that’s his pro­blem. John­ny was whist­ling, as he went to the office. Luck­i­ly, Lin­da star­ted her peri­od befo­re she got up the next morning. That cove­r­ed the evi­dence of being fucked. As they dro­ve by the office, on their way home, John­ny was waving, as he stood in the door­way of the office. Lin­da smi­led and said, “He see­med like a nice young man, didn’t he? I won­der what he does for exci­te­ment in a town like this.” Just then, they pas­sed a young cou­p­le dri­ving into the motel. When her peri­od stop­ped six days later, her pus­sy had rever­ted to its ori­gi­nal size, and Rich was never the wiser. But, for some rea­son unknown to her, Lin­da always felt as if the­re was some­thing mis­sing. She didn’t know why, but she kept thin­king that Richard was big­ger than he actual­ly was. Stran­ge thought!