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I know it wasn’t my hus­band Alan who put me in my pre­sent con­di­ti­on, but I hold him respon­si­ble. It was Alan who insis­ted that we take in a lod­ger to help with the mor­tga­ge and it was Alan who insis­ted on the lod­ger being a male.
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Our lod­ger tur­ned out to be a twen­ty year old for­eign exchan­ge stu­dent atten­ding the local uni­ver­si­ty from Eng­land named Jamal, who was black. It was also Alan who deci­ded to have a vasec­to­my two years befo­re fol­lowing the birth of our second child; other­wi­se, I would have been on the pill.
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It all star­ted when Alan came dashing down the stairs one morning, blur­ting out, “God! You should have seen what I’ve just saw! He’s the ans­wer
to a nymphomaniac’s pray­ers!” Alan went on to tell me that he’d just seen Jamal naked in the bathroom. Alan said that Jamal had the big­gest cock he’d ever seen. “I bet he’d make you eyes water!” said Alan. “He’d have you on your kne­es begging for more.” Litt­le did Alan know just how pro­phe­tic he was.
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Alan had often said how much he’d like to see me being fucked by ano­t­her man. I’d never thought he was serious befo­re and always laug­hed it off. Even though he never said, I think he was envi­sio­ning me fuck­ing Jamal. Howe­ver, when Alan said he’d get a pack of con­doms to have han­dy, he had me worried.
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I’m thir­ty-five with two child­ren. We’d been mar­ried seven years; it was a shot­gun wed­ding. In that time, I could have given Alan his wish many times, as I’d had lots of offers. I have nice long legs, and a good figu­re (34C-25–34); my bre­ast are still firm enough that I don’t need to wear a bra; I have a full bush that is trim­med at the biki­ni line for swim suit sea­son. I stand 5’4 with brown hair and brown eyes. Des­pi­te all tempt­ati­ons, I stay­ed faith­ful.Bus­ty Milf Maid Pen­ny Bar­ber Lets Her Boss Fuck Her Jui­cy Pus­sy For Money
As the semes­ter was com­ing to an end, Jamal enqui­red about hos­ting a par­ty for a few of his friends to cele­bra­te. Alan and I agreed. Alan took this as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to ful­fill his fan­ta­sy. He hin­ted he wan­ted me to dress up for the par­ty and see what hap­pen­ed. Against my bet­ter judgment, I allo­wed Alan to take me shop­ping whe­re he bought me a tight, black, mini-skirt and a fan­cy white, prac­ti­cal­ly see-through blou­se. He also insis­ted on buy­ing sheer, black-sea­med sto­ckings, tiny black briefs, and one of tho­se fan­cy black gar­ter belts. Then it was off to buy a pair of four inch, sti­let­to-hee­led shoes. To com­ple­te the pre­pa­ra­ti­ons, Alan stop­ped at the drugs­to­re and bought a pack of con­doms.
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On the way home, Alan told me that he’d over­he­ard Jamal on the pho­ne tel­ling one of his friends that “he wouldn’t mind screwing his sexy land­la­dy and descri­bed how he would love to have her long legs wrap­ped around his back”. Upon hea­ring that, my pus­sy tin­g­led and my juices star­ted to flow at the thought. The ques­ti­on then beca­me, would I actual­ly go through with this fan­ta­sy of his?CAM
The par­ty was a gre­at suc­cess, and I real­ly enjoy­ed the atten­ti­on that the guys paid to me, much to the dis­may of the young ladies in atten­dance.
Whe­ther I wal­ked or sat, my legs and tits were on con­stant dis­play thanks to the out­fit Alan had bought for me to wear. I was actual­ly enjoy­ing being the cen­ter of atten­ti­on for all tho­se hand­so­me young men.
At the end of the evening, Alan offe­red to dri­ve home tho­se who lived fur­thest away. Alan whis­pe­red to me, “I’ll stay away as long as you want, just lea­ve the bedroom light on so I know he’s with you. That way I won’t dis­turb you while you’re doing it. The rub­bers are on the night­stand bes­i­de the bed. Don’t for­get them.” Then he wal­ked out, lea­ving me alo­ne with Jamal. My mind was in a whirl, a com­bi­na­ti­on of the cou­p­le glas­ses of wine I had had and the hot talk Alan had been fee­ding me about Jamal.
Jamal hel­ped me tidy up, and then I went to my bedroom. Sure enough, the­re bes­i­de the bed was the pack of con­doms with a note say­ing “Go on Jen­ny, enjoy yourself.” That was my moment of truth. All kinds of thoughts were racing through my head as I picked up that litt­le car­ton; could I make love to Jamal? Would I? What would it feel like having ano­t­her man fuck me, and a black man at that! I’d heard all the usu­al stuff about the enor­mous size of black men’s cocks. Was it true? I’d been faith­ful to Alan for seven years and only two other guy befo­re we met; surely one litt­le fling wouldn’t hurt; after all, it was Alan who wan­ted me to com­mit adul­te­ry.Chub­by Maid Dana
After much deli­be­ra­ti­on, I final­ly deci­ded: No, I must remain faith­ful. It was a clo­se call, and my body trem­bled with the thought of what might have been: Jamal bet­ween my legs with his gigan­tic cock deep in my pus­sy. I put the con­doms away, sat on the bed, and began unbut­to­ning my blou­se. I had so near­ly suc­cum­bed to my husband’s wis­hes.
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Just then, Jamal kno­cked on the door. He had a very sad look on his face. I asked him what was wrong. He said his girl­friend had left with ano­t­her man.
My mother­ly instincts took over. I had him sit on the bed bes­i­de me and I cudd­led him clo­se. That was my down­fall. My mind was fil­led with all that Alan had said about Jamal’s big cock; my pus­sy tin­g­led, and I tur­ned to jel­ly bet­ween my legs, floo­ding my pan­ties with my love-juices. The heat of Jamal’s body tur­ned me on even more till I couldn’t resist it no more. I tur­ned his face up to mine; put­ting my lips to his; pushing my tongue into his mouth.Casa­da Siri­ri­ca
Taking the hint, Jamal’s hands went into my par­ti­al­ly open blou­se and began fond­ling my tits. I knew I was get­ting very clo­se to fin­ding out if Alan was right about his cock. My sto­mach flut­te­red as Jamal’s hand went up my skirt. I could feel the juices floo­ding out of my cunt, soa­king my pan­ties. My tum­my knot­ted up as his hand eased my legs apart; his fin­gers first rub­bing the pan­ties covering my pus­sy befo­re sli­ding my pan­ties to the side allowing his fin­gers to touch my very, very wet pus­sy.Cfnf Enf
Jamal slid my blou­se off of my shoul­ders then lowe­red his lips to one of my bare bre­asts, suck­ing an erect nipp­le into his mouth and gent­ly chewing it. I felt mys­elf cum­ming alrea­dy. I moaned and clut­ched his head as I par­ted my legs for his pro­bing fin­gers. He fran­ti­cal­ly began pul­ling my pan­ties off as I rai­sed my hips off the bed to make it easier. Once my pan­ties were off, Jamal kis­sed me, his eager tongue twis­ting around mine. As we kis­sed, I could feel him taking his trou­sers off.
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Once off, he bun­ched my skirt up around my waist. Loo­king down, I near­ly fain­ted. His black cock rea­red up with its gle­a­ming knob poking from its fores­kin; he was huge! As I found out later, Jamal’s cock was 10 inches and thick around as my wrist.
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By this point, I was rea­dy for sex; all thoughts of using a con­dom had flown from my mind as he laid me back on the bed. I reached down with my hand, fee­ling his length and thic­kness as I eased back his fores­kin. He was enor­mous — I couldn’t get my fin­gers around its girth. “God!” I thought, “What have I got mys­elf into now?”
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I gui­ded his cock in bet­ween my qui­vering cunt lips, first lub­ri­ca­ting his cock with my juices befo­re posi­tio­ning his cock at the ope­ning to my pus­sy. I trem­bled as he slow­ly began pushing the fat knob of his cock into me. As he was ent­e­ring me, I spread my legs as I pul­led them back, ope­ning my cunt to him. As he con­ti­nued sin­king his cock into my pus­sy, my cunt lips were stret­ching around his girth as he was alrea­dy reaching pla­ces no man had ever been befo­re. He thrust in and out, sin­king deeper into my pus­sy with every push until final­ly his ent­i­re ten inches were in me to the hilt; his balls res­ting on my ass.
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Jamal laid on me, kis­sing me with his cock buried in my pus­sy as he allo­wed my pus­sy to adjust to his huge inva­der. Slow­ly, Jamal began with­drawing his cock and pushing back in. Soon, he was smooth­ly sli­ding his cock in and out of my wet pus­sy. Abo­ve the noi­se of my sob­bing and whim­pe­ring I could hear Jamal grun­ting and groa­ning as he began fuck­ing me with incre­a­sed vigor. Soon, I explo­ded in my first real orgasm ever as I felt his huge club pushing
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deep towards my womb. What a cli­max that was as I writhed under Jamal’s ons­laught. Stars flas­hed befo­re my eyes. I gas­ped and squea­led as Jamal lifted my legs over his broad shoul­ders. I was pan­ting as he hea­ved hims­elf against me, buck­ing with the pure plea­su­re his cock was giving me.
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It was fan­tastic having such a lar­ge, power­ful cock insi­de me, and I felt my second cli­max buil­ding up in my pus­sy. When it hit me, I screa­med and cla­wed at Jamal’s back. It felt as if the who­le world was spin­ning round; it was so won­der­ful. Even my nipp­les felt as if they were on fire. Through both climax’s, Jamal con­ti­nued to fuck me. Then, Jamal’s thrus­ting got fas­ter; jer­kier and more vio­lent. I was sli­ding up and down the bed under his relent­less poun­ding. Then his mons­trous cock began to throb and jump insi­de me; I knew that he was about to come. He plun­ged hard into me once last time and I came again as I felt his hot spunk shoo­ting out and going deep into my womb. He con­ti­nued to depo­sit his viri­le seed deep insi­de me for what see­med like several minu­tes. When he final­ly stop­ped pum­ping, I could feel his hea­vy balls res­ting against the back of my thighs. It was then I remem­be­red about the con­doms, but it was far too late to worry by that point. And any­way, it had been a grea­ter turn-on for me to know that I could get pregnant!
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We lay tog­e­ther, his now semi-hard cock still insi­de me. I had my legs spread wide apart. I felt warm and satis­fied as Jamal ran his hands over my thighs and sto­cking-tops up to my bre­asts. Our lips joi­ned, and I sucked eager­ly on his tongue as my fin­gers twis­ted through his cur­ly hair. Soon, I felt his cock get­ting iron-hard insi­de me. It was frigh­tening to feel the power in his cock as he sta­red hum­ping into me again, dri­ving the breath from by body with the for­ce of his thrusts. I sob­bed and sig­hed as I came again, my who­le body throb­bing and ting­ling as I gave mys­elf to him total­ly and uncon­di­tio­nal­ly. God, it was good!

Then my heart skip­ped a beat. We were no lon­ger alo­ne. Alan was stan­ding in the door­way, his eyes bul­ging as he took in the sce­ne befo­re him; his hand a blur as he jer­ked off his stiff cock. He had a drea­my, stu­pid look on his sil­ly face. I could see he was qui­te hap­py with the situation.

Jamal then rol­led me over onto my kne­es and posi­tio­ned my ass in the air.
With one quick thrust, he dro­ve his cock into my oozing cunt. He’d seen Alan, and it made no dif­fe­rence to him. He didn’t pau­se a bit as he dro­ve hard into my smol­de­ring depths, making me gasp and arch my back. I don’t think Alan noti­ced that Jamal wasn’t wea­ring a rub­ber. Alan drop­ped to his kne­es and kept right on jer­king off as he wat­ched Jamal’s’ cock thrus­ting in and out of my gap­ping pus­sy. Jamal reach around and felt my swing tits, gent­ly rol­ling and squee­zing my nipp­les bet­ween this fin­gers as we fucked. I how­led to ano­t­her orgasm as he stif­fe­ned against me, his spunk fil­ling my now over­flowing pus­sy once again. My pus­sy made suck­ing, squel­ching noi­ses as he rocked to and fro, his cock pis­to­ning in and out, lub­ri­ca­ted with our cum.

Final­ly, we col­lap­sed on the bed, my cunt mus­cles invol­un­ta­ry con­trac­ting around his wil­ting shaft, mil­king the last drop of cum from his cock. Final­ly, Jamal’s cock dis­en­ga­ged from me with a liquid pop­ping noi­se. We rol­led over, writ­hing tog­e­ther as we kis­sed befo­re com­ing to rest with Jamal lying bes­i­de me, gasping.

As we lay the­re, my hand went to his limp, sti­cky cock, try­ing to coax it back to life. I loo­ked over at Alan, who was kne­e­ling the­re with his eyes half clo­sed and a blissful smi­le on his face. He was hol­ding his limp cock, and his spunk was run­ning down over his fin­gers. He’d seen ever­ything and enjoy­ed it almost as much as Jamal and I. “That was gre­at, dar­ling. Did you enjoy it?” Alan asked with a wink. I win­ked back at him, and then bent down to lick Jamal’s soft cock until it star­ted to grow hard again. The knob end loo­ked raw and angry, and, as it bur­geo­ned into its full-blown glo­ry yet again. I felt joy­ful in the know­ledge that I was about to get even more of this cock. I was alrea­dy addicted.

Sud­den­ly, Alan cried out in dis­may. He final­ly rea­li­zed that Jamal hadn’t been wea­ring a con­dom as we fucked. I’ll always remem­ber the expres­si­on on Alan’s face as he sta­red at Jamal’s naked cock, which was sli­my with our com­bi­ned juices. I’m sure it will haunt Alan for some time, but it’s his own fault — he was the one who wan­ted to see Jamal fuck­ing me.

His cock now hard and rea­dy for more, Jamal rol­led over and posi­tio­ned hims­elf bet­ween my legs. Without caring one bit, I lifted my hips and arched my back to accept Jamal’s cock back into my cunt as Alan ran out, a hum­bled, bro­ken man. I felt too good to care about anything else as he sank his full length into me. As we fucked, I saw Alan come back in, and I knew ever­ything would be all right. He had a wild look in his eyes as he jer­ked hims­elf off in time with Jamal’s thrusts.

Jamal and I fucked through the night, and I didn’t even noti­ce that Alan had craw­led away and left us alo­ne. The next morning on my way to the bathroom, I found Alan in the spa­re room, nur­sing his bat­te­red pri­de and a raging hard-on. I took pity on him by giving him a hand job as he fin­ge­red my oozing cunt. While hol­ding Alan’s cock in my hand, I thought to mys­elf how reg­ret­ful it was that after seven years of fuck­ing Alan, I never con­si­de­red a cock big­ger than his six inches. But now, after fuck­ing Jamal, Alan’s cock
see­med so small and thin — and as far as I was con­cer­ned, utter­ly useless. Alan’s cock’s never even came clo­se to giving me the kind of plea­su­re that Jamal’s could. Almost immedia­te­ly, he began spun­king all over my hand.

Alan and I tal­ked it over, and I told him that if I was pregnant, I inten­ded have the baby. He accep­ted it. Then I asked him if he would mind me only fuck­ing Jamal from now on until he left to return to his coun­try. Alan agreed, knowing he couldn’t com­pe­te with Jamal’s supe­ri­or cock any­way. Alan asked if he would be allo­wed to watch and may­be even take a few pho­tos with his Pola­roid. I said he could if he wan­ted. I told him I didn’t care what he did as long as he didn’t inter­fe­re with my being fucked by Jamal.

Jamal slept with me every night for the next six mon­ths, and it was the
hap­piest time of my life. I didn’t even fuck Alan once during that
time. The only sex he got from me was jer­king him off and an occa­sio­nal blow job. He never com­p­lai­ned though. He knew this was the only form of plea­su­re he would get from me.

When it was final­ly time for Jamal to go back home, my sto­mach was swol­len with his child. It was a very tear­ful par­ting for me, but I had to stay with Alan and our two kids. I’m hoping that Jamal can return some­day and pro­vi­de the cock I’ve come to love so much.