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Eli­sa­beth is what some peop­le call a fan­girl. She loves ani­me Bbc Fuck To Orgasm Ama­teur Ame­ri­can Gran­ny From Datefree and man­gas, the Japa­ne­se cul­tu­re, and would pro­bab­ly give anything for it. She’s just obses­sed. Just don’t go Kwai­Chi­ne­se Girl Vlog Com­pi­la­ti­on And MEGUMI SHINO Rough Sex thin­king she’s a nerd with no life and no friends… well almost not. She’s a nerd, has no life, but she does have friends. Alt­hough, there’s her best friend Eve who shares her obses­si­on. Phy­si­cal­ly, Eli­sa­beth isn’t a hot blue-eyed blon­de, far from it. She’s a 19 years old 5’4″ bru­net­te with short hair and wears glas­ses which hide cute hazel eyes. Her body could be qua­li­fied of average, not thin, nor fat, just the right size, and her 34B bre­asts suit her per­fect­ly. Most of the time she’ll dress casu­al, but she can be sexy too. Eve on the other side, is 19 years old too, a bit tal­ler, 5’6″ to be pre­cise, a bru­net­te Fre Farer too, except her hair is shoul­der-length, has green eyes and loo­ks bet­ter built. As for her bre­asts, she has a pair of 34C that she often hides with lar­ge blou­ses, swea­ters or suits. This year, the­re was final­ly going to be an ani­me con­ven­ti­on in town. Both girls couldn’t wait for the day to arri­ve ever sin­ce they heard about it on the net. As the tra­di­tio­nal fan­girls they were, they had to cos­play (wear cos­tu­me of a favo­ri­te anime/manga cha­rac­ter). It took them a while to deci­de what cha­rac­ters they were going to be, but they didn’t wan­ted it to be too sexy. After dis­cus­sing about it for a few days, they cho­se who they’d be. Eli­sa­beth Mais Uma Mama­da Da Sen­ho­ra De 65 would be Chi from Cho­bits and Eve would do Mireil­le from Noir. Neit­her had com­pli­ca­ted cos­tu­mes, except Eli­sa­beth nee­ded to crea­te a few things; the cat-like ears and a few access­ories to com­ple­ment the cos­tu­me. It wouldn’t be a big deal to crea­te tho­se ele­ments. They both shop­ped around some clothes and fab­ric for a few weeks. Final­ly, once they had ever­ything, they mana­ged to make real­ly nice cos­tu­mes for the occa­si­on. Of cour­se, they tried them to make sure ever­ything was okay. Eve didn’t real­ly had to try anything, sin­ce her cos­tu­me was a simp­le scar­let top and a short black skirt, com­ple­men­ted by a black High­ly Woo­ly Natu­ral Bush More Vedi­os On Honey­girl­cam belt and high black boots. She wasn’t wil­ling to dye her hair blon­de, so she went for the simp­le solu­ti­on; a long blon­de wig. Elisabeth’s cos­tu­me was a bit more com­plex. It was a white dress, almost the kind to wear to church, except it didn’t cove­r­ed the shoul­ders and had a blue rib­bon around the waist. Along with it would be the white home­ma­de ears, the qui­te long blon­de wig, the long white socks and low-hee­led shoes. She also had blue rib­bons around the ankles, wrists, and one in the hair. The ope­ning day final­ly arri­ved. This year the Fri­day night was a bit deser­ted, as if fans had other things Big Dick Deli­very With A Cum Facial And A Side Of Lunch to do or were too tired to go to the con­ven­ti­on. None­theless, Eli­sa­beth and Eve were both pre­sent, in Fine Sex Fiend Sara Jay Stra­pOn Fucked By Ebo­ny Ima­ni Rose cos­tu­me, even if they were of the few ones to have done so. First things first, they had to visit the ven­dors and see if they could find some­thing rare and good to buy. Of cour­se, it was Fri­day, so the mer­chan­di­se was still expen­si­ve sin­ce they lower the pri­ces every day until they accept any rea­son­ab­le deal on Sunday to sell as much as pos­si­ble. They didn’t buy anything, but they would be back later. As usu­al, some per­sons reco­gni­zed who they were cos­play­ing as, and asked for a few pic­tures, which they glad­ly posed for. Even some cute guys wan­ted to take their Fuck­ing My Fat And Uber sexy Maid pic­tures! Later on, they pro­cee­ded to the thea­ters and loo­ked at the list to see what was on at that time. It was 8 pm and the con­ven­ti­on clo­sed at 10, but the­re was some good ani­me seri­es to watch, spe­cial­ly the ones rated for matu­re audi­en­ces. They ent­e­red room 3 after showing some ID at the ent­ran­ce to pro­ve they were of age. The room was even dar­ker than at the movies, but the big screen pro­vi­ded enough light to see around once the pro­jec­tion star­ted. They both sat at the back, in the last row. The place was almost empty, and the room loo­ked way too big for the appro­xi­ma­te dozen of per­sons pre­sent. Most peop­le were Fuck­ing My Fat And Uber sexy Maid sit­ting in the front or in the midd­le, near whe­re the door was. The seri­es that was shown loo­ked pret­ty boring to both friends, until it got more serious. The sto­ry was typi­cal. A per­vert guy would like to get with an over­ly cute girl. The only dif­fe­rence is that in this one, they actual­ly got tog­e­ther. On screen they could see how the guy pee­ked in the girl’s room as she chan­ged. She didn’t noti­ce until she was com­ple­te­ly naked and heard a noi­se com­ing from the door. Even­tual­ly they ended up cuddling and kis­sing each other befo­re having stea­my sex. Mean­while, Eli­sa­beth and Eve Jeffs Models Fat Women Bent Over And Pum­me­led Com­pi­la­ti­on were get­ting arou­sed by what they were see­ing. Eve star­ted smel­ling her friend’s arou­sal, and sin­ce it wasn’t the first time it hap­pen­ed when they wat­ched simi­lar things, she could clear­ly tell how Eli­sa­beth wis­hed she could play with herself. Eve tur­ned to her friend and whis­pe­red in her ear, “I know you want to.” Eli­sa­beth immedia­te­ly blus­hed when she heard her friend, but what sur­pri­sed her even more was the fact that her friend was brushing her fin­gers on her leg. This didn’t help her much, sin­ce she could now feel a small wet­ness bet­ween her legs. She wis­hed she could fin­ger herself and thought about going to the restroom to do so. She told Eve she nee­ded to go to the bathroom but her friend held her arm and sat her back Dou­ble Por­ked Honey Gets Jism In Mouth down. Without giving it Megu­mi Shino039_s Squir­ted Coo­chie Licking much though, Eve flip­ped up the bot­tom of her friend’s dress and slip­ped her hand into the pan­ties. Soon she found her friend’s damp slit as this one tried to get away. As she felt Eli­sa­beth tried to escape her, she got a fin­ger bet­ween her lips and mas­sa­ged the small clit. When she felt the fin­ger on her clit, Eli­sa­beth let out a silent moan and sat back down, even sprea­ding her legs to give her friend more room. She had never been touched down the­re by ano­t­her girl, but this time it was spe­cial. She was hor­ny, and get­ting wet­ter by the moment as she was fin­ge­red by Eve. She couldn’t resist the Clip em gai tuoi teen vao nha nghi cung nguoi yeu/ fee­ling, to Eve’s delight. Eve wat­ched the screen as she play­ed with the clit, vary­ing the inten­si­ty depen­ding on the action they wat­ched. She kept rub­bing and even got a fin­ger in the well lub­ed pus­sy. As the cou­p­le of the screen came, so did Eli­sa­beth. She tried her best not to moan while she liter­al­ly soa­ked Eve’s hand. Once her friend came, Eve took her hand out and licked her fin­gers while Eli­sa­beth repla­ced her dress. She couldn’t belie­ve how Eve got the cou­ra­ge to do such thing, sin­ce neit­her of them had ever mes­sed around even if they lived tog­e­ther and regu­lar­ly wat­ched ani­me. She was even too shy to admit she lik­ed it, so she wouldn’t be doing the same thing to her friend, which pro­bab­ly didn’t need it as much as she did. After an hour, when the pro­jec­tion finis­hed, they got out and plan­ned to lea­ve. Eli­sa­beth wan­ted to clean herself a bit as well as pee, so she asked Eve to go ahead and get their coats from the place at the ent­ran­ce whe­re they had left them, while she went to the bathroom. Eve said it was okay, and went away. Eli­sa­beth got in, peed, and clea­ned herself even if she felt like fin­ge­ring herself a bit more. Eve was wai­t­ing for her at the ent­ran­ce any­way, so she deci­ded not to. She was­hed her hands and got out. As she did, a guy was at the foun­tain bes­i­des the bathroom door. “Very nice cos­tu­me! Sexy too!” did the guy said as she pas­sed by him. “Thank Red Vel­vet Ire­ne Juggling On Cock you… yours is neat too.” she replied as she noti­ced the guy was dres­sed as Wolf­wood from Tri­gun. “Yours is much bet­ter though.” he said as he exami­ned her from head to toes. She kept stan­ding the­re with him as he kept loo­king at her in silence. He then noti­ced a faint smell com­ing from the cute girl stan­ding in front of him. “Nice per­fu­me too,” he sud­den­ly said as he smi­led. Eli­sa­beth couldn’t ima­gi­ne what she had just heard and blus­hed as she tried to look away. She had clea­ned herself and she didn’t smel­led anything so she figu­red that may­be she did in fact still had a par­ti­cu­lar ASIAN SEX DIARY INDONESIA PART 5 scent sin­ce she never wore any kind of per­fu­me. As if she hadn’t been sur­pri­sed enough for the day, the guy pul­led her clo­ser to him and plan­ted a firm kiss on her lips. She total­ly didn’t expect it, but mana­ged somehow to respond by kis­sing him back. He wasn’t so bad loo­king and his cos­tu­me just added to her exci­te­ment. He tur­ned her around and slow­ly pushed her back until she felt a door ope­ning behind her. She ope­ned her eyes, bro­ke the kiss, and noti­ced she was being pushed into the spe­cial bathroom for han­di­cap­ped peop­le. When she rea­li­zed what he pro­bab­ly had in mind, she gave him a naugh­ty smi­le and pul­led him in. He clo­sed the door, locked it and loo­ked back at her. “You seem naugh­ty enough,” he said as she was smi­ling at him. “Like you weren’t?” she added. “Well, yeah… but you’re just so attrac­ti­ve,” he replied as he hug­ged her and kis­sed her again. They kis­sed once more and she felt he was undo­ing the zip­per on the back of her dress. She pro­cee­ded to the big task of undo­ing the many but­tons on his suit and shirt. Once Qihet Me Nojen Tradhtia Sho­qes Shko­der he had her dress unzip­ped, he pas­sed her arms out of the slee­ves and pul­led it down until he could see her small bre­asts through her white bra. Mean­while, she had undo­ne every but­ton and took his suit and white shirt off his back. He was well-built and even had some mus­cles. His tor­so was slight­ly tan­ned and almost hair­less. He slip­ped a hand up the bot­tom of her dress and found her crotch, which he rapidly unco­ve­r­ed by pul­ling down her pan­ties. He touched bet­ween her legs, felt she was alrea­dy wet again, and that a small lay­er of hair cove­r­ed her secret place. After he touched her for a while, she hel­ped him by com­ple­te­ly remo­ving her pan­ties as well as step­ping out of her dress. As she did, he took off his pants and boxers. The­re they were, stan­ding naked in front of each other. Eli­sa­beth loo­ked so inno­cent, yet he could see the naugh­ty girl in her. By now, he was hard and it didn’t look so small! She was still a vir­gin but she knew just what she had to do… except Boy­friend Fuck­ing Love she had never done it befo­re. She firm­ly grab­bed his hard cock and knelt down in front of him. Her hand moved up and down his length, as she loo­ked up. He had his eyes clo­sed and was smi­ling which meant he lik­ed it. She moved her hand fas­ter while she collec­ted the cou­ra­ge she nee­ded to take it a step fur­ther. Once she left con­fi­dent enough, she pul­led back his fores­kin and gent­ly pas­sed her tongue around the tip. He soft­ly moaned. She slow­ly took the head in her mouth and sucked on it until she felt his pre-cum oozing out of him. Once she was sure he was well arou­sed, she took it deeper in her mouth. When it was almost all in her, she rever­sed the move­ment and got it back to the posi­ti­on it was initi­al­ly. She kept moving her head like that, while she licked and pas­sed her tongue all over the hard and now wet mem­ber. He real­ly lik­ed it a lot and asked her to do it fas­ter. He pul­led her wig off, threw it bes­i­des them and play­ed with her hair. She kept suck­ing and licking him, fas­ter each time until she estab­lis­hed a fast pace. The waves of plea­su­re it sent through his body was get­ting too much. He felt his kne­es giving away and his balls tigh­tening. As he got clo­ser, he pres­sed her head against him without any resis­tance. She kept slur­ping and sud­den­ly felt a warm shot of cum in her mouth which almost made her gag, but didn’t had much time to react as more cum-shots were fil­ling her mouth. She couldn’t pull back sin­ce he was hol­ding her head, so she had to swal­low every drop of cum she had in her mouth. After giving her a mouth­ful of cum, he released her head and pul­led back his soft cock out of her. He loo­ked at her as she stood back and smi­led at her. “You sure know how to Team­S­keet Pret­ty Thick Girl Boun­ces Her Pink Pus­sy On plea­se a guy,” he said as he smi­led at her befo­re tur­ning her around. She was now pres­sed against that wall, and he knelt down. “Your turn to have fun… I’m sure you’ll love this,” he added as he par­ted her lips with his thumbs. He gent­ly blew on her slit, and it made her twitch. He didn’t knew she had never felt what he was about to do, but now she was eager to know what it felt like. He star­ted teasing her, just scratching her inner thighs and kis­sing her around. It felt good for her, but while she had alrea­dy come befo­re, she was still very eager to cum again. It felt like a good kind of t *e, being denied a plea­su­re she wan­ted bad­ly. She was very wet, he could see it and smell it. He then star­ted to slow­ly give her a few licks here and the­re, which resul­ted in making her hor­nier and naugh­tier. He loo­ked up and noti­ced she was lea­ning on the wall with her eyes clo­sed, enjoy­ing the new sen­sa­ti­ons run through her body. He ran his tongue from the bot­tom of her slit, all the way up to her clit, and he saw her expres­si­on of pure delight. Once he reached her engor­ged litt­le but­ton, he sucked on it, and instant­ly her legs near­ly gave up as she mana­ged to stay stan­ding up des­pi­te the unex­pec­ted spike of ener­gy that had just gone in her. He smi­led at her reac­tion, knowing well it was exact­ly what he wan­ted. By now his cock had grown up again and was rea­dy to go at it. He gave her pus­sy a last quick lick befo­re stan­ding up and gui­ding her towards the sink. Eli­sa­beth lea­ned on it and par­ted her legs, as he saw her ass go up and reve­al a beau­ti­ful sight. He approa­ched her and just slight­ly pres­sed hims­elf against her. He could feel she was hot and aching for his man­hood. “You litt­le naugh­ty thing… look at you… tell me… what do you want?” he asked, with a devious smi­le on his face, thing that she could see in the mir­ror. “Just Young Chick Uri­na­ting do me, you know what I want!” she blunt­ly replied. “That won’t work, mis­sy… you have to be very pre­cise or you won’t get it,” he said, teasing her and making her a bit mad. “Fuck me alrea­dy… push your nice hard cock in me… make me cum,” she beg­ged him. Without was­ting a second, he pushed hims­elf all the way in, tea­ring her vir­gini­ty, which made her moan in pain for a moment. He didn’t know she was a vir­gin, nor did he bother che­cking with her first. In fact, he didn’t even noti­ce. He star­ted moving in and out of her in a fast pace, as she held onto the sink, a few tears in her eyes, but none­theless enjoy­ing his move­ments. She could feel him stretch her pus­sy every time he went in, and he could feel it very well too. She was tight, but remar­kab­ly wet, which made it very easy for him to keep a good rhythm. After a few minu­tes, he lea­ned on her, still moving his hips at the same pace, to reach her pus­sy with a hand. He found her clit and star­ted rub­bing it. He made cir­cles around it, rub­bed it direct­ly, moved his fin­gers around, which had her in total ecsta­sy. Her mind was ent­i­re­ly focu­sed on one par­ti­cu­lar part of her body and on the plea­su­re it was giving her, so much that she wasn’t thin­king any­mo­re about the set­ting or the how it had hap­pen­ed. All that mat­te­red to her right now was the fee­ling of this cock going in and out of her, com­bi­ned with a few fin­gers play­ing with her clit. The sen­sa­ti­ons were working her up in a quick pace. She could feel the ten­si­on buil­ding in her. “Oh fuck… yes… yeah, fuck me har­der!” He could feel her tigh­tening around him, as her body was get­ting rea­dy for what was to be a big orgasm. He kept going fast and deep, fee­ling her shake under him, as he kept play­ing with her in every means. He pin­ched her clit with vigor and she let out a loud and long moan as she star­ted cum­ming, spasms going through her body, as she held tight­ly to the sink. Her pus­sy grip­ped to his cock even tigh­ter than befo­re, and a few thrusts later he quick­ly pul­led out of her as a thick jet of cum burst out of his cock, lan­ding on her back, befo­re more cum shot out onto her lower back and bet­ween her ass cheeks. Pro­bab­ly a good dozen of spurts later, a small pool of cum res­ted on the cre­a­se of her back, while some of his cum made his way down her crack. He rub­bed his half hard cock on her ass and on her legs, making a mess of her, as she lay on the sink. He loo­ked at her flus­hed face in the Ele­gant Teen Rus­si­an Floo­zy Vale­ria Pum­me­led Hard mir­ror and smi­led to her. She smi­led back. While she reco­ve­r­ed, he hel­ped her clean the cum off of her with some paper, as both remai­ned silent. Once he was done, he star­ted dres­sing back up and she did the same. She repla­ced her dress quick­ly and picked up her wig which she didn’t even bother put­ting back on. He unlo­cked the door and loo­ked back at her befo­re ope­ning the door just a bit. He lea­ned in and plan­ted a kiss on her lips befo­re ful­ly ope­ning the door and wal­king out. She clo­se­ly fol­lo­wed him out. She was still a bit dis­ori­en­ted, in dis­be­lief of what had just hap­pen­ed. She sud­den­ly heard a fami­li­ar voice that made her come back to rea­li­ty. “The­re you are! I’ve been loo­king for you for like half an hour!” her friend shou­t­ed, in a despe­ra­te almost repre­hen­si­ve voice. “Sor­ry,” was all Eli­sa­beth could say. “Whe­re the hell have you been? I loo­ked ever­y­whe­re!” she said, as Eli­sa­beth saw his unknown lover go down the stairs. “I was… taking care of some­thing, you know,” she said, hoping her friend wouldn’t ask more ques­ti­ons. They both star­ted wal­king towards the stairs as Eve han­ded the coat to her friend. She made a com­ment about Eli­sa­beth smel­ling fun­ny and loo­king exhaus­ted but she didn’t suspec­ted anything, and bes­i­des, Eli­sa­beth thought it was bet­ter if her friend never knew. She wouldn’t have belie­ved her any­way. As they wal­ked out the door, she knew she’d be back and hope­ful­ly she’d run in with is stran­ger once again, to have an encore. If not, she could always find someo­ne else, she was sure the­re would be ple­nty of good “can­di­da­tes” for her. Perhaps she’d go for more than just what had hap­pen­ed. Eit­her way, tomor­row would bring out an answer.